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  • Bicycle Drivetrains – Road vs. Mountain vs. Hybrid

    It doesn’t get much simpler than the single-speed drivetrain! As fun as these are, they will not be discussed in this comparison article. For those who find themselves in the market for a new bike, the most common bicycles considered are road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes. While each of...

Is Tubeless Worth It for MTB?

Tubeless tires are known to be difficult to set up, require regular maintenance and are not necessarily inexpensive to set up, so are they really

Shimano Pedals: The Ins and Outs

Whether you’re an ass-kicking road rider steaming up 101 switchbacks breaking a sweat or a lap shredding enduro rider chugging IPA’s after the descent, nothing

  • A Guide To Best Dirt Bikes for 13 Year Olds

    Are you a parent looking for the best dirt bike for 13 year olds? Well, one of the unspoken rules of dirt biking for kids is that to conquer dirt biking, they must have the right ‘machine’. This means that your 13 year old needs a dirt bike made for their...

Will a Tarp Keep a Tent Warm?

Camping exposes you to the elements much more directly than spending the night in a lakeside cabin or a mountain lodge. The question of how

  • Guide to Knolly Bikes [2022 Edition]

    This is my wife's Knolly Delirium. It's a 2018 freeride machine. It has 180mm of travel in the front and 170mm in the back over a worn knobby Maxxis Minion DHR II back tire. It has a Chromag cockpit, a seriously sweet Ground Keeper fender, and a leaky Cane Creek shock....