Best Folding Rocking Chairs for Camping

Best Folding Rocking Chairs for Camping

Whether you are out in the woods or somewhere in your backyard relaxing, folding rocking chairs for camping could up your fun a great deal.

The multi-utility camping chairs offer great comfort and relaxation. And they have become just the perfect alternatives for some camping buffs with ambitious camping ideas.

That said, getting one perfect rocking chair for camping may not be a walk in the park. Not all models presented in the market demonstrate the quality and performance desired by many.

For that reason, I did some research on these chairs and came up with a handy list that includes some of the very top models in the market.

Hopefully, this guide helps you land your best rocking camp chair that you’ve wanted to have for a long time.

In a hurry? I’ve assembled the hottest camping rocking chairs below for you to consider.

5 Best Folding Rocking Chairs for Camping

What is a Folding Rocking Chair?

First, a rocking chair basically features curved bands or rather rockers on the bottom of its legs. These rockers simply connect one leg to another.

The rocking chair is essentially made of wood. Once you are seated in it, it makes back and forth gentle rocking movements, which can be very soothing both for babies and adults.

In that sense, this chair is quite ergonomic; it eliminates any stress on your body and keeps you in shape thanks to the perfect position your body takes on it.

Why Do You Need a Folding Rocking Chair for Camping?

In principle, folding rocking chairs offer great and comfort and relaxation. Once you lounge in this type of chair, the soothing sensation of forward and backward motions can be intriguing.

When your body is in a relaxed state, your mood is at its best. And you don’t feel too much stress and pain.

For some reason, these chairs are also great furniture for the recovery of arthritis and back pain patients. What they do is that they improve your blood flow in the body.

Consequently, the rocking action flexes your legs, building up strength and eliminating pain all the way from your back to the brain.

Another benefit of using these chairs is that they can help you with sleep. Whether it is you or your younger ones, a good rocking chair helps calm down your body to a point of rest and sleep.

Other vital benefits you can get from this chair include improved balance and posture, help with combating dementia, and weight loss.

5 Best Folding Rocking Chairs for Camping Reviews

1. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair
  • Portable outdoor rocking chair quickly and easily folds flat for storage and...
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame supports up to 250 pounds includes padded arm...
  • Patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology delivers smooth rocking motion...
  • Opens and closes safely and easily with patented EAZY-FOLD Technology; includes...
  • Seat height: 19.7 inches; open size: 24 x 25 x 34.8 inches; folded size: 25 x...

GCI Outdoor Rocker is no common foldable rocking chair for you. The chair is designed quite uniquely – it includes a hydraulic rocking system that helps it to operate on any surface.

The chair is built on a very sturdy steel frame. Therefore, it is able to support a maximum weight of 250 lbs.

Even with the durable steel metal footprint, this is a folding chair with only about 12 lbs. what this means is that it is still lightweight and portable.

GCI Outdoor Rocker offers a lot of quality and comfort. With a padded seat and back section, the chair seems to be just what may be your fit.

In addition, this chair comes with padded armrests and you get a built-in drink holder for the convenience of your stay in it. Plus, it also features a carry handle on its side for easy transportation.

What you need to know is that this chair folds flat easily, and opening it up for use is also a breeze.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Comfy chair
  • Well built
  • Affordable


  • Folded size is still big
  • Has no carry bag

Verdict: Overall, a good quality rocker chair with a sizeable footprint, strong and durable.

2. PORTAL Oversized Quad Rocking Chair

PORTAL Oversized Quad Rocking Chair
  • Oversized Rocking Chair: The outdoor rocking chair is oversizely designed with...
  • 29" High Mesh Back: This camping rocking chair has a 29" padded backrest which...
  • Heavy Duty with Hard Armrests: This camping rocking chair is safe and easy in...
  • Easy to Fold and Unfold: There is almost no assembly needed, and it only takes...
  • Portable and Compact: The unique folding design allows it to be folded into a...

If you are looking for rocking camp chairs that fold up compact and small, then PORTAL Oversized Quad is one of them.

This chair, although boasts a huge structure, and supports a lot more weight compared to many other options on this list, will surprise you how compact it folds.

The oversized footprint means that PORTAL Oversized Quad has a place for a big man. So, you expect it to weigh a bit more (it does weigh 16.5 lbs.).

Its frame is a powder-coated steel tube that keeps the chair sturdy and thus reliable. As for its fabric, the chair is covered with durable high-density polyester material.

In the back section of the chair, a mesh material has been used and it improves air circulation. You need this in the hot summer for cooling your body.

The rocker features a safe locking mechanism so that you rock without fuss or worries. Thanks to the safety latch function.

Back to the folding feature; the chair folds completely flat for packing. This space-saving design makes it easy during the storage and transportation of the equipment.

You get padded armrests to increase the comfort and support when getting in and out of the chair. On the other hand, the headrest provides your head the much-needed comfort.


  • Comfortable for a big man
  • Easy to fold and open
  • Super-compact size


  • Pretty heavy
  • Quite expensive

Verdict: This chair is perfect for on the go campers that need quick-to-fold-and-unfold rocker chairs.

3. GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker Rocking Chair

GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker Rocking Chair

  • Full-size collapsible rocker folds compact into included carry bag.
  • Spring Action Rocking Technology - Rock on any surface.
  • Structured sling-style seat for all-day comfort with sturdy powder-coated steel frame that supports up to 250 pounds.
  • Includes combination beverage holder and side pocket for your phone.
  • Seat height: 20.1 inches; open size: 28.2 x 30 x 34.7 inches; folded size: 6.5 x 5.5 x 40.2 inches; weight: 11.7 pounds; limited lifetime warranty.

GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker offers plenty in terms of a stylish design and anticipated comfort. Design-wise, you get a wide sling-style seat that combines with the Spring Action Rocking Technology to deliver your comfort on any given surface.

For further assurance of security, the chair sits on a strong, durable powder-coated steel or aluminum frame. It can support about 250 lbs., which is relatively moderate-sized people.

Nevertheless, the full-size chair folds compact and you won’t see any difficulty packing it away in its carry bag.

It features top-quality PVC-backed polyester ripstop fabric. Then there are mesh seat panels on the side for increased breathability.

Right on the front side of the chair, you get two pockets: there is a drink holder pocket and a phone slot. Both pockets offer convenient access to your small gear and other personal items.

The chair requires virtually no set up. In no minutes, it is up and running for your comfort.

You will also love its pricing which is obviously not on the higher side of things. For the quality it offers, there’s definitely no reason to worry.


  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Very comfortable
  • No assembly required


  • A little bit heavy

Verdict: This is one of the folding rocking chairs for camping that comes affordable while delivering some great comfort and relaxation features.

4. AmazonBasics Foldable Rocking Chair

AmazonBasics Foldable Rocking Chair
9,281 Reviews
AmazonBasics Foldable Rocking Chair
  • Outdoor zero-gravity rocking chair in Beige for porch, patio, or travel
  • Padded back/head rest for enhanced comfort
  • Ergonomic design with arm rests for added support
  • Textilene mesh seat with elastic cording and powder-coated steel frame for...
  • Folds down easily for compact storing or moving

If you are looking for a folding rocking chair for medium-sized individuals, the AmazonBasics Foldable Rocking Chair may be worth considering. The chair comes with an ergonomic design.

The nylon mesh seat offers excellent support to your spine and back, letting you rock in absolute comfort and relaxation. The frame is made of durable steel that is capable to hold onto lots of pressure.

With that said, this is not the chair for heavy guys. It actually supports a weight limit of 200 lbs., way lower than what we have seen in other models above.

AmazonBasics Foldable Rocking Chair does fold with ease. This way, it is easy to store and transport.

You also get a padded headrest for the comfort of your head, and armrests offer general support for your body while seated.

The good thing is that you can use this chair in different situations; whether it is at the campsite with your camp toaster or at your home patio.

Users have taken issue with this chair because of the less robust rocking system. But this is what you get for the money.


  • Easy to fold
  • Durable steel frame
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • Limited weight support; but it is meant for this group of individuals.
  • Bulky

Verdict: This is a chair for medium-sized individuals with about 200 lbs.

5. ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair

ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair
  • Pro-tech powder-coated steel frame provides ultimate strength and stability for...
  • TechMesh fabric provides a sturdy comfortable and breathable rocking experience
  • Compact foldable design with included shoulder bag makes transporting and...
  • Low-profile rocker locks into place for safe rocking allowing you to lean back...
  • Dimensions 22" W x 17" D x 31" H Weight 11 lbs Weight Capacity 300 lbs

With ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair, you get a very efficient folding and collapsible rocking chair. The chair is a low-profile design, with a lightweight and durable ProTec powder-coated steel frame.

In the same regard, this chair supports about 300 lbs. of weight. This makes it arguably a big man’s chair.

The seat is made from high-quality polyester and nylon mesh fabric. These provide both durability and breathability.

The chair is not the most compact camping rocker by any means. Although it folds up, it doesn’t rate well in terms of compactness.

The rocker comes with a storage case with a shoulder strap. So, even at 11 lbs., you are not going to find packing this chair any problematic.


  • High capacity chair
  • Durable fabric
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy


  • It is not very compact
  • There are no armrests

Verdict: If you are looking for the best camping rocking chair with a low-profile design, the ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair makes the cut. It is great for shorter guys, just below 6 feet tall.

Considerations When Buying the Best Folding Rocking Chairs for Camping

Here are super-important things you need to put into perspective when buying the best folding rocking chairs for camping.

  • Comfort

A top-quality chair should offer you comfort and great relaxation. The design of the rocker affects the level of comfort you get.

Check for ergonomic features as this is what gives you the ultimate comfort you desire in such a chair. Different models come with different functionalities and features – be sure to know what works best for your comfort.

  • Weight Capacity

You need to pick a rocker that can support your weight comfortably. Don’t be moved by looks to the point you brush aside the weight limit of the chair.

As you may have seen from this list above, most of these chairs range between 250 lbs. – 300 lbs. Be sure to look on the upper limit just in case you are not sure of anything.

  • Quality Materials

You want to purchase a rocker that not only fits you but also has a great quality to offer. From the frame all the way up to fabrics, there shouldn’t be compromise in the quality of the materials used in making the chair or its parts.

More quality means greater durability of the particular rocker camping chair. Usually, the frames are molded from steel metal that offers strong support and resists wear and tear.

  • Price

The other thing is the price of the rocker. Generally, premium purchases are the best in terms of features and functionalities.

However, it is not always the case as some very affordable models can be so good. The bottom line is to check for the camping rockers that you will afford to buy.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, you have some of the best folding rocking chairs for camping. Keep an eye on them as all of them offer important features and functionality.

Besides, be sure to use the buying guide to help you with further information. That’s if you didn’t think the models mentioned are not particularly what you were looking for.

All the best in your search.

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