Choosing a Road Bike Saddle

When it comes to bike components that road bikers are particular about, saddles are at or near the top of the list. After all, you place most of your weight for hours at a time on this one small place. If the saddle isn’t comfortable, then it doesn’t really matter how great the rest of … Read more

Group Road Riding Basics

One of the biggest pleasures of road riding is the social part. That may come as no surprise, yet not every budding cyclist has a good sense of what group rides are about. For the uninitiated, group riding may seem inaccessible. Knowing how to find group rides can be a challenge. Plus, like any other … Read more

How to Get into Gravel Riding

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may have missed the latest trend in cycling:  gravel riding. Along with fat biking, it’s been the largest growth category for bikes in the industry and for events for riders over the past decade. Most cyclists I know either own a gravel bike or want one. Why … Read more

What to Wear Road Biking

The learning curve for any new context or activity involves what to wear. This includes what to wear road biking. There are those who stubbornly stick to their own style no matter the situation; however, with road biking those sartorial mavericks are few and far between. While what to wear road biking is still a … Read more

What to Wear Mountain Biking

mountain biking gears

Every sport has its own style. Some are simple: playing pickup basketball doesn’t require a lot of thought  with what to put on, other than the shoes. Some are more specific: equestrian and skiing require a special section in one’s closet. While mountain biking can be enjoyed with minimal fuss, beginners still want to know … Read more

Mountain Biking for Beginners

mountain bike

Unlike road riding, which is right in front of you and recognizable, mountain biking may seem harder to break into. However, mountain biking for beginners is easier than you think. “It’s a good time to be into mountain biking,” I said recently to a newly made acquaintance in Duluth, Minnesota, to where we’d both traveled … Read more

What are Clipless Pedals?

clipless pedals

Today’s bike pedals come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them have a foot cage while others may not look like pedals at all, possibly appearing more suitable to stir up your morning egg-scrambler. Among them is an often sleek-looking pedal with springs and moving parts: clipless pedals. You won’t find them at the … Read more