Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight Riders.

There are some very good reasons why you ought to have the most comfortable bike seat for overweight people..

First, as an overweight person, its common knowledge that we have some extra weight and pressure.Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight Riders

Thus, riding a bike may feel especially uncomfortable because the excess weight falls on such a tiny area.

Yet cycling should be a perfect exercise for heavy people because of the enduring fun.

Then, there’s even the bigger matter of pressure accumulating under the perineum affecting circulation and leading to potential health problems such as pain, numbness and even impotency in men.

This, not forgetting that a good saddle positions you comfortably over the pedals and helps you gets better control of the bike.


Since a saddle is supposed to serve so many functions in your riding journey, you ought to go for the very best bike seat for heavy riders

Table: Comfortable Bike Seat For Heavy Riders.

What’s A Bike Seat / Bicycle Saddle?

Novices confuse a saddle for a bike seat.

Well, a saddle is much more than your run of mill big bike seat.

To keep it simple, the best bicycle saddle is typically straddled and intended to support the ‘sit-bones’ when cycling.

Because of this design, a bike saddle for heavy rider creates a superior comfortable feeling when chosen and adjusted optimally.

Why Consider Bike Seat For Heavy Riders?

Ask any cyclist…

Saddle discomfort, soreness and pain are some of the issues sure to negatively impact your health with numbness, chafing, and boils leading in the list of possible physical ailments as a result of having a wrong saddle.

Further, an ill-fitting saddle may cause urethral compression for heavy women in addition to further damage, infections and inflammation in delicate areas.

Similarly, overweight guys, may sense numbness (and potentially erectile dysfunction) due to unhealthy compression of the all-important dorsal penile nerve.

Of course, it’s hard to see how you will enjoy riding if you have settled for anything less than the most comfortable bike seat for overweight

All these points to one thing: If you want to reclaim the fun in riding, you need to think about a great saddle.

Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight Riders: Reviews

1.     Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

If you still struggle with occasional discomfort even after trying some of the recommended saddles, then it could be time to try this bike seat a leading bicycle seat for heavy riders

Indeed, Bikeroo has for long been rated as one of the most pleasant bike seats in the market today because of its extravagant padding coupled with a dual spring suspension.

It should, therefore, enable you to finally forget about pain and soreness whether you are using it as a stationary seat or as an outdoor padded bike seat.

The seat is ergonomic meaning after the initial brief break-in period, it adapts perfectly to your body making for maximum enjoyment when out there.

It’s especially good for oversize riders because its width distributes pressure uniformly on the wider sitting area allowing you to enjoy your trips without back pain.

Its universal design makes it suitable for almost any bike out there- road city bikes, cruisers, fixed gear, mountain bikes, and touring.

More to this, and unlike some competitors, it’s super-easy to mount thanks to its standard rails mounting system and the universal saddle adapter.

Lastly, with it, you can even ride during a storm as it comes with a waterproof cover.Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Most Comfortable Replacement Bicycle Saddle - Universal Fit for Exercise Bike and Outdoor Bikes Suspension Wide Soft Padded Bike Saddle for Women and Men

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  • Thick padding
  • Dual spring suspension
  • Extra wide ergonomic design
  • Waterproof seat cover
  • Universal seat adapter
  • Standard rails


  • The standard rails, the accompanying ebook, and universal adapter make It’s so easy to mount on any bike.
  • The seat cover is water proof so riders can ride even during a storm without drenching.
  • This is one of the most comfortable seats as a result of the heavy duty padding and the spring suspension.
  • Its wider design enables it to share weight uniformly across the surface thus delivering great support for overweight riders.


  • The springs may sometimes become a bit squeaky especially when pedaling aggressively.


The thick and excessive soft foam padding plus the dual spring suspensions make this oversized saddle one of the best bicycle seat

Its ability to distribute pressure across the surface and to help avoid back pains is unmatched.

2.     INBIKE Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Men Women.

Looking at the In bike the first time, you can clearly see that this super wide bike seat  was purpose-designed for a big man.

The construction and the material used make it much better to ride on and it should thus make butt pain a thing of the past.

First, we liked the front design- it’s narrower, just the way preferred by overweight guys because it minimizes friction especially whether out on a leisurely ride or a competition.

Then, the quality of the microfiber artificial leather used on the surface is up there with the best and again purposed to make the saddle special for big men and women- it’s not only wear resistant but also super-smooth and non-scratching.

More accolades come from the high density foam padding on the inner side plus the dual springs…the two creates a superb buffer making it shock proof, stable, and enjoyable when riding over bumps or uneven terrain.

And if you tend to frequently embark on long, adventurous expeditions, the middle groove will come in handy as it improves air circulation and in releasing sweat.

Overall, this is an awesome option for owners of cruiser bikes who are fond of long distance riding and are tired of the persistent hip pain.INBIKE Most Comfortable Bike Seat, Memory Foam Padded Wide Bicycle Saddle for Men Women Black

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  • Microfiber artificial leather Surface
  • High-density foam
  • Dual springs
  • Middle groove
  • Universal design


  • The padding, duals springs, and narrow front make this seat super comfortable
  • It’s easy to adjust so you can easily identify your most comfortable poise.
  • This saddle is very well-constructed from the top, the underside padding, and the groove- everything looks well planned.
  • It performs as well as the high-end saddles but at a fraction of the cost.


  • Considering that they’re plastic, the suspensions may not last for as long as you may wish.


The Inbike is bigger in and out, more comfortable, and very well-constructed.

It should deliver a different riding experience.

3.     Zacro Gel Bike Saddle.

The manufacturer has fiddled with the various settings and materials to end up with a very functional saddle- way better than the hard seats that come with bikes. check this magnificent bike saddle here on

Gel padded, extra thick and oversized, this saddle is primed to serve as the most comfortable mountain bike seat as it conforms to your body shape a lot better than other seats.

The PU material makes the saddle to look more elegant apart from enhancing its quality and is one of the few saddles that feel right without any “break in” period.

The highly-elastic foam is resilient and gives a better cycling feeling under pressure  while its coil dual spring suspensions help smoothen out bumps delivering an unforgettable time regardless of the terrain.

Unlike the Inbike which is recommended for cruiser bikes, this is versatile and works with different model bikes.

And as expected for a universal saddle, it installs on standard seat posts with the installation process itself is a joy thanks to the provided Zacro wrench.Zacro Gel Bike Saddle - BS053 Dual Spring Designed Suspension Artificial Leather Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle with 1 Mounting Wrench (Black)

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  • Dual-density gel foam padding
  • Soft and elastic
  • Coil dual spring suspensions (carbon steel)
  • Universal design
  • Polyurethane(PU) material


  • The saddle fits a bigger number of models and is super-easy to install.
  • This bike saddle delivers admirable comfort to your back when on long rides.
  • Despite being a huge improvement over stock seats, it’s affordably priced.
  • This saddle doesn’t come imprinted with irritating marks or logos like most of its peers.


  • The Zacro gel saddle isn’t waterproof.


With soft but strong materials, the Zacro gel saddle provides the long-sought-after comfort to your back. The Coil dual spring suspensions also help smoother bumps and prevent you from getting sore.

4.     Bell Memory Foam Saddle

The biggest winner here is that this awesome saddle is lockable and so unlike the other 3 saddles, it’s going to be always on the bike and can’t be forgotten.

Even better, you no longer have the risk of the saddle being stolen.

Aside from that, it’s solid, sturdy and feels very cushy without being overly large as to look embarrassing.
The bike is unisex hence regularly mentioned in the same breath as the best bike saddle for overweight female.

And whatever your bike, the seat exceeds expectations with the elastomer suspension working in tandem with its padding and the leather material to ensure you don’t slide while riding.

The wide design allows free movement among your legs significantly boosting your pedaling efficiency while expertly absorbing the pressure exerted by the seat bones.

It adjusts easily so it should fit your body precisely, has a narrower front, and therefore doesn’t interfere with your high cadence pedaling.Comfort Wide Cruiser Seat Black

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  • Extra wide
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Elastomer suspension
  • Clamp (included)
  • Red light


  • The synthetic leather cover is not only durable but also ensures that your butt will never hurt even if you ride a lot.
  • By going on/off automatically, the red light makes you visible at night enhancing your safety when riding in busy highways.
  • It dries up quickly after drenched, for example, during a storm.
  • The seat comes at a very good price


  • Compared with the largest bike seat available, this seat isn’t that big in size and may, therefore, look smaller for some the biggest guys.


This seat’s shape, larger surface, soft padding and suspension make it perfect for heavy riders.

It’s also sturdy as well as being lockable.

Get the most comfortable bicycle seat cover to add thrill and comfort to your ride

Types of Bike Seats for Heavy Riders Available Today

Manufacturers are trying their best by producing saddles of varying designs and styles to choose from- all in an effort to combat butt discomfort.

1.     Cruiser Saddles

Cruiser saddles stand out due to their excessive cushioning and considerable support.

Their upright handlebars (which make them so comfortable) ensure that most of your weight falls directly on the typically large bike seat. Mango Cruiser Super Wide Comfort Cruiser Bike Bicycle Seat Saddle

Another advantage is that cruising doesn’t demand aggressive pedaling meaning that with the additional support, these heavily padded saddles remains cozy all along making them one of the most comfortable mountain bike seats for men and women.

Here is my favorite : Mango Cruiser Super Wide Comfort Cruiser Bike Bicycle Seat 

2.     Comfort Saddles

Comfort saddles are the other top bike seats for big bottoms Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women- Padded Bicycle Saddle with Soft Cushion - Replacement Bike Saddle Improves Riding Comfort on Your Exercise Bike - Women's Bicycle Seat (Black)

They also have lots of padding in addition to being designed to facilitate easy pedaling.

Comfort saddles are the best for long distance tours and are great in absorbing shock and vibrations common in rough roads.

This is my awesome recommendation:  Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women

3.     Racing Saddles

These are designed to permit full movement and eliminate chafing and are a common option when looking for the most comfortable bicycle seat. Fizik Aliante Gamma Kium Rails Road Cycling Saddle

They shift you forward such that more of your weight is on your hands (and feet) and not on the seat.

We even have racing saddles purposely developed to protect your reproductive organs.

Check out this amazing racing saddle:  Fizik Road Bicycle Saddle

What Makes A Bicycle Seat Comfortable?

Forget about bike seats for large bottoms… getting comfortable on your mountain bike seats needs you to do more            ;

At a bare minimum, each overweight cyclist should adjust the chosen plus size bike seat to an ideal cycling position.

We even recommend that you talk to a fitting professional if that’s what it will take for your saddle to be installed in an angle perfect for your riding approach.

Speaking of your riding style, long days (in the saddle) and bumps are thought to cause perineum compression…

But some smart actions can help alleviate this:

  • Stand up for a few seconds on your pedals each 10 minutes.
  • Go for a full-suspension bike (and of course, the most comfortable mountain bike seat) or hunt for a suspension seatpost (found on some commuting and recreational bikes).
  • Stand slightly when negotiating bumps, effectively making your legs shock absorbers.
  • Switch to the best recumbent bike.

But all said and done, the best road bike saddle for heavy rider is a must if you are to minimize perineal numbness.

Buying Guide – Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Overweight Riders.

A good bike saddle can be all the difference between a day full of fun riding around the country and disappointing trips around the neighborhood.

It’s therefore crucial that you take your time as you sample what’s on offer.

Just because they look expensive or cool or contemporary doesn’t mean that any extra large bicycle seats will make the best road saddle for big guys or anyone for that matter.

You must do your homework, check out all options marketed as the comfortable bike seats for big guys and make an informed choice.

Let’s have a look at what matters:

  • Your Budget

Saddles’ prices vary. Depending on the used materials, design, and extras, prices range from the affordable to the steep.

Nowhere is the saying you get what you pay for truer than in the case of saddles so the expensive looking ones are more likely to be lighter and last longer.

  • Saddle Shape

Manufacturers make saddles with different shapes in an effort to keep all riders happy- now that cyclists have different riding styles.

Generally, the way you ride will determine the best for your saddle. For instance, a flat saddle mostly suits riders who make minimal movements (in their upper body) when cycling.

On the same note, a saddle which is lightly curved would suit intermediate riders, while round saddles are recommended for cyclists who move their torsos a lot while riding.

  • Durability

If your choice for the best bike seat for overweight is a foam saddle, you’ll need to prepare for eventual breakdown over time.

Because of the increased pressure, foam saddles wear out much faster with heavier cyclists meaning they require frequent replacements compared to when a smaller cyclist is using them.

A leather saddle is generally great when looking for the comfortable bike seat for long distance riding for heavy riders as they are extremely durable and the way they mold to a user’s unique anatomy after the short break-in period.

To be on the safe side, ensure that your bike seat for large person rails is from a durable metal like chromoly or titanium.

  • Test ride it

No doubt, nothing beats test riding with all your candidates for the best bike seat for heavy riders.

The best part is that many stores will have options closer to what you’re looking for even if not the exact model so try them.

Remember to Vary positions, speed, and try hitting some bumps to get a feel of what to expect.

  • Size

Another top consideration is the correct saddle width. By this, I mean the distance/space between the two bones found at the base of your pelvis.

Now, since they’re the ones to support your body weight as you ride, you will never be comfortable if you don’t get the size right especially because the width varies from rider to rider.

Something else:

By and large, women have wider bottoms than men who have their seat bones positioned much closer together which justifies the fact that women’s saddles are on the whole a bit wider than men’s.

So, which way here?

The only way to determine your ideal saddle width is to measure the distance between your two seat bones.

Here is how to measure:

Step 1: get a piece of cardboard, chalk or crayons, and a measuring tape.

Step 2: place the cardboard on a strong bench and sit down (on the cardboard), feet elevated as if you’re riding.

Step 3: stand up and mark or color (use the chalk/crayon) the cardboard. You should notice some depressions against the marked surface as previously made by your sitting bones.

Step 4: measure the gap (in mm) starting from the center of the first depression to the other depression as can be seen on the cardboard.

Step 5: add 25-30mm to the above measurement to get your optimum saddle width.

The Choice Between Hard Or Soft Saddles..

This is yet another controversial point; some riders find full-carbon saddles to be the most comfortable bike seat in the world while others prefer slight padding.

Anyway, if you ride for many hours, you should find harder bike saddles to be cozier.

In any case, if it’s too soft, a bike saddle can cause your twin seat bones to start sinking into the saddle exerting unwanted pressure on the soft tissue areas

  • What’s Your Riding Style?

Your style again:

If you’re into bike racing or you’re the type who slides forward when climbing to ride on the so-called rivet, you should go for a saddle having a flat profile plus a wide, flat nose.

If you prefer sitting upright on the bike and barely move around, a slightly wider and curved profile seat may offer more comfort.

  • Should Overweight People Go For Wider Saddles?

A further misconception with saddles is that a wider seat always makes the best bike seat for overweight than narrow ones.

Well, this again depends on your style and type of riding and while sleek racing saddles hardly look comfortable,  wider seats are known to cause more friction when busy pedaling ,for instance, in a race.

This is what you should know:

The longer your rides and pedaling, the less obtrusive and thinner should your saddle be.


Because of the excess pressure and weight, heavy riders are frequently forced to replace their bike seats with the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders.

The soft padding, wide size, and spring suspensions are perfect and make rides more enjoyable and rewarding.

Your riding style, size and shape of the saddle, durability, and budget are some of the key factors when buying.

Otherwise, if you get it right, you’ll love your bike more while your butt will forever be grateful.

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