Best Road Bike Saddle For Heavy Rider.

best road bike saddle for heavy riderI’m 315 lbs. and before I retired my old road bike seat for the best road bike saddle for heavy rider, I had seen it all.

Lower back pain. Occasional numbness. Persistent discomfort. I was almost quitting.

But then I had repeatedly read about road bike saddles for heavy riders. And I decided to give them a shot…

That’s how my love with road bike saddles for heavy riders started.

Now, if you have gone through such, and you’re yet to find a detailed guide on road bike saddles, this is for you…

What’s A Road Bike Saddle?

A road bicycle saddle is that point when you seat on your road bike and just like a horse’s saddle, holds your weight when racing on your speed machine.

A saddle is typically attached to the bike’s seat post and can have its height adjusted by telescoping the seat post in/out of the seat’s tube.

The best road bike saddle for big guys is an improvement of the conventional seat and distributes weight much better on the sit bones for heavy people.

During bicycling, this relieves pressure on soft tissue and other sensitive spots such as the genitalia.

Why Would You Need The Best Road Bike Saddle For Big Guys?

Overall, unlike other riders, big road bikers favor sleeker, beefy seats because they support fast pedaling and comfort simultaneously.

This is exactly what the best bike seat for heavy riders brings to the table…

  • Super Comfortable

Nothing comes close to the best road bike for big guys in terms of comfort. The padding and all its components, plus the reinforced built are principally geared at making your time on the road a moment to cherish.

Because you feel cozy, you can ride further and for more hours.

  • It Keeps Numbness and Pain Away

General saddle discomfort, around your soft tissue area may lead to persistent pain or numbness including in your genital area.

The most comfortable road bike seat corrects the pressure on your sit bones and pelvic area helping you to escape the usual pain and numbness.

  • Promotes Perfect Posture

Low back discomfort will often be caused by your posteriorly rotating the pelvis away from bad saddles.

The discomfort is due to getting a “round” spine plus the inevitable compression of some parts of your intervertebral discs.

The most comfortable road bike saddle supports your back and ensures you sit without bending your spine promoting an upright posture.

  • Eliminates Saddle Sores

A bike seat with poor geometry may cause saddle sores. For starters, a saddle sore resembles spots and is triggered by infected hair follicles.

Now, these could be the end result of excessive friction when pedaling because of the involved dynamics.

The most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders is designed to allow improved pedaling and will help in reining on in saddle sores.

  • Gives You A More Performance Targeted Position.

Generally, road bikes deliver speed, agility, and are super-efficient. But without the correct riding position and style, you will never maximize it.

The general cut out of the best road bike saddle for heavy rider help riders achieve a more performance targeted position and helps you reach top speeds and riding efficiency.

Different Best Road Bike Saddle For Big Guys To Consider.

To a large extent, the best saddle will depend on how you use your road bike and other factors like gender…

1.     Best Road Bike Saddle For Long Rides

A bike saddle for heavy rider doing long distances needs to be cushy, sufficiently large to support a big behind, breathable, and if possible, it should mold itself precisely to your anatomy. Brooks Saddles B17 Standard Bicycle Saddle (Black Rails, Honey)

It should also stay comfortable for the longest time possible.

True, it’s impossible to directly recommend with certainty but a number of my colleagues in my club seem to have a soft spot for Brooks England B17 (Check Latest Price on Amazon) saddle.

It’s wider than most ordinary saddles and offers better distribution plus sit-bone support making it an outstanding choice for giant riders.

Its shape is also supportive enough to make your hour-long rides possible, from the word go.

Then, like a good shoe, it softens in all the right places molding itself to your huge anatomy with time. As this happens, comfort also increases.

2.     Best Women’s Road Bike Saddle

Women’s pelvis differs from men’s on one major fact: it facilitates giving birth so it’s wider.

Because of this anatomical difference, women looking for the best road bike saddle for heavy rider do well with saddles having wider rears. Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Most Comfortable Replacement Bicycle Saddle - Universal Fit for Exercise Bike and Outdoor Bikes Suspension Wide Soft Padded Bike Saddle for Women and Men

That aside, women’s saddles are fine with a nose pretty much close to a men’s model. Women-specific bike saddles with an extra padding/ cushioning and dual suspensions are particularly enjoyable if you often ride for many miles.

As it stands, I am very happy with the Bikeroo’s Women’s Road Bike Saddle (Click to Check Latest Price on Amazon) for a big woman because of its extremely soft cushioning and large sizing.

Its design is one of the best when it comes to removing undue pressure from your sensitive areas and handles weight pretty well.

3.     Best Mens Road Bike Saddle

As men sit on a ‘bad’ road bicycle seat, the middle section of the seat will pressurize the perineal area where there is a big mass of various nerves and soft tissues, causing pain and, potentially, long-term health challenges. Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men - Padded Bicycle Saddle for Men with Soft Cushion - Improves Comfort for Mountain Bike, Hybrid and Stationary Exercise Bike

Designers now make men’s saddles featuring holes/grooves specifically along the midsection.

The holes help immensely in easing the pressure points making the saddle comfier and healthier.

However, not every seat with a central channel/ hole will automatically solve your seat discomfort.

The key is to find a road bike saddle that supports your weight and fits a large man’s biking style such as the  Bikeroo’s Comfortable Road Bike saddle. (Click to Check Latest Price on Amazon)

The seat ergonomic design makes it one of the fastest selling road bike seats for men and very suitable for long rides.

Consider This When Choosing The Best Road Bike Saddle For Heavy Rider

·   Male Or Female?

Women’s pelvic structure tends to be a bit wider and shallower (viewed from front to back) in comparison to that of an average male’s pelvis.

Subsequently, various brands make men’s and women’s specific bike saddles to cater for these differences in anatomy.

Interestingly, a big number of women find some unisex and even selected men’s saddles as good.

·   Shape, Width, And Sizing

For both men and women, a saddle has the same purpose:

To distribute weight to your bone structure and ease pressure from the sensitive soft tissues.

This means everyone benefits from well-optimized “cut out” saddles.

Therefore, a saddle’s shape, width, and size are super important and influence the level of support your particular comfortable bike saddle will deliver.

Luckily, most saddle brands manufacturing big man saddles for road bikes make precisely “cut out” seats and match the comfort needs of somebody with a big butt.

·    What’s your Style?

Contemporary road bikes for the oversize people are more sophisticated and how you ride has a great impact on the amount of support you will enjoy.

For instance, If you’re are a speedster  or you ride while  sliding forward or you move around a lot during efforts, your best bike seat for overweight bet could be any flat saddle and with a wide, flat nose.

On the other hand, if you cycle more upright and don’t move too much, a curved and a slightly wider saddle may deliver more comfort.

·    Overall Quality

The highest quality road bike saddles for obese guys are made from costly carbon fiber (most expensive), steel, or titanium.

They are very adjustable, can handle more abuse and lasts for a very long time. Something else: The best bike saddle for heavy rider should have a perfect balance between weight, performance, and price.

The best also have the previously mentioned pressure-relieving grooves, channels/cutouts around the middle section.

If you’re an extra-large person experiencing numbness when biking, always pick saddles with a center channel or cutout.

Again, check that the padding is sufficient.

·   Extras

Some of the best bike saddle for larger riders come with reinforced corners to eliminate scuffing and/or to protect the cover from tearing.

You may also find elastomers between their rails and shell. Others have mounting brackets for the taillights and even saddle bags.

All these features could be handy in diverse situations and may help sway the decision.

·    Cover

Foam and gel covers dominate road bike saddles nowadays while leather covers are quite among long-distance road cyclists.

Gel covered saddles feel softer than foam though both offer excellent value for your money.

Avoid saddles with seams and visible rough patches on the cover as they could cause discomfort in certain spots.


The best road bike saddle for heavy rider is a godsend.

It prevents pain, ensures you ride comfortably, for longer, and worry-free by transferring your excessive weight only to the sit bones.

To maximize your ride comfort, always strive to maintain the best biking position for the saddle and to adjust the angle appropriately.

On how to choose a road bike saddle, consider your gender, style, shape, width, and size.

Ultimately, getting the best road bike saddle for overweight people could prove to be a stroke of a genius in your road racing quest.

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Best Road Bike Saddles

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