A Guide To the Best MTB Grips for Big Hands

A Guide To the Best MTB Grips for Big Hands

If you are as big as me, I am sure you know that narrow bike grips don’t cut it for us. And that your best bet is the best mtb grips for big hands.

But again the market seems to lack many options when we come to large diameter mtb grips despite the rising popularity of cycling among big riders.

Well, I thought I should share my experiences for shopping for the best mountain bike grips for large hands.

And, hopefully, thick mtb grips will no longer be elusive.

Let’s get into the business end of things…

Check out the hottest mountain bike grips for big hands below.

In a Rush? Here are Our Top Picks

Why Should You Bother To Change Your Grips If You Have Big Hands?

Traditionally, your mountain bike comes with what I would at best call substandard bike grips.

So you soon start experiencing hand fatigue, sore wrists, and numbness the longer you ride.

Your first instinct is to search for mtb handlebar grips.  But if you’re an extra-large guy, relief isn’t automatic.

The narrow ones fail to absorb all road vibrations creating stress in your hand and still expose you to the wrist issues you’re escaping.

Instead of all this, I would recommend that you go for the best mtb grips for large hands the very first time.

These extra chunky mountain bike handlebar grips deliver maximum shock absorption, greater comfort, and offers excellent dry or wet grip.

Advantages of Having the Best Mtb Grips for Big Hands

Large bike handle grips come with a number of benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Limit Hand Fatigue

Fat grips for big hands have exceptional vibration damping and support for your hand meaning you can cycle for many miles worry-free.

By conforming to your hand’s natural shape, these comfortable mtb grips prevent pressure accumulation easing tiredness.

  • Optimal Hand Comfort

Most of these bicycle handlebar grips have super-tacky texture and are designed to provide maximum palm relaxation as you ride up the mountain.

The soft material further enhances the soothing feeling.

  • Superb Bike Control

The most comfortable bike grips support every part from your index finger, middle fingers, and the thumb, resulting in a firmer grip and better control of your mountain bike.

Compared to conventional hand grips, the enlarged hand contact area boosts your handling.

Disadvantages of Having the Best Mtb Grips for Big Hands

The price for quality MTB grips is not cheap. But they sure are worth it.

The Big Debate: Lock-On V Slide-On

The Conventional type: Slide-on Big Man Grips

Traditionally, fat man mtb grips have been slide-ons.

This design has several things going for it, chief among them being that they are pocket-sized and much lighter.

But big riders have never hidden their loathing for the need to use lubricants to ease the cumbersome mounting process.

I also dislike the way they squirm about, especially when wet.

The Adaptive type: Slip-on, Ergonomic Big Man Grips

Then came the euphoria with slip-ons with many of the manufacturers launching some super-friendly ‘just-slip-me-on’ versions of their grips.

These took the market by storm and even today, you will find them super-easy to install.

People also appreciate the unmistakable upgrade in their gripping property.

The only development that was a bit disconcerting was the jump in pricing.

However, a majority of extra-sized riders were won by first, their grip. They stick marvelously with your bare hands and even more amazingly with gloves.

And, secondly, the grips are shaped to adapt to your unique hand formation and to offer maximum comfort on lengthy rides.

Additionally, cyclists love the integrated bar ends as they permit multiple positions.

But these don’t offer any guarantee.  They do work with some hands but there are those who find the slide-ons comfortable.

The Revolutionary Type: Lock-on Big Man Grips

And now lately, the market seems to have been wowed by the latest lock-on mtb grips.

These come with metallic collars (on either end) to ‘lock’ their grip supremely to the bar using small allen bolts and are increasingly setting the pace on most big rider’s mtb bikes.

One because they effortlessly slip onto your bike’s bars.  But most importantly, because of the no-nonsense grip courtesy of their lock feature.

As a bonus, they have end plugs that prevent the bar ends from getting destroyed in crashes.

But they’re not without their drawbacks.

Lock-ons are generally heavier and costlier than slide-ons.

The Compromising Type: Big Man Grips With Zip Ties

Some companies have released grips which try to strike a balance between the two worlds- slide ons (with their weaker grip) and lock-ons (with their weight and high cost).

By adding a zip tie to secure the grips to the handlebars, the slide on grips become more stable.

The end result is a fairly secure but still affordable mtb grip for big hands!

Perhaps this is the way to go if you are a rider who is torn between the two extremes.

What are the Best Mountain Bike Grips for Large Hands?

Extra-wide mtb handlebar grips have a distinctively oversized contact area. The pressure is hence distributed over a bigger area, relieving the sensitive ulnar nerve and elevating comfort.

Through this superior construction, your hand is better supported and as a result, the wrist is placed in a prime position to reduce soreness.

While tastes differ, a few big man grips seem to be more accepted across the board.

1.   Wolf Tooth Components Fat Paw Grips Black

Wolf Tooth Components Fat Paw Grips Black
  • Large 9.5mm, round foam grips that have a soft feel, 30mm installed diameter
  • 100% proprietary dual-density silicone compound provides excellent vibration...
  • Conforms to your hand for improved comfort while maintaining durability
  • Tacky texture provides excellent grip with or without gloves in all weather...
  • Fits all mountain bike handlebars and includes bar end plugs

Fat and purpose-engineered to deliver an optimized hand comfort, the black wolf tooth fat paw grips exceed expectations in several ways.

First, the durometer silicone offers an excellent vibration damping shielding your hands against stressing impact.

Secondly, the 36mm is the widest diameter grip and offer the fattest grip.

Still, their super-tacky texture means you can use them comfortably even without gloves.

They also limit hand fatigue motivating riders to cover more miles while their rigidity makes handling the bicycle with them easier.

A bit surprising is the fact that these fat paw mtb grips are quite easy to install- a rare occurrence for slide on grips (use an alcohol bath or any suitable lubricant).

If you are looking for a no vibration, no pain, or no discomfort ride in your hands, the wolf-tooth mtb grips may be the way to go.

2.  ESI Grips Extra Chunky MTB Grip

ESI Grips Extra Chunky MTB Grip
  • Extra Chunky grips is thicker version of the Chunky grip which results in...
  • 5-1/8" in length
  • 34mm grip diameter
  • Includes bar end caps
  • Weight: 80g

The ESI extra chunky mtb grips are one of the thickest (34mm grip diameter) models to have ever been invented and the idea here is simple:

To maximize shock absorption, the most important property in preventing wrist issues.

Suffice to say that the company has succeeded because the grips deliver an amazing feeling as you ride.

They are pretty elongated (5-1/8″) and support your entire palm offering an outstanding grip and promoting a comfortable, natural riding.

The extra-large contact area will also offer improved support as the pressure is shared across a larger surface area relieving the nerves.

Maneuvering your mountain bike is easier thanks to their shape which also helps preserves the awesome gripping properties for many hours.

Then, because they are   super stretchy, they work with a huge number of handlebars.

In a nutshell, these are a remarkably well-built big man’s hand grips.

3.   ESI Chunky MTB Grip

ESI Chunky MTB Grip
  • Chunky grips is extra thick for maximum shock absorbtion
  • 5-1/8" in length
  • 32mm grip diameter
  • Includes bar end caps
  • 60g

At 60 grams, the ESI chunky MTB grips one of the lightest mtb grips, and is a genuinely large person’s hand grip.

The 32mm grip diameter is still wider than most of the highly-rated standard mtb grips and should work superbly with most big hands.

Additionally, the 5-1/8″ length is meant to serve users with oversized hands and will, together with the expanded width provide an ideal fit.

Apart from the exciting dimensions, the silicone material gives them a nice feel especially on rougher sections not to mention that they remain very solid regardless of your riding style.

Their special design delivers excellent wet/dry grip and reduces hand fatigue.

They are available in numerous exciting colors and come with bar end caps to protect the bar ends.

I find them absolutely secure and very good looking.

Yes, the installation can be quite hectic but once fitted, they absolutely rock. Notably, they are among the most affordable brand out there.

4.  FIFTY-FIFTY Dual Lock-on Bike Grips

FIFTY-FIFTY Dual Lock-on Bike Grips
  • Comfortable and Durable: This mountain bike grips is made of soft and durable...
  • Super Grip: The more textured non-slip surface pattern provides extra grip. The...
  • Dual Lock-on Design: the dual lock-on clamp ensures that the mtb grips are more...
  • Easy to Install - Installation is easy as long as you get your old bicycle grips...
  • Very Light: Only 98g per pair, the MTB handlebar grips fit for diameter 22.2 mm...

A leading-edge performance and super reliable fat hand’s MTB grips, the fifty-fifty dual lock on grips are consistently mentioned in the same vein as the best mtb grips for big hands.

It’s, as you guessed, a dual lock-on hand drip meaning that it firmly remains in position all through. The integrated end plugs also help prevent the bar edges getting damaged in case of crashes or getting ripped off.

The used high friction rubber is so grippy it almost feels sticky in all-weather conditions while the enlarged rib on the fingers area generates an extra grip when needed.

Furthermore, the big hand mtb grips have a petite ribbed pad on the palm side which greatly improves their shock absorption.

Moving on, the thicker hive pattern delivers one of the best traction across your palm area.

The grips are 135mm long and 30mm in diameter. They weight about 98 grams and like their competitors, they exist in up to 6 colors.

And the biggest of them all is the ease of installation and removal. Sure, all lock-on grips are friendlier, but this slides unbelievably easily.

Overall, the experience you get with this brand is just out of this world!


For as long as you are sticking around with your original grips, true riding comfort will remain out of reach.

This change the moment you install the best MTB grips for big hands. Your hands will not be compressed during rides and rarely becomes sore.

Your adventures will now be more fun while riding will become a comfortable experience.

The market has a number of outstanding models- like the ones we covered- and you should eventually get a fitting MTB grip.

Do you have more questions on larger diameter grips?

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