Are Diamondback Bikes Good For My Cycling Adventures?

are diamondback bikes good

Are Diamondback Bikes Good For My Cycling Adventures?

Diamondback bikes have gained a reputation worldwide for very clear reasons. First, the company manufactures top-quality bicycle models that last long and are affordable.

Diamondback 2019 Sync'r Carbon Mountain Bike Raw Carbon Matte (MD)As opposed to the yesteryears when this brand used to manufacture only BMX bikes, things have changed today. Diamondback makes a wide range of bikes.

This means that whether you need an entry-level model or a high-end model in a given category, Diamondback covers them all.

For example, you can get diamondback bicycles selling under $1000 while other models reach up to $7000.

Among the many brands on the market, Diamondback usually comes in top places in terms of cheap prices. But this is no way a compromise on the quality of these bikes.

Which brings us to the question:

Are diamondback bikes good? The answer is a straight yes. Diamond bikes offers great value since they are comfortable, durable and affordable among other excellent features.

There are many reasons why this brand is getting preference in terms of being a great choice.

For details, I will be walking you through the nitty-gritty aspects of Diamondback bikes.

In a hurry? Check out the finest Diamond bikes below.

Are Diamond Bikes Good? 6 Hottest Diamond Bikes

  1. Overdrive ST Bike: Best Diamond Mountain Bike

  2. Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid: Best Diamond Hybrid Bike

  3. Diamondback 2019 El OSO Tres: Best Diamond Fat Bike

  4. Haanjo Adventure Road Bike: Best Diamond Road Bike

  5. Diamondback Century Road Bike: Best Diamond Century Bike

  6. Diamondback Women’s Serene Comfort Bike: Best for Women

  7. JR Viper Youth BMX Bike:Best Diamondback BMX

Why are Diamondback Bikes Preferred?

The fact that Diamondback bikes come with top-quality components is a huge statement about the seriousness of this brand and the commitment to the production of great bicycle units.

It doesn’t matter which bike you are looking for, Diamondback Bikes, whether for beginners or pro-riders, feature incorporation of the durable, long-lasting components. The other element is its warranty.

You will not have issues with the warranty system of this brand. It’s a lifetime warranty, especially for the frame.

So, in case of a few issues or hurdles on the bike, just take the bike to a local bike shop for repair and Diamondback will take up all costs involved. Interestingly, the reason the brand gives a lifetime warranty is because of the confidence level they have in their bicycles.

The Diamondback bikes are preferred because they are not hard to learn and get acquainted with them. Which is why they rise amongst the best sellers on the market especially for entry-level riders.

Different Types of Diamondback Bikes: Are They Any Good?

1. Diamondback Mountain Bikes

Diamondback has some of the outstanding mountain bikes on board. These bikes have been designed to combine a balance between speed and strength.

Which means that the bikes are made to be used both on tarmac roads without too much obstruction. And on the loose-dirt roads with roots, potholes, difficult terrain and rocks, etc.

The bike is unsuspectingly not baffled by such terrain as it is a multi-tasker. The excellent suspension system makes it absorb potential shocks hence keeping the comfort of the rider just intact when doing off-road riding.

Another aspect this bike comes prominently about is the wider relatively smaller tires it has. These are great for the stability and safety of the rider or racer when using the bicycle.

Here is a perfect go-to bike in the Overdrive ST Bike. This bike sells slightly above $500. It is a suitable bike for tall heavier people.

About the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

Would you want a rigid, heavy-duty MTB bike for conquering the steep slopes in your neighborhood? Then think no further than the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive.

With it, you don’t have to ask, “Are Diamondback Mountain bikes any good?”

This heavy-duty mountain bike comes in a classic premium-quality aluminum frame. The 18-inch frame promises to tolerate outdoor ruggedness.

Its 27.5-inch wheels with knobby tires ensure you move seamlessly on different terrains. On the other hand, its Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes promise ample stopping power.

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive is always ready for the bumps, thanks to its 100mm Suntour XCT suspension fork.

And to provide you with smooth gear changes across varying terrains, the bike offers you a 24-speed Shimano drivetrain with shifters.

Overall, this classic hardtail MTB comes in a perfect geometry to suit both genders, and its Lt. Green color is just stunning.

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

Check Current Price

Highlight Features

  • 18-inch aluminum frame
  • 5 wheels with knobby tires
  • Tektro Aires disc brakes
  • 24-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • 100mm suspension fork

2. Diamondback Road Bike

When it comes to the manufacture of top-performing road bikes, Diamondback has excelled. Road bikes are meant to cruise for races, century rides, gravel adventures, or just having fun by riding around the pavement.

The Diamond Road bike is built both for speed and also comfort. The frame can be crafted with different types of materials but aluminum is almost a default for most of its models.

It is the road bikes that can take you far as you wish. Just get prepared to flex your feet properly. This bike is a true speedster.

It is no doubt that this brand has been on the scene for making the best of road bikes around including this Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike.

About the Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike

Are diamondback road bikes good? The Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike answers the question.

It comes in a deep purple gloss finish that makes it stand out on the streets.

This road bike features a fully butted alloy frame that’s not just rugged but comfortable too.

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo absorbs bumps, thanks to its ever-reliable carbon fork suspension.

And due to its 11-speed Shimano rear derailleur, this Diamondback bike takes the climbs more confidently.

It comes with flat-mount disc brakes that offer you excellent stopping force.

Its 700c WTB tires come with plenty of traction to save you from losing control. That makes this bike a fantastic choice on different road conditions.

Overall, this bike suits riders who are 5’7”-5’10” tall. It comes in a perfect height and enjoys an ergonomic saddle to offer you optimal comfort.

are diamondback road bikes good
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Highlight Features

  • Fully-butted alloy frame
  • Carbon fork
  • 11-speed rear derailleur
  • 700c WTB tires
  • Ergonomic saddle

3. Diamondback Hybrid Bike

With a Diamondback hybrid bike, you know that you are choosing a premium product. One, because the brand is itself a success and secondly, Diamondback bicycles are getting all kinds of endorsements across the globe.

This bike has been constructed on a fairly lightweight frame that’s durable. The braking system is made up to the standard of a modern bicycle whether these are disc brakes or rim brakes.

It also features flexible handlebars which are useful during the control of the bicycle. Usually, the handlebars respond quite easily to your body movements which is an assurance for safety.

Here comes Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid. It is an easy bike to handle coming with adjustable handlebars that can be resized to fit your comfort.

Its finish is exquisite and the components of awesome quality. Overall, you stand to receive great value for your money.

About the Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood Hybrid Bike

No Diamondback bike combines an MTB’s toughness and a road bike’s efficiency than the Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood Hybrid Bike.

This hybrid bike is everything you want from your commuter bike. It comes in a sporty geometry that promises an upright pedaling experience.

Its frame features premium aluminum, thus comfortable for fast commuting. The frame also promises lasting performance.

Its seat post comes with shock absorption, and so does its suspension fork. And owing to its 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, you enjoy a wide gear range across varying challenging terrains.

Its 700c wheels roll hassle-free on regular roads. Its adjustable step, on the other hand, lets you find your most comfortable handle position.

Moreover, its powerful brakes allow you to pull up quickly. So, it answers: how good are diamondback bikes?

Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood Hybrid Bike

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Highlight Features

  • Sporty geometry
  • Aluminum frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Adjustable stem
  • 21-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Shock-absorbing seat post

4. Diamondback Fat Bike

Diamondback fat bike is the ultimate training companion on snow, sand, and other soft surfaces. But that doesn’t mean that they are not supposed to be ridden on the rough road – you can ride it even on the every-day trail.

What makes this bike referred to as fat is because of the wheels. As opposed to the standard bikes that have a little bit wide tires, this one has tires that can double that width.

Because of the fat tires, the traction is huge. And it’s obviously easy for one to ride on tricky soft surfaces like snow.

The fat bike looks funny but Diamondback has built bikes like El Oso Uno which are also lightweight and can be used on the ordinary trails and rock paths just comfortably.

Here is the fat bike for you: Diamondback 2019 El OSO Tres Fat Bikes a large version of this bike. It is the supermodel for a hardtail needed in the extreme conditions of snow and sand. However, you must be ready to produce cash.

About the Diamondback 2019 EL OSO Tres Fat Bike

The Diamondback 2019 EL OSO Tres may be a new entrant into the fat bike market, but it’s everything you want in a fat bike.

The fat bike comes with full suspension to absorb vibrations so as you can have a smooth ride. So, it’s the perfect pick for negotiating rocky trails, ice surfaces, and muddy roads.

Its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are quite powerful in bringing the bike to a stop. And thanks to its single-ring drivetrain, this fat bike is easy to ride.

It employs a sealed cartridge bearing to deliver a smoother, lasting performance. So, it’s good value for money.

Diamondback 2019 El OSO Tres Fat Bikes (Large)Check Current Price

Highlight Features

  • Full suspension
  • Wide tires
  • Single-ring drivetrain
  • Sealed cartridge bearing
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

5. Diamondback Century Bike

The main feature of the Diamondback Century design is enhanced performance geometry. This design incorporates a taller head tube.

So, when you are seated on this bike, you assume a more upright position than a traditional version can allow. The end result of this is that perfect experience riding for long distances without feeling pain in the head, neck or back.

The diamondback bike accessories featured on this build include a 2×8 drivetrain plus a blend of high-quality Shimano components and FSA.

Diamondback Bicycles Century Road Bike is a wise buy for anyone looking to benefit from enhanced geometry performance and less fatigue. The bike has Shimano components which make it a great overall purchase.

About the Diamondback Bicycles Century Road Bike

Are diamondback good bikes for road commuting? The answer is yes, and the Diamondback Bicycles Century Road Bike proves so.

This bike comes in a 7005 aluminum frame, featuring a 142 x 12mm thru-axle that improves your handling precision. So, you get to ride quickly and safely.

Its enhanced geometry saves you from long-ride fatigue while its carbon fiber fork soaks up the bumps.

Plus, it features a tapered head tube that improves your steering precision. And thanks to its Trp Spyre disc brakes, the bike guarantees safe stopping in all conditions.

Its C2+ disc wheelset makes the bike easy to accelerate, while its 11-speed Shimano drivetrain allows you to conquer an array of terrains.

Overall, Diamondback Bicycles Century suits riders who are 5’1”-5’3” tall, and it’s a unisex choice.

is diamondback bikes a good brand
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Highlight Features

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Carbon fiber fork
  • Tapered head tube
  • Trp Spyre disc brakes
  • C2+ disc wheelset
  • 11-speed drivetrain

6. Diamondback Women’s Bike

Women can always enjoy the Diamondback bike made for unisex usage. However, not all women can be comfortable on this unisex options.

Which is the reason why the women’s bike is a product that Diamondback thought about and brought in the market.

It gives you the recommendations of the size you need based on height, inner leg-length, etc.

Have a look at this Diamondback Women’s Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike.  The bike provides the women with the best features including being lightweight, excellent geometry for comfortable pedaling and things like great seat post that allows for a smooth ride.

About the Diamondback Women’s Serene Classic Comfort Bike

Comfort is paramount when it comes to commuting, and that’s what the Diamondback Women’s Serene Classic Comfort Bike brings to the table.

This comfort bike is everything the modern lady cyclist wants in their commuter bike. Its step-thru aluminum alloy frame is easily accessible and comfortable to ride.

The aluminum frame also makes this classic two-wheel lightweight.

It comes with a shock-absorbing suspension fork to give you a smoother ride. Its seat post also absorbs shock, reducing the bumpiness feeling.

With its 21-speed drivetrain, you have a Diamondback bike that offers you an extensive gear range.

Its 17-inch wheels have double-walls, thus durable and stable. On the other hand, its linear-pull brakes offer you greater stopping power, while its adjustable stem allows you to find your perfect handlebar position.

Moreover, it comes with ergonomic grips for optimal hand comfort.

Diamondback Bicycles Women's Serene Classic 17" Frame Comfort Bike, Medium/26, Blue

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Highlight Features

  • Step-thru frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Shock-absorbing seat
  • Linear-pull brakes
  • 21-speed drivetrain
  • Adjustable stem
  • 17-inch double-wall rims
  • Ergonomic grips

 7. Best Diamondback BMX Bike

Are diamondback BMX bikes good? Of course, yes! Ask any kid out there what bike they would want, and the chances are they’ll say BMX.

Diamondback Bicycles understand that, and that’s why they have stuck with BMX since 1977.

Diamondback BMX bikes are among the sturdiest, most flexible, and reliable off-roaders. They take head-on virtually any terrain and are relatively fast and easy to ride.

A top recommendation is the Diamondback Bicycles JR Viper Youth BMX Bike.

About the Diamondback Bicycles JR Viper Youth BMX Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles JR Viper Youth BMX Bike promises to take your street riding adventures to another level.

This bike comes in an authentic rugged BMX design to allow you to try out wheelies on the go.

Its hi-ten steel frame gives it a natural toughness to tolerate heavy impact. And to ensure you ride more smoothly, Diamondback Bicycles JR Viper comes with a hi-ten steel fork.

Its 28H alloy rims offer extra reinforcement, and together with the heavy-duty frame, they promise lasting use.

Diamondback Bicycles JR Viper only comes with a single-speed drivetrain, but that’s enough to do stunts on the streets. Besides, it’s easier to maintain a single-speed two-wheel.

Its 2.125 inches wide knobby tires give it ample traction and a genuine toughness. They are the reason why you can go through the rugged terrains more comfortably.

What’s more, the bike comes with ever-reliable coaster brakes.

are diamondback bmx bikes good
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Highlight Features

  • Hi-ten steel frame
  • Hi-ten steel fork
  • Single-speed gearing
  • 28H alloy rims
  • 125-inch knobby tires
  • Coaster brakes

How Much Does a Diamondback Bike Cost?

Diamondback bikes, as you know, come with a big reputation. It is easy to buy these bikes because these guys have discovered a great marketing approach – online marketing and sales.

With all the specs and features described online, buyers often find it easier and convenient to make purchases. This is also coupled with the fact that many of the bikes by the Diamondback brand are sold relatively cheaper than others.

This makes them a sought-after bicycle brand. Of course, these conditions settle the question of are Diamondback bikes good?

Coming back to the question of cost…..

Different types and models of Diamondback bikes are sold at different prices. For example, you don’t expect a commuter bike, a mountain bike and a hybrid bike to sold be sold with the same prices.

But again, the cost of the bike will also depend on whether you want a high-end model for serious training or you want to get started in the races and bike stuff and therefore, you need an entry-level bike.

With that said, the budgetary requirements for a Diamondback bike depend on several factors. And I have somewhat touched on some of them.

Well, the cost of a good road bike can range between $350-$700.

Mountain bikes can be quite expensive which is why you will need in the excess of $1000 to get a decent buy with Diamondback bikes. And the fact that they are designed for tough, hard-trail terrain makes them even untouchable in terms of costs.

More Info About Diamondback Bikes (Are Diamond Bikes Good?)

Good Single Speed Diamondback bikes can go at $400.

Generally, Diamondback bikes under $200 are designed from steel. For that matter, they are heavy because they’re constructed from cheap materials. They will require to be maintained time and again.

Those with the price range between $200-$350 can give a bit of great recreation and are comfortable. Most of them are entry-level models.

Bikes in the range of $350 to $600 are of undoubted quality. These are fast and reliable in their performance.

The price range between $600-$1000 pools the bikes that have top-of-the-range features. Lightweight and speedsters.

The Diamondback bikes that are sold over $1000 are the top-end models that are applied with other technologies and high-end components. Such models are built on extremely high-quality frames like carbon frames.

Diamondback Bikes FAQs

1. Are Diamondback Bikes Expensive?

Compared to other bicycles, Diamondback bikes are slightly cheaper. While most Diamondback MTB bikes cost over $300, you are likely to spend about $200 less than what you pay for other mountain bikes.

But why? Well, since Diamondback advertises online, their bikes tend to be less costly.

2. Are Diamondback Bikes Made In The USA?

Diamondback is an American owned company whose headquarters are at Kent, Washington. However, the leading production factory for these bikes is in China.

3. What Company Makes Diamondback Bikes?

Shepherd Cycles, a private equity firm, owns Diamondback. The company also owns Redline Bicycles and Manic, two other popular bicycles.

However, Kinesis Industries, a China-based company, handles the manufacturing.

4. Does Diamondback Still Make BMX Bikes?

Yes, Diamondback continues making BMX bikes, something they have done since 1977. It’s in the company’s DNA to produce premium-quality bikes, and that includes BMX.

5. Are Diamondback Good Bikes?

Diamondback has the reputation of producing the highest quality, most durable, and affordable bikes. They have virtually all bikes, ranging from road bikes and commuter bikes to beach cruisers and BMX.

The best part is that they are high-end options. So, yes, a Diamondback bike is a good bike.

In Conclusion

Are Diamondback bikes good?

Yes. As you can see, this brand has established itself in the outdoor industry as one of the best when it comes to bicycle matters.

The Diamondback bikes are durable, easy to adapt to, affordable and easy to access through the online marketplace. They are a racer’s dream to have.

Beginners have also found these to be the best for starting out with.

This brand has made sure that it produces different types of bikes to cater for its growing customer base. What this means is that you can get a road bike, a hybrid or comfort bike, a fat bike or any other built by the Diamond bikes.

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