Mongoose XR Pro Men’s Mountain Bike Review

Mongoose Xr Pro Review

Mongoose XR Pro Men’s Mountain Bike Review

It’s an understatement to think that there are less mountain bikes in the market. But how many of these possess the pedigree for top rank?

I guess very few. It’s even more suspicious if the perceived mountain bikes are linked to lower price tags.

But wait a bit. You haven’t so much heard about the Mongoose XR Pro, have you? Mongoose XR Pro is probably one of the few bikes that won’t eat deep into your pockets but at the same time display incredible performance with a few tweaks and balances.

If you are an aspiring mountain biker, you better stick around. Let’s find out what makes this bike quite different from the rest of the park.

But just before that, there are a few things you may need to know. One, that Mongoose XR Pro is very affordable. Second, this bike has been reported to be a real trail hitter and three, it is a 29er.

Let’s head straight through the review and examine the features of this bike in details.

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Mongoose XR Pro Features

  • Solid Frame

The Mongoose XR Pro offers riders an aluminum frame. Aluminum is doesn’t just make for a lightweight bike, it is also durable to stand the test of time.

It is designed to take the beating through the fierce trails. It also resists wear due to harsh weather conditions.

Because of the light aluminum frame, you can handle the bike quite effortlessly. This frame is just good even for tall guys 6 feet. It measures 17 inches.

  • 29-Inch Wheelsmongoose pro bike

The bike comes with excellent alloy rims. Then it features wheels that are cut for durability and easy rolling.

You will love that the wheels are 29-inch and thick enough to hold the ground really well. They are tough and yet lightweight for an efficient ride.

The Mongoose XR-Pro 29’s wheels will make light the job of rolling over objects. It doesn’t matter the level of challenge.

These tires are well-grooved to ensure grip is solid. And this makes your ride not only safe but comfortable.

  • Gearing Set

I must say this bike gives users one of the most superb gear sets out there. This gear system is designed for ultimate speed, power, and unrivalled overall performance.

The gear sets featured on this bike are SRAM SX trigger shifters. What this means you have the perfect drivetrain that can take on any challenge ahead of your country biking.

The drive set offers 24 different speeds. You can speed up or slow down by simply changing between the shifters depending on which surface you ride.

And it’s all a breeze – smooth and very efficient as you climb up or down the trail. You also have the SR Suntour cranks that improve your riding performance over the course of time.

  • Efficient Dual Suspension

We all know that well-built fork system guarantees users great comfort and confidence. It could be because suspension forks have a huge bearing in the control of the bike.

To make sure this is met, Mongoose had their bike installed with solid SR Suntour suspension fork system. In this system you are assured easy control and smooth rides.

Remember you will be needing to ride in difficult terrain. And that’s exactly what the Mongoose X-Pro’s forks are deigned to do – ride over boulders, rocks, roots, mud, and bumps with ease.

  • Braking System  mongoose pro mountain bike

If you are riding full blast or in challenging terrain, you want sure brakes on the spin. Brakes have to reliable and efficient.

The good news about this bike is that it features excellent disc brakes. When it comes to disc-brakes, many people know how well they do.

They don’t just offer immense stopping power for safe halting. But also, they are made to last long without the risk of failing in the middle of speeding.

Again, engaging these breaks for instant stops is quite easy. Both the front and rear of the bike provides these brakes.

  • Other Components

The bike is also appreciated for its robust pedal units. The pedals you have here are big and wide, making it a comfortable leg throw.

You have a suspension seat post. Paired with a spring seat, you can be assured of comfort over rough terrain.

What this means is that you will be able to ride over rocks, pebbles, potholes, among other hard trails without the fear of getting busted in the butts.

I have heard plenty of complaints with the narrow handlebars. While this is a flaw, rest assured you can upgrade it.

Just change these aluminum handlebars with something wider and more solid. And you would be good to go.

In the next section, let’s look at the Mongoose XR Pro pros and cons.

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The following are the pros of the Mongoose Pro Mountain bike that make this bike of the best mountain bikes for the taking.

  • Lightweight

As you have already noted, most components come with less weight. The bike is designed with a lightweight aluminum frame.

This, essentially means that handling this bike is pretty easy. This feature is a big win for beginners.

Besides the frame, other features like the tires and rims are also lightweight.

  • Reliable Braking System

This bike is equipped with excellent braking. It gives you the freedom and confidence to ride on speed knowing you are good when you need to halt.

  • Efficient Gear System

The gear set featured on the bike is one of the best. It offers 24 shifters so that you can change between speeds pretty easily.

With these gears, you go really fast both on tarmac and trail.

  • Upgrading

The bike also allows for upgrading. If you feel, for instance that the handlebars are not your match, you can change that by replacing them.

  • Solid Frame

This bike boasts an aluminum frame. The frame is strong and durable to take you through many seasons to come.

  • Affordability

At the start of this Mongoose XR Pro review, I mentioned about how the bike is an inexpensive option. Yet it provides some excellent features and functionality. That’s true.

  • You also have a beautiful bike thanks to its well-designed frame and tires.


29” Mongoose XR-Pro Men’s Mountain Bike features its fair share of cons. Let’s have a look.

  • While the brakes come with excellent stopping power, they are quite flimsy. The construction put in the disc brakes is not top-notch. Which means they aren’t top-quality brakes that can stand the test of time.
  • The rear suspension has some build questions. The same goes for the front shock.
  • The tires are not very reliable especially if you will be going off-road. So you gonna need to replace them.
  • You will definitely need to upgrade a couple of components or more to have this bike on the level fit for its perfect trail blast.

Wrapping Up

Having said that, Mongoose XR Pro will be the bike for anyone wishing to start their mountainside adventure. It is cheap but packs plenty of nice features to get you over the line.

However, you just need to do a few tweaks here and there on some parts to get going. Mongoose XR pro should help you test the mountain biking waters before you go full blast by acquiring a higher outfit.


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