A Guide And Detailed Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews.

Huffy Mountain Bike ReviewsThat Huffy bicycles have had a long chequered history is not in doubt. We also know that the company has a knack for producing bikes that others can only dream off. For example, as you shall learn in my huffy mountain bike reviews later in this post, this company’ has some of the best mountain bikes.

Okay, to cut the long story short, I recently discovered huffy mountain bikes and have found them quite thrilling.

And so I thought I should share about them with you.

Let’s handle the basics first:

In a hurry? Find the hottest huffy mountain bikes below.

Hot Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews

  1. Huffy Granite Women’s Mountain Bike: Best for Women

  2. Huffy Nighthawk 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike: Best for Men

  3. Men’s Alpine Bike: Best 18-Speed Huffy Mountain Bike

  4. Huffy Mountain Bike 21 Speed: Best 21-Speed Huffy Bike

  5. Huffy summit ridge mountain bike: Best for All Terrains

What’s A Huffy Mountain Bike?

A huffy mountain bike is a top-quality bike, made by the Huffy Corporation. The bike is perfected for challenging trails and is tough, rugged, and purpose-built to crank up riding fun.

The bike ably handles a diverse terrain and gives a performance to remember while ensuring maximum comfort.

Why You May Need A Huffy Mountain Bike?

Besides fun, huffy mountain bikes bring so much else on the table:

  • They Can Ride Anywhere

These mountain bikes come with numerous gears and easily hit the right gear with ease to handle any path. Their tires are also built to withstand roughness and conquer multiple terrains.

  • They Ride Comfortable

A huffy full suspension mountain bike provides the required response when tackling bumps, branches, potholes and other road irregulars to deliver a great ride.

Some come with ergonomic grips and feel cozier on your hands.

  • Huffy Bikes Are Absolutely Durable

As I had hinted, these bikes are engineered to outlast most competitors. They feature durable frames, anti-corrosion rims, sturdy pedals, and other pieces that boost durability, for instance a 3-piece crank.

  • Huffy Mountain Bike Are Affordable

Traditionally, huffy makes bikes for the mass market with their budget pricing being a huge attraction.

In keeping with this trend, huffy mountain bikes come at comparatively pocket-friendly prices, if you factor in their sleek performances.

Disadvantages Of Huffy Mountain Bikes.

The one drawback I have noted is the dearth of good huffy models to serve a large person. Sure, they’re tough and you enjoy solid control but it’s generally a struggle to land a huffy mountain bike for a 300 lbs. + person.

Types Of Huffy Mountain Bikes

To meet the needs of their fans, huffy delivers different variations for their mountain bikes:

1. Huffy Women Mountain Bike

Women are, in general, shorter than men, so huffy mountain bike womens models have slender stack heights. Similarly, women have shorter torsos, so the women’s huffy models tend to be built with shorter reach lengths. 26-inch Huffy Granite Women's Mountain Bike Purple

The other notable part is the saddle: Because of women’s extra-wide sit-bones, women’s saddles are wider and shorter.

This way, the bike’s perfectly fit women’ geometry and are fantastic to ride.

For purposes of illustration, check out the colorful Granite women’s huffy mountain bike.

2. Huffy Men’s Mountain Bicycle

The handlebars in men’s huffy mountain bikes are typically wider as men’s shoulders are generally wider.Huffy 26" Nighthawk Men's Mountain Bike, Black

Again, men’s have wider grips so the grips on their handlebars are bigger to upgrade comfort and control.

Men’s bikes such as the huffy nighthawk also have typically longer cranks to allow men to reach the pedal stroke comfortably while the saddle is also this time, men’s specific.

This adaptation helps make men’s huffy bikes a perfect fit for men.

3. Huffy Bikes For Short Riders

According to the company, besides the popular 26-inch tire mountain bikes, they also offer slimmer models targeted at shorter mountain riders.24'' Huffy Boys' Alpine Mountain Bike

Their tires are 24-inches in diameter plus a shorter stem and are easier to climb into and pedal for the vertically challenged.

Some even have the easier step-through design to allow easy access to the floor. Here is an example.

4. Huffy Mountain Bike 18 Speed

A huffy mountain bike 18 speed, of course, comes with 18 gears and is one of the most common drivetrain setup for modern huffy mountain bikes, the men’s huffy alpine bike included. 26" Huffy Men's Alpine Mountain Bike, Navy Blue

Your 18-speed huffy bicycle allows riders to shift into an ideal lower gear for climbing and change to higher gears whenever you need to zoom fast.

That said, the most efficient way to maximize the 18 gears is by maintaining a constant cadence as much as possible.

5. Huffy Mountain Bike 26

Three sizes of bike wheels dominate in mountain biking; the 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inches. A huffy mountain bike 26 has the 26-inch wheel and is still quite popular among some huffy bike’s enthusiasts despite the rising to prominence of 29ers. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Summit Ridge 24-26 inch 21-Speed, Lightweight

Some of the winners in 26ers like the Huffy summit ridge mountain bike are better in handling in technical terrain and increased maneuverability than the larger wheel.

What To Look Out for When Buying A Huffy Mountain Bike.

As you can see, huffy mountain bikes are not built equal. Here are the features that can make a difference in your huffy:

  • Speeds

Mountain bikes have, for years, been having anywhere from 7- 27 speeds. Gears in Huffy’s give you options and there is even a majestic 21-speed huffy 26 inch mountain bike.

Others include some 15-speeds, 18-speeds, and so on.

In general, more speeds mean more flexibility on whatever terrain. Also ensure that the shifters are smooth-shifting.

  • Brakes

Huffy mountain bikes are equipped with various types of brakes including linear-pull brakes, cantilever brakes, and caliper brakes.

And while all work just fine, disc brakes (mechanical or hydraulic) consistently outgun the rest in performance including in mud braking.

  • Saddle

Some huffy bikes have narrow and firm saddles while others adopt a wide and soft design.

What matters is that you get a seat that conforms to your behinds, is fairly padded, and with channels/cutouts to reduce pressure.

Your riding style may play a huge role here. So, consider that when checking out the huffy mountain bike reviews.

  • Handlebars & Grips

The handlebars are influential in determining your posture and comfort when biking.

You and I know that high-rise handlebars promote a fairly upright posture and will help beat back pressure on your back.

However, your personal preferences also have a say. Thankfully, you can always replace the handlebars if you feel shortchanged.

The same goes for the grips.

  • Wheels 

While thick and wide tires roll smoothly over rough terrain, they make the bicycle heavier and slow your rides.

Also decreasing your bike’s speed are the common soft, knobby tires despite their renowned stability.

The wheel sizes, as I had mentioned, are 26″, 27.5″, and 29” for mountain bikes with a few on 24″ wheels.

Narrower wheels are lighter and accelerate faster but lose out to the bigger wheels on essentials like traction. Bigger wheels are also more suitable for taller riders.

Overall, the best wheel depends on your riding goals and the terrain you’re always on.

Top 4 Huffy Mountain Bikes Reviewed (Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews)

Here now are the huffy bikes reviews for the best 4 models currently in the market (men and women):

1. Huffy Granite Women’s 26-inch Mountain Bike Purple

When matched with other leading mountain bikes, the pretty-looking granite’s mountain bike exhibits smooth and self-confident acceleration plus good riding efficiency. 26-inch Huffy Granite Women's Mountain Bike Purple

The 26′-inch knobby tires provide a responsive and elegant navigation while the smooth thumb-shifting 15 speeds deliver the perfect platform for calm rides downhill or in climbs.

The sleek Krayton grips provide a comfortable hold when speeding past the competition while the linear pull brakes guarantee a sure stopping action in case of danger.

It comes with a resilient steel frame so it’s ideal for daily all-terrain riding, especially since it needs very little maintenance.

In short, this is a glamorous mountain bike for women and one of the best-selling bicycles from huffy.

2. Huffy Nighthawk 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike

The huffy nighthawk boasts of a tough steel frame plus a suspension fork to boot and makes for great riding over all manner of terrain. Huffy 26" Nighthawk Men's Mountain Bike, Black

Not to be left behind, the Shimano derailleur shifts very well uphill and performs remarkably well even when riding bumpy singletracks.

At the same time, the maneuverable 26″ rugged tires help you ride fast as you work the 18 speeds.

The pedals are smooth and the saddle very comfortable. The bike also has a wonderful braking system compromising of a superior disc brake (front) plus alloy linear pull brakes (rear).

3. Men’s Alpine Huffy Mountain Bike

Like we have seen in the previous 26 inch huffy nighthawk review, the best mountain bikes should have an advanced gear system, top-notch brakes, and a performance-cum-comfort design.

And that is precisely how this bike is. 26" Huffy Men's Alpine Mountain Bike, Navy Blue

You’ll love the easy-to-use twist shifting with the 18 speeds (plus the wonderful rear indexed derailleur), the non-compromising linear pull brakes (front and rear), and the shock-absorbing Kolo 1200 suspension fork.

Additionally, the 26-inch knobby tires have an extremely rugged footprint and are excellent for both dirt and paved roads.

Its 3-piece steel crank is robust, the rims weather-resistant, and the frame tought so you’re guaranteed lengthy service.

4. Huffy Mountain Bike 21 Speed, Aluminum Tekton

Now, I cannot claim to be head over heels in love with diy things so when I realized that this comes 90% assembled, I couldn’t help but include it. Huffy Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame 21 Speed Tekton with Shimano Derailleur

But the tekton also has a cool, all-Shimano drivetrain and other equally important features such as comfortable handlebars, really impressive oversized tires, linear pull brakes (Alloy) and more.

The welded aluminum frame is light but firm, in addition to being beautifully finished.

Also included on this bike is an adapting seat, light (and smooth) pedals, and the comfortable handlebars, an ever-present in many huffy bikes.

I, however, didn’t feel that this is the best saddle although you can’t again call it the worst.

In short, this is another marvelous bike from huffy.


There goes our huffy mountain bike reviews and I had promised at the start, you can see that it’s hard to go wrong with huffy mountain bicycles.

Whether you’re just starting off or a veteran, these stand up superbly to rugged trails and are a thrill to ride.

Huffy mountain bike prices are also attractive considering their performance so it’s a win-win!

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