Mongoose Malus Review | Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Malus Review | Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Learn everything about the Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike in this Mongoose Malus review.

Are you planning to buy a fat bike for an incomparable off-road experience? Then the Mongoose Men’s Malus 26 In 7-Speed Fat-Tire Cruiser Bicycle might be what you need.

A product by giant fat bike manufacturer Mongoose, the Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike promises to conquer climbs and ride over unstable surfaces seamlessly.

With this bike, you get a lot of clearance to ride on any terrain comfortably.

The fat bike boasts of supersize 4-inches wide tires, a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, and a powerful mechanical dual disc brake system.

Mark you; this bike has more to offer than the three. To enable you to understand what to expect from it, let’s look at its specs in detail, best features, pros and cons, and FAQs.

But before that, let’s first understand who should buy this bike.

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike
  • Steel mountain-style fat tire frame
  • Rear derailleur for smooth gear changes
  • Front and rear disc brakes for crisp stopping and precise speed control
  • Fat, knobby 4-inch wide mountain tires roll over anything in their path; 4-inch...
  • Alloy a-head stem and mountain handlebar keep you in complete control out on the...

Who Does the Mongoose Malus Suits?

The Mongoose Malus is specifically designed for males, and the recommended age is 13 years and above.

With the bike weighing 42 pounds and relishing a steel frame, it can hold up to 300 pounds. That means that overweight teenage boys and men can ride it, making it’s a great outdoor workout cycle.

This bike is an entry-level option for male riders on a budget. It’s generally ideal if you intend to conquer the most challenging outdoor terrains.

That includes the following:

  • Hilly trails
  • Soft sand
  • Snow trails
  • Muddy roads
  • Dusty surfaces

Mongoose Malus Specs

The Mongoose Malus is a 17-inch steel-frame fat tire cruiser-style mountain bike for men.

It comes with passive 4-inches wide knobby tires and enjoys 26-inch giant alloy rims. Plus, it’s available in matte black, tan, and silver/black color choices.

The fat tire bike prides on a powerful 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and an equally powerful mechanical dual disc brake system.

With its 2.5-inch low-rise handlebar, you can take on corners and climbs more comfortably. The handlebar, together with its cruiser-style pedals, makes the riding stress-free.

The Mongoose Fat Tire Bike weighs 42 pounds but can tolerate up to 300 pounds.

Its saddle is well-cushioned to feel very comfortable.

Moreover, the bike comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and an assembly manual for the assemblage.

Mongoose Malus Review – Best Features

You must be wondering what makes the Mongoose Malus special. Right?

Well, here are its best features:

  • 17-Inch Cruiser-Style Steel Frame

The Mongoose Malus comes in a 17-inch steel frame, which gives you lots of clearance to conquer the tough outdoors.

Given that the frame is all-steel, the bike has a solid build to hold up to 300 pounds. The steel material also enjoys rust-resistance, thus a long-term investment.

It’s also worth noting that the frame assumes a cruiser style, making it easy to ride regardless of the terrain. As a result, it’s the perfect entry-level bike for teenage boys and men.

  • 4-Inch Knobby Tires

The 4-inch tires give the Mongoose Malus a dominant fat bike physique. They are wider enough to provide you with maximum riding stability.

Also, the broadness enables the Mongoose Bikes fat tires to roll over surfaces seamlessly and fast. Additionally, the wideness gives the fat tires shock-absorption qualities.

And given that they have a knobby tread profile, you enjoy unbeatable off-road traction and drive power.

  • 26-Inch Alloy Rims

The alloy rims are mostly why the fat tires of the Mongoose Malus roll seamlessly over unstable surfaces. Additionally, the alloy rims together with the steel frame give the bike an overall robust build.

They also give the bike stability, something you want from your fat tire mountain bike.

  • 7-Speed Shimano Drivetrain

The presence of a 7-speed drivetrain allows you to conquer all off-roads. You can pedal uphill almost seamlessly and drive over mud, thanks to the Shimano drivetrain.

In the handlebars are twist-shifters, which allow you to have a smooth gear transition.

More Features

  • Mechanical Dual Disc Brakes

The Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bike enjoys incredible stopping power and control. That’s thanks to its mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheel.

The dual disc brake system is so effective as to ensure you don’t panic when taking an emergency halt.

It’s hard to imagine a faulty or unresponsive brake when it comes to this fat tire bike.

  • 5-Inch Low-Rise Handlebar

The 2.5-inch handlebar has a low-rise design, which allows you to shift your weight over the front wheels for more front tire traction.

And when it comes to steering around the corners, you don’t put in a lot of effort.

  • Padded Saddle

Its saddle comes with adequate cushioning to relieve you from butt pain. With the low-rise handlebar, you can ride the Mongoose Malus longer and take on more challenging terrains.

  • Beach Cruiser Pedals

The pedals of the Mongoose big wheel bikes are not too rigid, and they feel very comfortable. So, you can pedal freely and powerfully because of the cruiser design.

Mongoose Malus Review – Pros and Cons


  • A budget choice
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for all outdoors
  • Fast-rolling and stable supersize wheels
  • Reliable metal framework and rims
  • Powerful drivetrain and gearing system
  • Fantastic stopping power and bike control
  • Ergonomic handlebar and user-friendly pedals
  • One-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Amazing color choices


  • Slightly heavy, especially for teenage boys
  • Lacks a rack mount and bottle cage
  • The seat post feels inadequate


What’s the Difference between the Mongoose Malus and the Mongoose Dolomite?

The Mongoose Malus happens to be the newest within the Mongoose fat bike chain.  The two fat bikes, however, have so many similarities.

For example, both bikes have 17-inch steel frames and 26-inch wheels. They also enjoy a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and are best for men.

The most notable difference, nevertheless, is in their weight. While the Mongoose Malus weighs 42 pounds, the Mongoose Dolomite weighs 48 pounds.

And more, the Malus can hold up to 300 pounds while the Dolomite can bear up to 350 pounds.

Get complete Mongoose Dolomite reviews here.

How Much Weight Can the Mongoose Malus Handle?

The bike can handle up to 300 pounds. That’s mostly thanks to its strong 17-inch steel frame and 26-inch alloy wheels.

What’s the Size of This Fat Tire Bike?

The Mongoose Malus comes in a 17-inch steel frame and features 26-inch rims. That makes it comfortable for males who are 13 years or older.

Is This Bike Assembled at the Time of Delivery?

No. The Mongoose big tire bike is not assembled when you receive it. However, the assembly is DIY, thanks to its helpful assembly manual.

Can I Change the Handlebar?

Yes, you can. If you don’t like how the handlebar looks, you can freely change it.

Concluding Thought

This Mongoose Malus review undoubtedly shows a perfect entry-level fat bike for males. It’s strong to support massive weight and has the technical specs of taking head-on the toughest off-roads.

Yes, it lacks a rear rack and bottle cage and feels slightly heavy, but that’s nothing compared to its massive traction and powerful gearing and brake.

It’s undoubtedly an excellent value for money. So, I recommend this fat tire mountain bike for off-road cycling.

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike
  • Steel mountain-style fat tire frame
  • Rear derailleur for smooth gear changes
  • Front and rear disc brakes for crisp stopping and precise speed control
  • Fat, knobby 4-inch wide mountain tires roll over anything in their path; 4-inch...
  • Alloy a-head stem and mountain handlebar keep you in complete control out on the...
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