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Are you looking for a fat bike to conquer muddy roads, snow surfaces, soft sand, and mountains? Then consider the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

This men’s fat tire mountain bike has many fantastic features that make it a fantastic off-road machine.

From its supersize knobby tires and robust alloy rims to its 7-speed drivetrain and powerful disc brakes, the Mongoose Dolomite is just remarkable.

Do you know what the best part is? Well, it’s the price.

This fat tire bike comes at an incredible pocket-friendly price. It’s like Mongoose, the manufacturer, is doing you a favor when you compare the specs of the fat tire bike to its price.

I’m going to cover the basics that will help you learn more about the bike. After reading my review, you should have an idea of whether to buy this bike or not.

Let’s get into it.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike
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Who Should Get The Mongoose Dolomite?

Due to its cruiser-style geometry, the Mongoose Fat Tire Bike is specifically designed for men off-roaders.

Generally, if you are a man and are planning to ride on any of the terrains below, you should get the Mongoose Dolomite.

  • Mountainous trails
  • Sand surfaces
  • Snow paths
  • Muddy and dust roads

Mongoose Dolomite’s perfect geometry allows it to support up to 350 pounds, thus great for overweight men who are 5’6″ -6′ tall.

Given that the Mongoose Dolomite can hold plus-size weight, it’s an incredible outdoor exercising cycle. With it, you can take head-on the toughest off-roads to lose weight quicker and safer.

Bike Specifications

The Mongoose Dolomite is a 17-inch steel-framed fat tire mountain bike for men. The fat bike weighs 48 pounds but can hold up to 350 pounds.

With the bike relishing a cruiser-style geometry and 26-inch wheels, it’s perfect for male riders who are 5’6″ – 6′ tall.

Mongoose Dolomite is an all-terrain mountain bike, thanks to its 4-inch knobby fat tires and 7-speed Shimano gearing.

It features a threadless headset to suit riders of varying heights and comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

The bike comes with dual disc mechanical brakes, an ergonomic saddle, and cruiser-style pedals to give you a fantastic riding experience.

Additionally, it comes with a kickstand, an assembly manual, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Mongoose Fat Tire Bike Reviews
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Mongoose Dolomite Reviews – Best Features

Generally, these features make the Mongoose Dolomite special:

  • 17-Inch Steel Frame

The Mongoose Dolomite comes in a 17-inch steel frame that makes it a perfect choice for male riders who are 5’6-6′ tall.

Its frame assumes that of a cruiser bike, thus aesthetically pleasing and a practical outdoor exercise bike. Since the frame is steel, it’s rust-resistant and robust.

Its overall strength enables it to hold up to 350 pounds.

  • 4-Inch Knobby Fat Tires

The Mongoose Fat Tire Mountain Bike’s tires are supersize to roll over unstable and rugged terrains easily. Given that they are 4-inches wider, they have unmatched stability to give you better bike control.

The thickness also gives you more confidence when riding on terrains where the bike could sink or stick. That includes muddy roads, beaches, and snow terrains.

  • 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur

The Mongoose Dolomite comes with a powerful 7-speed Shimano derailleur that enables you to ride uphill more comfortably.

The gears are part of the reason why this bike successfully conquers all kinds of outdoor terrains.

The Shimano derailleur doesn’t work alone. It depends on the twist style shifters, which offer you a more effective way to smoothly and precisely move the gears.

  • Powerful Dual Disc Brakes

The brakes are an essential part of the safety of the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

The mechanical dual disc brakes give you an unsurpassed stopping power to always be in control when cycling.

Both the rear end and front disc brakes are remarkable in performance in all weather. They enable you to ride safely, especially on steep terrains.

Together with the supersize wheels, the brakes offer you a safe and comfortable ride.

Mongoose Dolomite 26” Men’s Fat Tire Bike
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Others Features Of the Mongoose Big Tire Bike

  • 26-inch Alloy Rims

The fat tires move almost seamlessly on bumpy surfaces because of the gigantic alloy rims. At 26 inches, the alloy rims are bossy.

They provide the bike with exceptional off-road riding stability and bump absorption. So, they make up for the lack of a suspension system.

The rims are also robust to match the solid steel frame. The two guarantee you an extra-strong fat tire bike.

  • Functional Chain

The Mongoose Dolomite 26″ Men’s Fat Tire Bike comes with a full functional chain that achieves two things.

One, it’s an essential safety feature. Its location ensures that the sprocket doesn’t come off casually when cycling.

Two, it allows you to pedal the bicycle more comfortably and with minimal effort.

So, with the functional chain, you enjoy both safety and comfort, provisions that are always a priority.

  • Ergonomic Handlebar

The handlebar allows you to have a comfortable hold and negotiate more challenging terrains with ease. Together with the cruiser-style frame, the handlebar makes this bike a great entry-level option.

  • Beach Cruiser Pedals

The pedal design gives you a comfortable foothold to allow you to ride the bike more easily. It’s part of the reason why the bike feels like a cruiser.

  • Cushioned Saddle

The seat comes thickly-covered and enjoys an ergonomic design to allow you to ride more comfortably.

Mongoose Fat Tire Mountain Bike
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Mongoose Dolomite Reviews – Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Durable frame construction
  • Great on different outdoor terrains
  • Access to 7 powerful gears
  • Excellent geometry to suit overweight men
  • Powerful fast-rolling fat tires
  • Well-padded saddle
  • Reliable all-weather brakes
  • Assembly-ready
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The bike might be slightly heavy for some off-roaders
  • Its brakes are slightly noisy
  • Lacks a suspension system though it makes it up with its massive tires

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike
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Mongoose Fat Tire Bike Reviews – FAQs

1. How Much Weight Can This Fat Tire Bike Hold?

The Mongoose Dolomite weight limit is 350 pounds. That makes it a perfect entry-level fat bike for huge guys who want to lose weight.

2. Does This Bike Rust?

Given that its frame is steel, it doesn’t rust. You can count on it to withstand the various wet conditions of the outdoors.

3. What Are Its Alternatives?

One specific bicycle that has specs that are almost similar to the Mongoose Dolomite is the Mongoose Malus.

You can check out the Mongoose Malus review here.

4. What Is The Size Of This Fat Tire Mountain Bike?

The bike’s frame is 17 inches, while its wheels are 26-inches. This size enables it to support up to 350 pounds and riders who are 5’6″ -6″ tall

5. Does This Fat Tire Bike Suit A 6’6″ Tall Person?

Ideally, this bike is meant for riders who are 5’6″ -6″ tall. So, it might feel slightly smaller for a 6’6″ rider.

It, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot ride it when you are 6’6″.


Concluding Thought:

Hopefully, the Mongoose Dolomite reviews have helped you learn more about this unique fat tire bike.

I know it is slightly heavy and even has a somewhat noisy brake, but come on – you cannot ignore its impressive specs.

So, if you are an entry-level biker looking for a powerful fat tire machine, you’ve got one right here.

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