Mongoose Expo Scooter Review

When talking about the best off-road scooters, the hardcore thrill-seekers never fail to mention the Mongoose Expo Scooter 12 in their lists. There is a proper justification for this obsession with the scooter.

First, the Mongoose company is a long-standing brand in the scooter industry. It is known to produce some of the most refined bikes (other than this scooter) in the US now for years.

Interestingly, this particular scooter was originally constructed for kids and for that matter marketed as a kids scooter. It was meant to offer the opportunity for kids to get involved in the gist of rough or extreme riding rather than commuting.

Which means that your younger ones can effortlessly move from one terrain to another in just a matter of an instance.

Today, this bike isn’t just for kids. Adult sports enthusiasts have as well forwarded their true love for the Mongoose Expo 12.

In this categorized review, I will tell you more about the key aspects of this kick scooter that’s driving even the adult riders towards it. Mongoose Expo Scooter, Featuring Front and Rear Caliper Brakes and Rear Axle Pegs with 12-Inch Inflatable Wheels, Black/Blue

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The Mongoose Expo Scooter Review

Mongoose Expo 12 comes as a 20-pound scooter, non-folding. Its tires are 12 inches in thickness and are pneumatic.

With such tires, the bike is poised to run over paving bricks, packed earth, sidewalks, dry vegetation debris, etc. It only informs you that the scooter will do extremely well both through the urban areas and over long distances in much more challenging paths of the countryside.

The bike also comes with a perfect floorboard height 3.5 inches from the ground. this is great as it allows the rider to scoot without putting much stress on your knees.

This height also enables for a good road clearance so that you can navigate around any obstacles on the road especially the city roads. What this means is an assured safety for you.

1.   Frame Construction

Coming to the frame of the scooter, it’s loaded with enough quality. So are the dropouts that are securely welded to the frame to offer a solid overall construction.

This is because the weld on the dropouts to the frame is thick and solid. The result is a very solid frame build contributing to the mongoose expo scooter weight limit being about 220 lbs.

This is stable enough to contain the weight of many adults within that weight range.

The handlebars are pretty nearly upright but you can adjust to have them tip a little forward for an efficient kick. But this will be needless if you aren’t the tallest person in town.

If you are blessed with the height beyond 5 feet and 10 inches, it would make sense to remove the current handlebars with taller ones.

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2.   The Foot Deck

The Mongoose Expo happens to be constructed with a plastic deck. It’s wide which provides that stability and balance that you need during the roller coaster.

Still on the deck, however, some people especially adults have not found the plastic material on the deck to be quite the real deal downstairs. They also think that the width is not enough for mature people.

If you are one of them, you can replace the plastic foot deck with a wider metallic (thin metal) one. Of course, you want it to be powder coated and anti-slip for your own safety.

3.   The BMX-bike Style

The bike also incorporates the BMX bike-style alloy caliper handbrakes. These brakes ensure that braking is on-spot and immediate.

This makes for the efficient braking system that would give any rider the confidence to ride without the fear of crashing because of failed brakes.

Still, you can adjust these brakes with ease. Although the biggest disappointment comes with the pad materials which basically are not the best.

What this means is that you may engage in brake levers strongly only for the pads to slip on the rims. A replacement for these would be necessary – get pads with an instant bite to stop the moving scooter immediately.

The Mongoose Expo Scooter is a fun-filled bike indeed with the option it gives to perform the BMX-style tricks. These tricks include making 360 degrees+ tricks where you can rotate the front wheel or assembly indefinitely and yet the brake cables don’t twist.

Simply put this is the perfect bike designed specifically for the 360 degrees’ tricks.

With that said, you will be impressed with the fact that this scooter comes in different color combinations. You can get the grey option, the brown option, black or blue options, etc.

Depending on your likes, choose what color scheme works best for you. I understand that girls would be running for the pink models because that’s what they like.

4.   Assembly

One area that this bike continues to gather praise is its assembly. The bike will come un-assembled but this shouldn’t mean that you panic – it’s quite a breeze to put its parts together.

With the owner’s manual right next, you don’t have to take a lot of time. It would take about 10 minutes or so and the bike will be ready for blasting on the snow or whatever trail.

The Good

In a flush, the following are the good things about this scooter:

  • Great braking capabilities; although something should be done on the pads
  • The 12-inch tires can eat any road or path
  • The wide deck is great for balance and stability
  • The BMX-bike style
  • The scooter is easy to assemble

Gray Areas

The mongoose 12” expo scooter comes with its fair share of shortcomings and disappointments. For example:

  • The brake pad materials are not top quality
  • The plastic deck is not durable
  • For adults, the handlebars are somewhat low; but that’s if you are tall. You will definitely need to upgrade this.

The Final Verdict

I must say this Mongoose expo scooter is a scooter that all adults who love extreme sports should try out. It comes with some great features including a solid frame and dropouts which in turn is an assurance of a smooth comfortable ride.

And talking about its value for money, you will only have to pay a few dollars ($75 see at Amazon). Yet, the range of benefits is just par with what you see on the high-end models.

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