Best Bmx Bikes Under 200 Dollars.

If you are on a budget and want to join the action and savour the fun associated with BMX bikes, check out bmx bikes under 200 dollars.

Sure, it’s a bit involving but you will eventually find models that are adventure-ready, incredibly durable, and super lightweight to whet all of your BMX riding dreams.

Now, to make things easier, I will be sharing a thing or two about bmx bikes for sale under 200 including some of the best low budget bmx bikes.

First, you must know how to choose between a freestyle BMX bike and a race bike…..

1.   Race (Downhill) BMX Bikes

These are built with the lightest parts and will hence weigh in at just a few kilograms. The components also make them agiler so they are the best bet for drifting and accelerating super-fast.

Their longer wheelbases, fortunately, make them quite stable at high speeds and while airborne ensuring you are safe as you relieve the pleasure.

2.   Freestyle Bikes

These are somewhat opposite as they comprise of sturdier materials (are stronger) and are purposely designed to be exceedingly manoeuvrable.

This makes them great for performing exhilarating tricks and stunts and are an excellent if you are searching for a bike that won’t cow from being thrown around.

Overall, freedom is king in the BMX riding game…..

You can glide down rails, stomp tricks, and do daring things just to remind your buddies why you’re the local champion.

Freestyle riding is further sub-classified into the following groups:

  • Street riding:  street riding is all about performing highly skilled tricks around city/ town streets.
  • Park riding: This embraces riding within skate parks and ramps (special indoor parks)
  • Dirt/Trails Jumping: You try out bold moves on dirt jumps.
  • Flatland riding: This time you spend time on smooth flat surfaces.  It’s considered artistic cycling (as it often incorporates breakdancing).
  • BMX racing: You grab your specialized sprint-style BMX bicycle and race against others on dirt or paved tracks.

Different Type/ Categories Of Best Bmx Bikes Under 200 Dollars.

1.   Best Bmx Bikes For Beginners

If you’re just starting out in the exciting world of BMX-ing, you need to focus on the details that will make your rides easier as a beginner.

You, of course, need it to be incredibly fun because you will soon be trying a trick or two but not at the expense of other essentials.

I am talking about factors such as an efficient braking system, a rugged frame, the right wheels, and the best drivetrain for starter BMX bikes.

This nice looking Mongoose Legion L80 freestyle BMx is one such BMX bike.

Like in other renowned beginner $200 bmx bikes, the bike’s frame, forks, and wheels are all solid as are the brakes.

But what will make your son/girl eyes light up in these types of bicycles is the customization.

You can adapt it to fulfil his/her wildest freestyle wishes as he/she embarks on writing their own chapter in the sport by putting up an unforgettable show.

2.   Best Bmx Bikes For Adults

Gone are the days when the BMX was seen as being a bike for kids only.

Indeed, today you can enjoy as much pleasure as you were doing in your younger years thanks to the numerous adult bmx bikes for sale.

The best bit?

Most of the leading bike manufacturers and brands have ventured into the market for adult BMX’s so the quality is up there!

Well, the only problem is that the best BMX bike Brands for adults cost beyond $200.

When choosing, look for seat posts that seem as if bent fairly backwards angle and bigger 24″ rather than the standard 20″ wheels.

Such bikes are most likely intended for older riders, whatever the price.

We will however continue searching and will be happy to update this article as soon as we find an awesome BMX adult bike under $200

3.   Best Bmx Bikes For Street Riding

Street riding involves getting creative with challenging urban infrastructure including stairs and rails when executing audacious tricks and turns.

You will therefore need not just cool bmx bikes but a heroic, street-ready BMX bike.

Luckily, street savvy BMX machines now come with cutting-edge design plus the latest manufacturing technology.

Then, street BMX’s are also likely to have pegs….

These steel cylinders are quite hardy as they bolt onto your bike wheels to enable you grind/stall on the coping and rails.

Some like the Diamondback Grind Complete BMX Youth Bike carefully handle different transitions, tolerate rough riding awesomely, and shield you against crashes.

The Elite BMX 20” Bicycle is another brilliant example of street BMX’s.

3.   Best Bmx Bikes For Kids

Most kids enjoy the speed, minimal weight, and the roaring fun offered by good bmx bikes.

When choosing the best BMX bike for a boy/girl, look for the right frame size, safety features, strength, and your youngster’s comfort.

This brings me to one of my favorites: the Redline Roam BMX bike.

Widely rated among the $200 bmx bikes, the Redline Roam’s race-inspired geometry, taller handlebars (for easier maneuverability), and high-tensile steel frame makes it a darling among kids.

The sporty graphics additionally gives it some youthful style, while the 20-inch rust-resistant (alloy) wheels keep it in top shape regardless of the season.

If your boy/girl is eager to test his/her skills on a sidewalk, the park, the bike path, or is just searching for new exploits, this could be perfect.

4.   Mens Bmx Bike Under $200

Men’s BMX bikes deliver a complete performance for all disciplines of BMX riding. Single speed drive trains, 20-inch wheels, and riser handlebars are some of their predominant components.

In a mens BMX like the Framed Impact Mens 20 BMX Bike , these are topped with great parts such as the freaking awesome Neco Headset.

Furthermore, factors, including the Hi-Ten forks as well as the HiTen 8-ince rise bars, both created from some of the leading composites around so they push the bar up higher.

You also enjoy get massive support if and when you need it.

So whatever your goal, such good bmx bikes under 200 dollars allow you to enjoy maximum thrills- more than any other bike.

5.   Pro Bmx Bike Under 200 Dollars

Pro mini BMX bikes are primarily designed to take in hefty amounts of abuse starting from back-flips all the way to 540 spins.

They are the next level bikes when your teenager wants to step up and venture deeper into this extreme sport.

Most, led by the Kent’s Pro 20 Boys Freestyle Bike have a lighter frame, strengthened wheels, and BMX heat-treated bars.

This is what gives the precise, blazing fast speeds, and loud engagement associated with Pro BMX bikes.

Moreover, most come with grinding pegs and stylish BMX grips for a cozy, but long-lasting grip that is essential for those occasional tough days out shredding.

The latest models come in varieties to suit all ages and height so you are sure to get a bike to fit your needs.

6.   Cheap Bmx Bikes Under 100 Dollars

We have some good news if you are after cheap bmx bikes under 100. Sure, the options are not as many as in bmx bikes under 200 dollars but you will still find a couple of satisfactory models.

One of the best cheap bmx bikes to capture our imagination here is the X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle, an easy-to-assemble bike which holds up really well your daredevil tricks notwithstanding.

If you want a more solid bike, full of features common in higher end BMX bikes but at this welcome price, have a look at the Razor High RollerFreestyle /BMX Bike.

You will meet the chunkier scaled down mini BMX’s such as the Rocker IROK Mini BMX Bike, a bike customized for pulling bomb tricks in off-road racing in this budget category.

7.   Bmx Bikes Under 150

Perhaps a better way of getting compromise between affordability, ride results, and BMX bike quality is looking for bmx bikes under 150 (or thereabouts) when starting out.

I would recommend the ever-reliable race monster, the Mongoose Boy’s Legion L10  Freestyle BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels), another gem from the celebrated Mongoose’s family of best bmx freestyle bikes.

Likewise, if you are looking for a rousing gift for your boy’s upcoming birthday, consider the fast-selling Mongoose LSX 20″ BMX Boy’s Bicycle.

Smooth rides, incredible quality, and curb appeal are some of the traits that have made this bike very famous among both boys and girls.

8.   Cheap Bmx Bikes Under 50 Dollars

Unfortunately 50 dollars may not be enough to give you a dazzling BMX bike. However, you can still get a steal at this price in the second hand market or in places like eBay.

It will not be the very best but they may not be too bad either- depending on how well it had been maintained by the previous owner.

9.   Bmx Bikes For Dirt Riding

A dirt-ready race BMX bike have off-road specific features like strong brakes, knobby tires, lightweight frame and components among others.

Take the Mafiabikes Kush 2+, for example:

It comes with features such as the tapered fork legs, 2.4-inches fat crawler dirt-specific tyres, 25/9 gearing, and U-Brakes, all which makes it one of the most talked about lightweight bmx bikes.

As a matter of fact, some come with a free road kit making it a standout for dirt heroes.

Other common attributes of such bikes are padded fixed seats, double wall rims, logo stamped gussets plus curved seat stay bridges.

How do I choose a BMX bike?

So, how do you tell the good cheap bmx bikes from the pretenders?

  • Go for genuine parts

The components can be the difference between a dream ride and a disappointing outing. You should only evaluate bmx bikes with authenticate parts.

  • Braking System

Your (or your son’s/daughter’s) safety is first and foremost pegged on the bikes ability to stop abruptly.

Brakes should, hence, be a top priority.

  • Light-Weight

Speed and weight don’t co-exist. Of all types of frames, Chromoly is the lightest so select it if possible.

  • Correct Sizing

Too big/too small a BMX is not only comfortable but riskier to ride.

  • Proper Rims

The customary width is 32mm in freestyle BMX bikes. But you can go for the wider 36mm rims if you will be attempting stunts that hit the wheels hard.

  • Wheels

Choose a wheel size that can perfectly support your swashbuckling maneuvers and styles.

The conventional size is 20” while children’s’ BMX bikes typically come with either 16” or 18”.  Taller riders have the larger 22” or 24” wheels.

  • Spokes

The more the spokes, the stronger your BMX bike.

  • Others

The type of hub, gearing, handlebars, and saddles also have a big say on whether a bike will meet your expectations or be total flop.

Best Bmx Bikes Under 200 Dollars: FAQs

1.     What Is The Best Brand Of BMX Bikes?

Well, a number of models have been setting the pace by creating awe-inspiring BMX bikes.

These include the Mongoose, the brand name used for by BMX Products Inc., X Games from the fabled bike Manufacturer, Kent international, and Razor, also from Kent.

Other names that often come up are the friendly Framed brand and Redline.

2.     How Much Is A Good BMX Bike?

While our concentration has been bmx bikes under 200 dollars, let me add that the premium models can be extremely expensive.

In fact, I have met brands that cost as much as $1300.

That being said, it all comes down to your ambition and the distinctive qualities you are looking for. Needless to say, emerging brands are generally cheaper than some of the biggest names.


As we have seen, you have some pretty interesting choices when it comes to bmx bikes under 200 dollars.

Your work will be easier if you know how to separate the reputable contenders from the so-so types, as we have discussed towards the end of the article.

And don’t read too much into the brand name- some of the newest names have some surprisingly good bikes at unbelievable prices.

From all of us here, it’s good luck.

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