Tommaso Imola Review | Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

guy riding a Tommaso bike

Tommaso Imola Review | Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

If you are looking for an efficient, budget-friendly entry-level bike, you’ll find this Tommaso Imola review useful.

tommaso imola review

The Tommaso Imola bike comes in an original Italian design, and it’s not just for road cycling but also commuting and fitness.

The bike features a robust frame construction that withstands the tough outdoor terrain.

Everything about the Tommaso Imola indicates efficiency, power, and comfort. So, you should be able to get the most out of this endurance road bike.

This Tommaso bikes review will look at the specs and features of this fantastic Italian road bike. We’ll also look at the pros and cons to help you decide if to buy the entry-level bike or not.

Let’s get started:

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Tommaso Imola Review Specs and Features

Bike Specs

The Tommaso Imola comes in a compact aluminum 23.8-pound frame that gives it a lightweight structure.

Its fork is steel-made, and it features the Shimano Claris groupset (drivetrain, brakes, and derailleurs). Moreover, it enjoys a 24-speed gear, and its tire width is 700 by 25c.

Its pedals are flat, and it features a drop handlebar that improves your cycling. Cables are strategically rooted under the bar to give the bike a cleaner look.

Its saddle comes with a Tommaso logo, and it has a Tommaso brand name on the frame and wheels.

The frame is available in black, burnt orange, and white color choices. Furthermore, the road bike comes in different sizes.

Key Features

The Tommaso Imola comes with these unique features:

  • Fashionable Aluminum Frame

The Tommaso Imola road bike features an aluminum frame that does its job just flawlessly. It’s lightweight like you expect aluminum frames to be, thus easy to lift and carry.

The frame’s perfect geometry makes it easy for you to ride the bike on a flat road and uphill. So, the Tommaso Imola is your ultimate all-terrain entry-level road bike.

The frame’s unique geometry also makes it easy to ride the bike in different styles and positions.

The bike’s frame comes in three trendy color choices: black, white, and burnt orange. My personal favorite is the black frame, but I also find the other two colors irresistible.

tommaso imola road bike

So, the Tommaso Imola is not just one of the most efficient road bikes out there but also one of the most fashionable.

  • Shimano Claris Groupset

Unlike most bike manufacturers, Tommaso hasn’t sacrificed the drivetrain by going for a low-end solution. Instead, the manufacturer has opted for a complete, powerful Shimano Claris drivetrain.

The 3 x 8 gear combination makes this Tommaso bike one of the fastest for road cyclists. The gear combination also makes it comfortable to cycle uphill and keep up with other cyclists who may be riding costlier road bicycles.

The bike also comes with Shimano Claris derailleurs that provide you with a smooth gear transition. That generally makes it easy to ride this road bike.

Given that this road bike is a budget-choice, we don’t expect it to feature disc brakes. Besides, disc brakes can be cumbersome and sometimes unnecessary.

So, that means that their absence on the Tommaso Imola endurance aluminum road bike only assures you of a lighter bicycle.

But this, however, doesn’t mean that Tommaso has sacrificed the brake. On the contrary, the manufacturer has gone for the mid-range Shimano Claris braking clipper to allow you to stop fast and safely.

Generally, the brake clippers assure you of a stable and secure ride. So, you can push yourself without having to worry about awkward quirks.

  • Steel Fork

While some Tommaso bicycles come with aluminum forks because the material is lightweight, the Tommaso Imola comes with a steel fork. So, the fork is slightly weightier and may add some weight to the bike’s frame.

Nevertheless, even though the steel fork adds some load to the bike’s frame, that doesn’t interfere with your riding in any way. In contrast, it firmly holds the front wheel to allow you to have a stable ride.

But if you prefer lightweight forks, consider other Tommaso bikes that come with either carbon or aluminum forks. You should note, however, that you’ll pay a couple of extra dollars for that. So, if you are on a budget, the Tommaso Imola is a reasonable pick.

tommaso bikes review

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Other Features

  • Flat Pedals

It’s nice to see that the Tommaso Imola comes with flat pedals. That only means that it’s ready for riding once you set it up.

But still, bikers are different, and so you might have a different experience once you try it. The good thing about the pedals, nonetheless, is that you can change them. So, they shouldn’t be a put-off.

  • Wheel and Tire Construction

Tommaso doesn’t outsource the wheels of this road bike. So, the wheels are in-house products, named Tommaso Corsa TC 20.

The rear wheel features 24 spokes while the front one has 20. As a result, the two wheels comfortably hold most weights.

As for the tire, they are the Kenda type 700 x 25c. So, they have a genuinely great width that makes them effective on the roads.

You’ll find the wheels excellent if you are transitioning from a different bike model.

  • Branded Seat

Like the pedals, people have different opinions about the seat of the Tommaso Imola compact aluminum road bike. We find its construction to be decent and reasonably comfortable for road cycling.

There’s no problem if you don’t like it as you can always change it.

What you are most likely going to fancy is its design. The seat features a cool Tommaso logo that gives it the unique Tommaso identity.

  • Underbars Cables

They give the bike a cleaner look as you shift smoothly and perfectly.

  • Drop Handlebar
tommaso imola endurance aluminum road bike

The handlebar allows you to take a lower and more aerodynamic riding position.

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Tommaso Imola Review Pros and Cons

Why You Should Buy the Tommaso Imola – The Pros

We believe the Tommaso Imola is a great entry-level road bike because of these highlights:

  • The bike comes in a lightweight aluminum frame, thus easy to move
  • Available in three fashionable colors and size different sizes to suit different bikers
  • The bike’s 24-speed gear mechanism makes it one of the fastest on the roads
  • This bike also climbs hills comfortably to match the capability of most expensive road bicycles
  • Tommaso Imola is a budget pick for road cycling, fitness training, and commuting
  • Its brake clippers assure you of a stable and safe ride
  • All the components of the Shimano Claris groupset complement each other, guaranteeing a smoother ride
  • The Tommaso Imola lightweight sport road bike enjoys a cleaner look because of the under-bar cables

What Are The Concerns? The Cons

The Tommaso Imola may be the most convenient and budget-friendly road bike, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Unlike most bikes, however, there are just a few concerns.

What stands out is that the bike requires professional assembly before use, just like other Tommaso road bikes.

So, it’s not a ready-to-ride purchase. You need a professional to knit the pieces together.

The other concern is that the saddle may feel slightly uncomfortable, especially if you are huge. However, since you can change the seat or get its cover, this shouldn’t be a big problem.


This Tommaso Imola review shows an entry-level bike designed for all roads. Whether hilly or flat, the Tommaso Imola is efficient and comfortable to ride.

The road bike has a few concerns like all other road bikes but makes up for them in a big way through its powerful features.

So, I recommend it to road cyclists, commuters, and fitness riders on a budget.

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