Best Bicycle Seats with Back Support.

Do you have a bad back? Or do you experience occasional back pain in the lower parts of the back after long rides? If your answers are yes to this questions, it’s time to consider getting one of the bicycle seats with back support…

As an avid cyclist (with back issues), you can still be in the groove to ride for longer distances.

Seats with backrest provide your back with the correct geometry and set-up. This is exactly what you need for a non-strained posture.

Those cronies hitting the trails in the backcountry for long hours would need this kind of seats. Because it’s inevitable that they develop back problems due to poor posturing.

In this article, I tell you more about seats with backrests. You don’t want to continue risking your wellbeing on the bicycle.

Who Needs a Bicycle Seat with Backrest?

If you have problems with your back, you will probably need a seat with this kind of support. Otherwise, many cyclists who are not disadvantaged because of the back do not require them.

Therefore, it’s not common to see backrest seats on bikes. Most bikes do have just the normal saddle that ensures proper posture for the rider.

It is no doubt that any cyclist with a lumbar medical condition would need a seat such as this. Next, are the categories of individuals who need this seat.

1.   Lower Back Pain or Back Injury Monster Motion Bicycle Saddle Seat with Backrest: bicycle seats with back support

Bike seats with back support are going to be necessary for guys suffering from lower lumbar pain and injury. Unfortunate as they are, injuries do happen.

A doctor may recommend the use of a saddle with backrest. That’s if you will still fancy the trail or the road.

Whether you had an injury or the pain is just coming up due to unavoidable circumstances, this saddle can help you recuperate quite fast so that you can return to your hot best.

2.   Old Age

Unless you are under the instruction of a physician to use a backrest seat, young riders wouldn’t like supports on their bike seats. But for the elderly people, this may be well a must.

Older people are relatively not energetic. They are also exposed to regular health issues.

People with the most back health problems are the elderly. This means that these seats would benefit much more than any other group.

3.   Overweight

Weight comes with its own fair share of problems. And a seat with backrest would be ideal for a safe ride.

You can imagine the excess weight that’s exerted on the spine. This would require that your seat is not only featured with back support but also wide to carry the person perfectly.  You can also check some awesome bike seats for overweight people here.

4.   Carriers

Those whose job is to move around the town for extended periods as carriers may need the bike seat with backrest. This will offer more comfort especially when you start getting tired.

The seat will ensure that you maintain the correct posture all through the ride.

5.   First Time Riders

If you are just starting out with riding, you are going to need a backrest. The accessory gives you support for the body.

Remember you are adapting to a completely new situation here. It’s not a brainer that the backrest would be beneficial.

Best Bicycle Seats with Back Support Reviewed

1.   SunLite Backrest Saddle

Sunlite Backrest Saddle can fit on most standard bicycle seat posts. The seat comes as an ergonomic and lightweight and can be easily installed using a bike tool kit.

The saddle is wide and the backrest is cushioned for comfort. The seat features an adjustable backrest that can be positioned to accommodate different kinds of people.

It’s cushioning ensures that it’s long-lasting and comfortable, thanks to the vinyl padding. With the universal build fitting on most seat posts, expect the saddle to fit on many bikes, adult trikes, exercise cycles, etc. Sunlite Backrest Saddle, 9 x 11", Black

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2.   Micargi Bicycle Seat with Backrest

The Micargi Bicycle Seat with backrest is a universal saddle that fits on most seat posts. The brown shaded saddle features little padding.

Which means that if you like extra cushioning you may be a bit disappointed in this seat. Meanwhile, the seat comes in in black and brown.

Generally, the seat is large and comfy for the rider. So your buttocks and back won’t be embroiled in the mix of pain and pinch.

If you are 6 feet and above, you’d appreciate the far-placed backrest. The adjustable function applies to the height of the backrest – you won’t be able to change the position of the backrest towards the seat.

This seat can be used on the beach cruiser, chopper, BMX bike, and lowrider. Micargi Bicycle Seat with Backrest, Brown - bike seat with backrest

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3.   AlveyTech Deluxe Comfort Bike Saddle with Backrest

The AlveyTech Deluxe Comfort bicycle seat with backrest is your choice if you want the maximum lumbar support. Hence, the perfect candidate for long rides.

The material used on the seat is black vinyl. This is not just another material as it’s the best when it comes to ease of cleaning and moisture repulsion.

Users of this product claim that it only requires a simple wipe on the seat using a warm damp rag. And the saddle is clean.

Use it for on your cruiser bike. AlveyTech Deluxe Comfort Bike Saddle Seat with Backrest

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4.   Flying Horse Bicycle Seat

The Flying Horse Bicycle Seat is one of the best on the market in terms of durability and ruggedness. You will attribute these features to the sturdy aluminum frame and the thorough PVC stitching.

The seat offers comfort and helps to eliminate the lumbar pain in victims. You will be able to install this seat effortlessly on different bike seat posts- especially on the cruiser and road bikes. Flying Horse Bicycle Seat Saddle Back Rest Oversize Beach Cruiser Tandem- Black

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5.   Monster Motion Bicycle Saddle Seat with Backrest

Among the best bicycle seats with back support, this seat by Monster Motion comes with three things to note: a traditional design, traditional mounting, and compatibility to fit many seat posts.

The seat is wide and sturdy for comfort and safety. It also features a black vinyl cover that you won’t have to spend a lot of time to clean it.

The Monster Motion Bicycle Saddle needs some effort during installation. And the backrest is made to be wide enough although it isn’t adjustable.

For some, this rigidity is good for support. Although another group of people will take this as an advantage. Bike seats with back support: Monster Motion Bicycle Saddle Seat with Backrest

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How to Choose the Bicycle Seat with Backrest.

Choosing the best seat is not going to a simple feat. This is not to say that the market is full-blown with these products.

But, even with the few that can be seen on the market, there are a number of key aspects that you would need to consider before deciding which one is best suited for you.

  • Backrest

Of course, the whole thing here is all about bicycle seat with backrest. But you’ve got to go much further and find out how wide the backrest is.

The height should also be in a good position. You want to make sure that the lumbar support is solid.

You may as well look for those seats with adjustable backrest. This makes it easy for use by different people.

The other aspect of the backrest could be its sturdiness. To be assured of safety, you can’t gamble on this feature.

Ensure that the backrest is mostly upright and rigid. Then, you will be pretty sure that the support is there.

  • Cushioning

It’s quite obvious that bad cushioning can be detrimental to your comfort. Which means that checking on the suspensions and padding of the seat is important.

Not all bike seats do come with suspensions and springs. In this situation, you can go with thick padding to compensate for the lack of suspension.

  • Seat Width

Another aspect of comfort is the seat width. You should not gamble with a thin or narrow saddle as it can impact negatively on your comfort.

For overweight guys, a wide seat should be top on your priority list. This should reduce the discomfort and pain that a narrow brings on board.

  • Cover Material

Besides getting a wide bicycle seat with backrest, the cover material is another function to consider. Most saddles of the modern era use synthetic materials.

But, if you get leather covering, you can be sure of a high-quality, durable seat. And this is exactly what you want for a bicycle seat – to keep long.

  • Mounting

Last and lost least, it’s great that you find a seat which is easy to mount. Most seats with backrests can be mounted as traditional saddles.

Also, you will find other models which would come with their own rigid frames for mounting.

In Conclusion

When searching for the best bicycle seats with back support, ensure that you consider the comfort and safety of the seat. Your seat should be wide enough and with proper cushioning and padding to ensure that your ride is not rugged.

Remember the off-road environments are not the easiest to navigate. Do yourself a favor to have the best seat and enable your back to recover from any potential spinal issues.

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Bicycle seats with backrest

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