A Guide To the Best Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 30+ Mph.

A Guide To the Best Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 30+ Mph.

While I am not exactly a speedster, my teenage son occasionally gets a craving for Usain Bolt’s like blazing speeds. Now, this naturally calls for a dirt bike that can rev up beyond what we’re used to with electric bikes hence my search for electric dirt bikes that go 30+ mph (he has a 12 mph Razor MX350).

Admittedly, there aren’t many electric dirt bikes that go 30 mph for some reason and this I knew from the word go.

But I choose to keep my mind and eyes open and my heart expectant of surprises and true, I finally landed a few very good for electric dirt bikes that go 30+ mph.

And those little gems are my topic today.

Below are my latest discoveries concerning the title of the post.

In a Rush? Here are Our Top Picks

Top Pick
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike with Authentic Motocross Dirt Bike Geometry, Rear-Wheel Drive, High-Torque, Chain-Driven Motor, for Kids 13+
Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike
Top Pick
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike with Authentic Motocross Dirt Bike Geometry, Rear-Wheel Drive, High-Torque, Chain-Driven Motor, for Kids 13+
Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike

A Bit of History

Perhaps to make you understand the dearth of fast electric dirt bike we can dig up the history books a bit.

It’s true that dirt bikes have been around since late early 19th century (or so it is thought) but just like every other invention,  the early dirt bike had nothing much to write home about.

I don’t even want to talk about the speed because the whole setup was a real pain.

However, a lot of water has passed under the bridge to be where we are now with the electric off road dirt bike.

And I will mention two bigwigs that came to pioneer the race towards a swift electric powered dirt bike:

  • Soichiro Honda

Sometimes in the 1950s and into early 1960s, Soichiro Honda drastically modified the motorcycle to make it manageable for normal riders.

The suspension was made stronger and larger tires added improving traction and accelerating it like never before.

  • Yamaha

The previous bike was upgraded to be fit for motocross racing, with the enhancements being first seen in the Yamaha DT-1 bike.

This was a trailblazing bike and the first capable to be ridden in any terrain. It also became the benchmark for dirt bikes and broke many sales records globally.

The Advent Of Electric Dirt Bikes

The electric dirt bike just became deeply entrenched in the early 2000’s as the world became more conscientious of the need to go green.

As you would expect, there was a lot of excitement seeing the possibilities but the biggest cheer was reserved for its promised speed of up to 44 mph in one of the earliest models.

Things To Know about 30+ MPH Dirt Bikes

  • Best users: By and large, 30+ mph bikes are a perfect dirt bike for your 13 year old boy or girl. They are additionally great for adults who aren’t yet into mad dashes especially the 30+ big electric dirt bikes models.
  • The manufacturers:  While it all started with the smaller brands, we’ve also witnessed the giants scrambling to grab a piece of the pie in these ‘mid-range’ bikes.

The emerging trend involves first pricing the bike cheaper than the competitor then discarding the cheap electric dirt bikes once the product builds a reputation.

  • Transmission: Most of the models have several speeds with chain drives. The best in the class, for example, the razor dirt bike (30mps) have 4 stroke engines though a good number run the 2-stroke engines.
  • Pricing: Price oscillates between some pocket-friendly hundreds and the high-end which costs several thousand bucks. For example, you will find a 500 dollar dirt bike running at this speed displayed next to one priced at 5000+ dollars.
  • Cooling system: Most come with unique air cooling systems that ensure you will never have to worry about heat like it’s the case in some gasoline bikes.
  • Performances: These bikes afford varying running time per charge. There are those cheap dirt bikes delivering 40 minutes on average per full charge. But there are a ton others offering 3 hours of rides between charges depending on speed.

1.   Kids Electric Dirt Bike

If you are after an electric dirt bike your kid will love, then safety becomes a priority that is if you’re like me- of course, you are!

And so your attention will be attracted to safety-optimized bikes because of the dangers involved when a kid gets into higher gears in his/her quest for recognition by peers.

Well, there are several options for your enthusiastic youth led by the Yamaha TTR50.  More advanced kids could venture into beginner racing using a dirt bike like SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike

The key for these is ease of starting it and the absence of cumbersome shifting. Typically, they are very easy to handle for newbies.

2.   Highly Customizable Dirt Bikes

As the title suggests, these dirt bikes come with a plethora of options and settings to help customize your ride as much as possible.

These bikes thus allow you to change the options to match the expected performance depending on the riding terrain.

Indeed, some even have an app for not only full customization but also to log detailed ride statistics.

They may also feature custom wheels, variable speed twist-grip throttles, and adjusting angle riser type handlebars.

Other common attributes is an adjustable seat height and twist-grip throttle.

3.   Budget 30 mph+ Electric Dirt Bikes

If there’s something that was quite time consuming is researching about budget priced Electric dirt bikes.

And it’s a challenge that may not go away anytime soon now that the gurus are predicting the death of their gas-powered counterparts.

The thing with dirt bikes is that you’ll need to make some sacrifices if you don’t want to pay the thousands of bucks asked for by the premium brands.

The good news is that there are still some nice models lying around waiting to be discovered and will come at fantastic prices even under $500.

4.   High-End Electric Dirt Bikes 30 mph+

Kuberg Freerider
  • Electric trial bike for kids ages 3 to 5 years
  • Exceptionally rugged 46-lbs. powder-coated steel tube frame and highly durable...
  • 15 mph top speed with 1-hour ride time
  • Powerful, noiseless 24V 1,000-watt electric motor
  • Low 15” seat height, 12” knobby tires, twist-grip throttle control,...

These come from some of the iconic names in the industry and really take rides up a notch.

They comprise of polished parts and typically deliver amazing rides and accomplished performances.

Everything else from the looks to handling and speeding is top-grade.

If you look at a costly bike like the Kuberg Freerider high-end Electric Dirt Bike (max 34mph), you’ll see that these models are all out to wow their riders.

A high-torque, motocross-spec tires and heavy-duty frames also contribute to the non-compromising attitude shown by these bikes.

Sure, you’ll need a fat wallet but there is real value in these dirt bikes.

5.   Electric Dirt Bike For Teenager

Razor Dirt Rocket

  • Compact electric motocross bike with powerful 650-watt electric motor.
  • Carries riders at speeds of up to 17 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry.
  • Dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth, comfortable ride. Battery life Up to 40 mins.
  • Pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer; quiet variable-speed, chain-driven motor and Wheels- 16 inches front and 14 inches rear tires.
  • Recommended for ages 16 and older (220-pound weight limit); 90-day warranty.

These units are primarily built for teenagers who are seriously interested in some taxing dirt bike rides.

And while they are listed as being for 16 years and older youths by their manufacturers, responsible 14 and 15 year-olds may be fine in powering them.

I especially love their general mean looks and bike control. Plus, some look fancy and will make any high school kid proud.

Speed starts from as little as 17mph with teen dirk bikes such as Razor Dirt Rocket but they can go up to the serious 30’s mph speed with experience.​

They also have specific weight limits (Razor mx650 at 220-lbs) so be sure to verify.

6.   Electric Dirt Bike For Adults

Electric dirt bikes (thirty miles per hour) for adults are brilliant if you’re a green conscious rider and still in love with dirt trails and disconcerting jumps.

They deliver ultra-modern control units and are perfectly adaptable to multiple terrains and will have no qualms transitioning from the rough dirt bike pathways to the suburbs.

Some even come with several ride modes, for instance, economy, endure (power restricted) and cross (power at full throttle) so this category is super flexible.

This is where you’ll get all the speed you ever wanted from 35 mph electric dirt bike for adults and up to 50 mph plus more.       

You can have a look at the free riding Moto Tec Bike (20-30mph on perfect conditions).

7.   Electric Trail Bike

Imagine a severely rocky pass.  Or a muddy route deep in the open. Or even a sandy singletrack.

Do you care?  Well, in truth, if you have an electric trail bike, you don’t need to give a damn.

It tackles all and more with aplomb.  In short, the trail electric dirt bike is the turncoat that masters all conditions.

It’s your all-day adventure savior and you’ll never feel any hard work or as if you have been under-gunned.

So, can you guess how it’s built? Very tough and at the same time, daring. The only issue is that there’s no single king and the market still offers so many varieties you may sink under a flood of confusion.

Hardy geometry, unyielding wheels, scary shifting….it comes ready for when the going gets tough.

8.   Mid-Range Electric Bike

These are perfect solutions when you’re not ready to go high-end but feel that you want to experience something more than what the inexpensive types offer.

They offer a majority of the best features and capabilities from the sleek types but for a few exceptions and are excellent for transiting riders.

They may, however, deliver slightly reduced top speeds.

That being said, most medium priced dirt bike will go beyond their official stated speed limits as long as you have the finesse to conquer various conditions.

In terms of suspensions, they flaunt the same kind as regular dirt bikes in addition to being more rugged and reliable.

9.   Ergonomic Electric Dirt Bikes

Ergonomically designed dirt bikes prioritize the users comfort and are often the most comfortable to ride.

You can even ride them for hours on end with less fatigue thanks to adapting features and easy components.

The hall mark of such constructions are accessories that make your bike fit you including seat, handlebars, and grips.

And despite adding weight because of some of the enhancements, they still remain the essential nimble torque power.

In the end, these make a lot of sense regardless of the rider’s skills as such adjustments give you more riding confidence.

How To Differentiate 30+ MPH Dirt Bikes

At the present, electric dirt bikes are built with upcoming riders in mind. This makes it an uphill task for adults looking for viable options but for the few examples.

Anyway, for whatever purpose, there are some things to have at the back of your mind when looking at the numerous electric dirt bikes.

In summary:

  • Motor Size

Check the motor size as it is hugely influential in determining play time and eventual bike power.

  • Tire Size and The Terrain

Also, consider the tire size vis-à-vis the terrain as proper tires mean efficient handling and translate to thrilling riding experiences.

  • Bike Weight Limits 

I mentioned about the weight limits so I won’t repeat.

  • Safety (Applies for Kids Bikes)

Many of the children electric dirt bikes come with speed control settings to allow a parent to set the right pace for their kids.

  • Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is another key to smooth driving experiences. Get the best quality possible (as per your budget).

  • Brand Name

You should always investigate the reputation of a dirt bike’s brand. That doesn’t mean that you only stick to the industry giants. Rather, it’s about being open-minded and recognizing that some of the young names have some pretty good alternatives and sometimes outperform the former.

A smart way of doing researching is by reading reviews left by other buyers on the websites advertising the identified electric dirt bike for sale.

  • Primary Issues

Beyond the above, consider the question of charging time and the battery’s running time.

Also, find out whether you can lift the bike to your SUV when going out (its weight).


There goes our analysis of the electric dirt bikes that go 30+ mph. As we have seen it’s not every Tom, dick and harry will hit the exclusive 30+mph league.

However, a few manufacturers have tried and playing in this league- much to the relief of the young (and some adult) electric dirt bike enthusiasts looking for blazing speeds.

And while all of the bikes at this level are quite promising, it’s always wise to do your research before picking.

That’s the only way to be sure of a bike that shows the rest dust.

Top Pick
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike with Authentic Motocross Dirt Bike Geometry, Rear-Wheel Drive, High-Torque, Chain-Driven Motor, for Kids 13+
Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike
Top Pick
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike with Authentic Motocross Dirt Bike Geometry, Rear-Wheel Drive, High-Torque, Chain-Driven Motor, for Kids 13+
Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike
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