A Guide To Best Dirt Bikes For 13 Year Olds.

A Guide To Best Dirt Bikes For 13 Year OldsIf you have been following our blog, you may have noted that we have been looking at the best dirt bikes for kids. And so as we head towards winding up the series, we will today focus on dirt bikes for 13 year olds.

Just to recap, one of the unspoken rules of dirt biking for kids is that to conquer the world, he/she must have the right ‘machine’.

And for our upcoming champions, dirt bike abilities depend with the riders’ age.

This means that 13 year olds will need dirt bikes for 13 year olds.

Similarly, 12 year olds require dirt bikes for 12 year olds, and so on and so forth.

Why Dirt Biking Is Ideal For Kids.

Play is the primary building block of a happy childhood. And because of its popularity perhaps, because of the increased coverage in the media, dirt biking today features high on the list of the favourite sports among many young ones.

And it’s easy to see why:

  • They Discover Nature:

Dirt biking teaches our little kids about the world helping them to discover nature each time they venture out.

  • Learn Other Crucial Skills:

In addition, your boy/girl will learn essential skills that make them smarter too.

For instance, riding clubs are a fantastic way for your 13 year old to make new friends and understand how to co-exist with others.

  • Teens Remain Active:

Because it’s thrilling, dirt biking get kids super active, even if he/she is the type that don’t like sports.

  • It’s Safe:

Dirt riding is of course safe- compared to other activities- as kids first learn to ride with tight speed restrictions in place.

  • It’s Versatile:

Unlike other fun activities which require the presence of special conditions, your child can go to the nearby trails or ride right in your backyard. Or even from their cousin’s track. This flexibility means boys and girls can have fun anywhere with dirt bikes for kids

  • It Creates A Positive Passion:

In most cases, learning to ride when younger builds a healthy life-long passion that the young riders can never truly get rid.

What Are The Best Dirt Bikes For 13 Year Olds?

As a dad to a 13 year old boy, I can assure you nothing is fulfilling as watching him zoom off, his razor gas dirt bike roaring hungrily, with his pals, to their own small world of joy.

But which are the best bikes for 13 year olds?

Well, I won’t lie that it’s easy to tell the model that will impress your boy. That’s because despite all targeting this age group, they have significant difference in terms of performance, resilience, support for the learning rider, and even suitability for total beginners.

We therefore decided to list the vital factors that you should concentrate on when choosing to make your work easier:

Here they are:

  • Engine type

Generally dirt bikes for 13 year olds have either 4 stroke or 2 stroke engines.

The 4-stroke engines need little maintenance and are highly reliable. Then, kids who have ridden 2 stroke bikes describe them as being the lighter and hence faster bikes (they produce double the amount of propulsion power).

Four-strokes are seemingly quite enjoyable and easier to control for your boy/girl at this age, particularly for beginners.

But don’t let thus to blind you- some manufacturers have brilliant bikes under the two categories so it pays to evaluate each option on a case-by-case basis.

  • Transmission System

Regardless of whether you are looking at one of the cheap dirt bikes for 13 year olds or a top-of-the-line alternative, kids’ bikes have varied gear shifting system.

The most popular – because of the ease of use- is the automatic, where gears shift by themselves.

Others have manual shifting systems- your teen must clutch in then engage the gears.

There is, additionally, the semiautomatic, where the clutch is centrifugal implying that you only need to shift gears.

From my experience, using a manual isn’t that tough (despite your fears), and even if you must train him/her to get started, it doesn’t take excessively long.

  • Starter System

The most basic bikes pack electric start engines so they are super easy to start –your kid will just push the button.

Kick starters become the norm as dirt bikes get more powerful meaning you may on occasion have to help him/her to start it.

Age also matters as far as the starter is concerned…

Older bikes typically use kickstarters while the latest models mostly use electric starters instead.

What Size Dirt Bike For 13 Year Old?

A lot of parents ask about the dirt bike size that will fit their children.

Now, this is arguably the most crucial question since he/she will most likely reject it if doesn’t fit his/her needs.

On the other hand, get it right and it will take some convincing to get him to pack his bike.

Here there are two different perspectives:

  • The engine size (Engine size (displacement)

Although your baby’s riding experience matters, a lot of dirt bikes for sale for 13 year olds range between 49cc and can rise up to 125cc.

The 125 obviously has more power and need some degree of expertise. There is little for you to worry about since you can always set a throttle limiter to help rein in on it.

My son was doing great with the razor gas dirt bike 125cc whether riding trails, dirt roads, and woods/pipelines even though at the start I feared for him.

  • The Seat Height

This depends on how your son/daughter is. Ideally, the best seat height should match his/her actual height and ensure he is comfortable.

That being said, some of these teens have longer legs but shorter upper bodies making the decision even trickier.

As a general rule, youngsters aged 10-13 years old are comfortable with a seat height from 26 to 31″ so maybe something slightly higher could be a good starting point.

But again his/her physical stature may be different so take your time, especially, because kids grow rapidly at this age meaning you need to leave room for growth.

  • Electric Dirt Bikes Vs Gas Dirt Bikes

With the clamor of clean, noise free riding reaching fever pitch, children have been sucked into the “Electric dirt bikes vs Gas” debate.

The ‘clean’ electric dirt bikes has a silent engine (so it doesn’t bother your neighbors), won’t pollute the environment (so your environmental conscience is clear), and seems to be the trend.

Furthermore, you may like their fuel/cost efficiency and the easy maintenance- great for kid’s bike who tend to mishandle bikes than us, adult riders.

But they don’t last as long as the tried and tested gas bike.

They also lack the muscle their rivals have and may not ride as fast not forgetting that their prices are still way above those of gas bikes.

Overall, I personally prefer to ask further questions before taking sides:

  1. What are his/her friends riding?
  2. What’s your budget?
  3. What history does your teenager have with either of the two and is it positive/negative?
  4. Which of the two best meets your boy’s / daughter’s biking ambition?
  5. What is his skill level?

Such queries could lighten your decision making.

Interestingly, electric bikes have slowly eaten into the market for gas bikes and are increasingly becoming a favorite of kids.

Types Of Dirt Bikes For 13 Year Olds.

Dirt bikes for 13 year olds are available in multiple forms with each intended to satisfy a specific need for these future champs.

Here is a summary:

1.     Best Starter Dirt Bike For 13 Year Old

If he/she is not yet a guru in dirt riding, it would be prudent to go for a simplified bike.

You know something that is easy to master and that takes only a button to start.

Such a bike should also have a functional throttle limiter and moderate accelerations.

It should, however, be endowed enough to ride comfortably on dirt, rock, mud, gravel….you name it.

The Say Yeah Dirt Bike Electric is one such scaled-down, electric kid dirt bike, and has been attracting rave reviews in off-road riding.

It comes with three speeds (with key lock), a chain driven motor (with a well-built throttle control), not to forget excellent disc brakes in both wheels.

It should get your kid to wherever they desire without any hesitation and is certainly a good bet for your still-learning 13 year old.

The YamahaTT-R125LE is also exceptional. The electric start, lower seat height, looks cool, and is not pricey too.

2.     Dirt Bike For 13 Year Old Girl

Talented female rides like Ashley Fiolek have been inspiring girls and proving that girls hold immense potential in previously male-dominated domains like motocross.

If your girl is in this group of Fiolek admirers, the secret is getting her a bike that’s customized to satisfy her ambition.

With a good bike, she can focus, jump over obstacles, corner like a ninja, and even pass her competitors.

One outstanding dirt bike made for 13+ years old who want to live out their off-road fantasies is the XtremepowerUS  2-Stroke Gas Mini Pocket Bike.

The 49cc 2-Stroke engine provides quite a strong kick and is made from high quality materials so it will serve your girl in any tough situation.

3.     Good Dirt Bike For 13 Year Old Boy

Boys love rip-roaring action—watch them and notice how their eyes light up when the bike comes to life.

Subsequently, your little man prioritizes amusement over everything else and will want a dirt bike that lives up to it.

They will want to be the next Jeremy McGrath, never mind that they could still be learning the ropes of dirt riding.

As a result, he may demand a dirt bike with higher torque, super speeds, and a built that delivers a super-charged experience.

I personally would lean towards Honda CRF125F.

From the lower ground clearance, the controllable powerband, and all the way to perfect wheel size (14-inches and 17-inches rear and front respectively), I feel this bike could be a real phenomenon.

Add to the fact that it has both a kick start and the friendly electric start button and you realize this could be something special.

The Razor MX350 Rocket is another fast-moving dirt bike for 13 year old boy.

4.     Gas Dirt Bikes For 13 Year Olds

Gas dirt bikes for 13 year olds exist in 2 or 4-stroke engines size and offer somehow different riding experiences.

With these, the larger the dirt bike engine, the faster and more stable his/her bike will be from the extra oomph.

What I like most about gasoline bikes is that unlike their electric counterparts, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge.

A friend had purchased a TAO Dirt Bike (DB10) for his son and he tells me the boy has been having the moment of his life with this model.

If your pocket allows, you can look at the legendary Kawasaki KK 65 and the KTM 50 SX dirt bikes.

They are wonderful bikes and sometime come with taller seat heights which help substantially if he/she is growing.

5.     Electric Dirt Bike For 13 Year Old

An electric dirt bike for kids is usually made precisely with ‘kiddish’ features such as magnificent speed control, cozy seat, superior safety locks, and such prominent qualities.

There are several alternatives here led by the Razor MX400 Rocket dirt bike.

Your boy/girl can rev it up to about 14mph, enough to leave the rest trailing  while its large 12-in pneumatic knobby tires making it agile thanks to the maximum power transfer.

You can also consider the MotoTec  Electric Dirt Bike 24v 500w, rated as one of the most accomplished ride-on kids bike.

6.     Cheap Dirt Bikes For 13 Year Olds

Brand new dirt bikes, even for kids, can be rather expensive. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to land a bargain- as you may have noted with some of the bikes I have mentioned above.

Still, you can try contacting the local clubs or your local dirt biking community to see if anyone could be disposing of their used bike.

You can also time and make your purchase during holidays when online stores traditionally run amazing promotions on nearly every product.


What your son/daughter needs is the very best model from the names I have mentioned during our discussion concerning the dirt bikes for 13 year olds.

Otherwise, as we have seen, the topmost dirt bikes for this group combines critical qualities such as optimum size, top notch safety controls, and allow you to upgrade when necessary.

The brands are numerous with some costing much more than their rivals so it’s upon you to see what would be perfect for your lovely boy/girl.

Every kid is talented differently and you best understand yours so give it your best shot.

Check out some cool Kids Bikes Below:

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