Best Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

Best Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

Whether you are cycling for fun or aggressively for some contest, the best cycling gloves for hand numbness are a much-needed biking apparel.

In winter especially, hand palms can go numb and callous to respond to the long distance you have cycled. This is because of the easy-to-catch cold that quickly entangles your hands.

Trust me there is not going to be any fun left particularly when you are in the cruel off-road conditions. Because a small bump can impact great pain in the hand.

And shifting gears and brake levers is neither going to be cool. Although there is no way you will evade this.

Having a pair of the best cycling gloves for hand numbness around will save you from this winter scare. But don’t also forget to pull off a pair of gloves in summer.

They will help you keep dry on your hands. Your palms will not tingle as you pedal and control the bike.

Needs to make a quick purchase? Then check out my most recommended cycling gloves for hand numbness below. 

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Benefits of the Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

There are many things that a pair of best-padded cycling gloves will do for you. For example, they will help reduce the friction generated between your hands and handlebars.

Most of the times, this friction results in blisters. But thanks to the gloves, you will be blister-free because their padding absorbs any strange pressure.

Cycling gloves also help to dampen the vibrations as a result of extreme riding. As you know, these vibrations can affect your fingers or hand by making them go numb.

In winter, the biggest trigger of numbness is cold. You want to wear gloves so that you get your hands warm.

For riders participating in long-distance biking, these gloves are a must-have item. They are safe to wear such that when you fall by accident, they may help you avoid the potential injuries on your hands.

Those who don’t like the long-fingered type of gloves also have their own part of the story. They would tell you that these gloves do play a part in ensuring that the wedding ring doesn’t slip off even when one hits over hard bumps.

Rubber grips on the mountain or hybrid bikes can quickly get deteriorated due to sweaty hands. Cycling gloves wick away this moisture and protect both the grip shifters and your palm.

Different Types of Cycling Gloves

1. Winter Gloves

Andyshi Men’s Winter Gloves
  • These cycling gloves are made of durable and breathable material, the surface...
  • Palms and five fingertips have PU leather, and these PU leather can not only...
  • This is a glove that must be prepared for outdoor activities. This glove is...
  • Lined with 260g high-quality fleece, keep your hands warm and dry during your...
  • The zipper is upgraded to resin pressure zipper, not only light weight, but also...

Winter gloves are designed to provide warmth to your hands and fingers. They are used when the months are extremely wet and cold with temperatures dropping even to zero degrees.

Numbness is common during this period. And with these special gloves, you can keep your hands warm and dry.

The structure of these gloves features a number of layers. The gloves incorporate many membranes and therefore they are heavier and bulkier in nature.

These design keeps water and cold out of your way but also enables your hands to breathe. Most of these gloves are made from the best modern high-tech materials that come with great thermal abilities.

The perfect recommendation is this budget-friendly Andyshi Men’s Winter Gloves that come with a textured palm interior and finger starts. It’s also a great fit that can be adjusted through a cuff zipper.

2. Lightweight Full-Finger Gloves

Pearl Izumi Select Gloves
  • 1:1 Gel-Foam padding relieves pressure on Ulnar and Median nerves for riding...
  • Synthetic leather palm is soft and durable
  • Soft, low-profile wiping surface on thumb

Another pair of the best cycling gloves to prevent numbness come as the lightweight full-finger gloves. These gloves can be used both on milder autumn and winter days.

They are designed to feature silicone finger grippers. These grippers can improve your control of the brake and gear levers.

Lightweight full-finger gloves are light and flexible. That’s why they would remain cool and comfortable but still offer the rider protection against elements of riding.

These types of gloves are preferred by MTBers who need that extra protection from thorns and bushes of the trail as they ride across.

The Pearl Izumi Select Gloves are a great choice for cycling. They are durable, high-quality and feature low profile stitching for extra comfort.

They are great for going long distances.

3. Summer Mitts

Giro Monaco II Gel Cycling Mitts
  • PITTARDS LEATHER. Select Giro gloves feature Pittards cabretta (hairsheep)...
  • SUPER FIT ENGINEERING. Super Fit Engineering is a proprietary process that...
  • TECHNOGEL. Technogel is a proprietary polyurethane material originally designed...
  • THREE-PIECE PALM CONSTRUCTION. Our unique 3-piece palm construction tailors the...

These are summer wear. They incorporate the traditional roadie-style fingerless design.

The extra padding is emphasized in the palm area. For the best high-end models, this area is applied with ergonomic gel inserts.

With this cushioning, your hands are well protected from the unfortunate events of a ride. You are safe from the shreds caused by road rash; in case you crash.

While the classic summer mitts come with a leather palm pad and mesh back, the modern versions of today feature synthetic leather palm and also backed with lightweight and breathable material that ensures your comfort is undisrupted.

Some summer mitts also feature incorporated toweling or microfiber pad on the back of the gloves. You can use this wipe away sweat or other fluids.

Giro Monaco II Gel Cycling Mitts is a top-quality pair of gloves made using Pittards sheep leather. The padding allows for awesome pressure distribution on the hand.

It is also durable and very comfortable.

More Options:

Best Mountain Biking Gloves – HTZPLOO Mountain Biking Gloves

HTZPLOO Mountain Biking Gloves
  • These Bike gloves with effective shock-absorbing padding protection ,relieve...
  • Our cycling gloves provide Anti-slip silicone gel on the palm,increase your grip...
  • Soft and Smooth lycra on the surface of the bicycle gloves, enhance hand...
  • Two little finger loops help you pull the gloves off without turning them inside...
  • Palm Width: S (2.95-3.11"),M (3.11-3.34"), L (3.34-3.74"), XL (3.74-4.13")

Best Cycling Gloves for Long Rides – Pearl iZUMi Women’s Cyclone Gel Gloves

Pearl iZUMi Women's Cyclone Gel Gloves
  • ELITE Softshell fabric on back of hand provides superior wind and water...
  • Conductive synthetic leather on index finger and thumb works with touch screen...
  • GEL Padding for superior riding comfort; Long gauntlet design keeps wrists warm...
  • 1:1 Glove fit maximizes finger dexterity for shifting and braking
  • Synthetic leather palm is soft and durable; Hook and loop closure

Things to Look for in the Best Cycling for Hand Numbness

The best biking gloves depend on the type of sport you want to enjoy. If your priority is riding in a specific kind of weather, then you need to get gloves made for that.

The following factors should help you with your decision so that you make that perfect choice.

1. Breathability

One thing you can be sure of is that you will sweat. Riding is an intense physical activity.

Sweat can affect your comfort and obviously, your performance would go down. But with breathable gloves, this is going to a thing of the past.

So, consider cycling gloves with breathable fabrics. These allow for airflow around your hands so that they keep dry all times whether this is winter or a summer expedition.

2. Protection

If you care much about your safety, you can get the full-finger MTB gloves. These will not just provide you the warmth you need for the cold weather, but also protect you in case of a fall.

These gloves are usually reinforced with rigid panels that can absorb impact shock. This padding goes a long way to protect your hands from succumbing to the friction between the hands and grips.

Gloves with exaggerated padding can turn out to slow you down along the way. This is because they actually limit your grip of the handlebars and consequently the bike movement.

3. Waterproofing

Waterproofing features on the gloves are very important. You want to make sure that no water or moisture gets the better part of your hands.

Waterproof fabrics are necessary if you are going to spend most of the time enjoying the ride in wet conditions where snow and rain are ordering the weather pattern.

This keeps your hands dry.

The problem with waterproof gloves is that they also have breathability issues. And therefore, these are not the best gloves for summers.

4. Wicking

The fabrics of cycling gloves should be able to absorb sweat from the skin and evaporate it away. Remember you want your hands to remain dry which brings about comfort for the perfect ride.

The best cycling gloves for hand numbness should definitely come with this feature.

5. Grip

A good grip on the handlebar is very important than just the gloves comforts. Make sure that your hold on the handlebar is good.

Some padding on gloves keeps sliding on the handlebars. This is not an encouraging sign for a rider.

To have a comfortable grip, make sure that gloves do feature leather or synthetic padding. You want to handle the brake levers and gear shifters with easiness.

6. Warmth

Winter gloves are designed to have maximum insulation so that your hands get warmed. Although many gloves have a certain degree of warmth in them.

You don’t need the same level of insulation for the gloves used mostly in the summer weather. Too heavy and restrictive gloves in summer are not going to help but instead cause you more trouble.

7. Size

You also need to consider buying a pair of gloves that fit snugly. They should actually feel like a second skin and they shouldn’t be tight as this can be quite restrictive.

On the other hand, gloves which are too big may be boring. They will keep moving too much even to the extent of coming off.

Final Verdict

As a religious biker, the best cycling gloves for hand numbness is just an inevitable requirement. The gloves will save a lot of problems on your hands and fingers.

They are not just going to protect your hands from blisters and numbness of the winter. They also come handy when you fall down, they should prevent enough damage to the hand if they are well-padded.

Cycling gloves improve your cycling efficiency and performance. You can go the long distance without feeling a prick in the hand.

And for professional riders, just make sure that you get only the best bike gloves.

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