What are XC Mountain Bikes?

Cross-country or XC mountain bikes are now one of the most diverse types of bicycles made. They represent different shapes, different types of suspension and somewhat different uses.  Made for riding over the most varied terrain, XC mountain bikes are efficient enough for climbing miles up mountain trails, comfortable enough for riding flatter sections at high … Read more

Mountain Biking in Bear Country

When a mountain biker had been mauled and killed by a grizzly bear in Montana in 2016, journalists began sounding the alarm of frequent bear encounters by mountain bikers.   National Geographic published the article Mountain Biker Killed by Bear in Montana, Outside Magazine published a story Why Do Mountain Bikers Keep Running into Bears … Read more

What is a Folding Mountain Bike?

Birdy Folding Mountain Bike

The first proper folding bike was invented in 1887 as a way to easily store away a bicycle while not in use and as a way to easily transport it on locomotives.  Eventually, these folding bicycles became specialized equipment for specific military personnel around the world, including paratroopers! They could carry the bikes on their … Read more