A Guide To The Best Bicycle Helmet for Hot Weather.

Best Bicycle Helmet For Hot WeatherIf you live in one of the areas where the summer gets steaming hot, you have to wear the right gear to keep cool. In short, to ride all season, you will need, among other things, the best bicycle helmet for hot weather.

The others include lightweight, sweat-wicking biking socks, breathable jerseys, and sunglasses with UV filtering lenses to protect your eyes, sun scream, and more.

Now, I will be giving you more summer cycling tips in the coming days but for today, let’s talk about the handy moisture-wicking helmets.


What Is the Best Bicycle Helmet For Hot Weather?

The best bicycle helmet for hot weather is a specially built protection helmet with advanced features to help you remain cool when riding on blazing hot days. Either by using unique materials or by adding cooling technologies, these helmets wicks away sweat instantly from your head in addition to regulating evaporation to help in cooling.

The breeze they create will help you keep riding comfortably for as long as you want.

Benefits Of Having The Best Bike Helmet For Hot Weather.

That wearing a hot-proof bike helmet is hugely beneficial during summers has never been in doubt.

Let me explain some of the famous benefits from this category of helmets:

  • Supremely Comfortable

The best bicycle helmet is constructed of comfy materials. This provides the most comfortable fit on top of wiping away moisture.

You will be feeling mushy and protected.

  • They are Safer

When your body temperature rises, there’s always a chance of developing an itchy rash all around the head.

Most helmet creates a breeze making it safe for even riders who are hyper-sensitive to extreme heat.

In essence, these helmets offer 360 degrees protection- you avoid overheating, flare-ups, and irritation.

·        Prevents Damaged Hair

The smooth feel and snug fit of the moisture wicking materials protects the hair from being matted or rolled as a result of the movements helmets make when riding.

Your hair remains smooth, free of tangles and knots (under your helmet), and you rarely suffer hair damage.

The helmet is thus a smart way of taking better care for your hair.

·        Conceals Excessive Perspiration

You will naturally look messy when too much sweat is dripping down your face. These bike helmets absorb excess seat and save you from this embarrassment.

You can subsequently ride anywhere, and time with the utmost confidence.

·        You Can Concentrate

Because you remain as cool as a cucumber on your hot summer rides, you are able to focus more on what’s more important- riding.

There is no more itchy heads, smelly sweat, or headaches…instead, it’s just carefree riding through pleasant sights and melodious sounds when out on upcountry rides.

Here Are Various Bike Helmets To Use During Hot Summer Weather

1.     Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Hot Weather

In summer, off-road riders must optimally adjust to the heat. And you should be ready for all kinds of scorching weather-from the stifling, dry heat on the hills to the energy-sapping humidity in the vast open landscapes. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Microshell Bicycle Helmet, Black/Grey

The best mountain bike helmets help you relax despite the high humidity, elevated air temperature, and radiant heat.

I am referring to mountain bike helmets like the famous Schwinn Thrasher Helmet. Not only is it adjustable but also comes with a staggering 21 flow vents and an expansive network of moisture-wicking pads!

Now, regardless of where you are mountaineering in the summer, this should help dissipate heat and give you a performance edge.

2.     Best Commuter Bike Helmet

I used to work in Phoenix, AZ, and we had one summer where day temperatures would hit a sweltering 110-degree (43 degrees Celsius) yet I would still see riders daily braving the baking pavements to work! Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport CM-1 Helmet with 10 Vents, Matte Black, Medium: 55-59 cm / 21.75"-23.25"

This is it:

If you want to commute and still get to the office feeling and looking fresh, you need to look into the best commuter bike helmet for help.

I no longer live there but I had developed a special liking for the Critical Cycle’s Commuter hot weather Bike.

It was a gift from my girlfriend and men, the thing used to be cool!

3.      Best Road Bike Helmet For Hot Weather

Whether you like it hilly or windy, excessive heat will affect your comfort and hence performance when racing on paved roads. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet Adjustable Road Cycling Mountain Bike Bicycle Helmet Ultralight Inner Padding Chin Protector and Visor w/Rear LED Tail Light Adjust (Shiny White with LED, Medium)

Again the answer lies with the best road bike helmet for hot weather.

Like every other heat conquering helmet, these come with innovative constructions to permit maximum airflow and reduced resistance to help you feel comfortable.

If you have used GoMax products, you will agree with me that they have always given riders outstanding biking accessories. Their GoMax Aero Adult road bike helmet seems to have captured the imagination of road racers and the rest of the market thanks to its more air vents.

The helmet even allows you to remove the padding for cleaning when it messy from sweating.

4.     Aero Hot Weather Bike Helmets

This class of helmet has the best aerodynamics and is favored by road cyclists who participate in race disciplines such as time trials. KINGBIKE Adult Bike Helmet Ultralight Bicycle Helmets Rain Cover Safety Rear Led Light Visor Men Women Road Cycling Biking (Black&Titanium, L/XL(59-63CM))

The outstanding build feature about them is the sophisticated temperature regulation mechanism and reduced resistance.

They also tend to come with visors and rain covers to protect you from sun and weather elements.

This Kingbike Ultralight cooling bike helmet is a leader in this category.

5.     Women’s Bike Helmets For Hot Weather

Thalia Women's Bike HelmetWomen generally use smaller-sized helmets than men. Additionally, they have more hair which may need more room under the helmet.

Some women especially prefer a helmet like the Thalia Women’s Cool Bike Helmet because of the ‘hairport’ through which they pass the ponytail.

6.     Enduro Hot Weather Helmets

Uvex 2017 Finale Enduro Bicycle Helmet - 4181060 These are close to mountain bike summer helmets but for a deeper shell that provides extra protection around the base of your skull. They also have a peak that you can raise when wearing goggles.

The emergence of enduro racing enthusiasts has seen more Enduro hot weather helmets such as the Uvex Enduro Bike Helmet coming into the market.

Consider These Important Factors Before Buying A Hot Weather Bicycle Helmet.

You need to have the following in mind when choosing the best ventilated bike helmet …

  • Cooling Effect

How cool is it? Different helmets have different designs with each intended to deliver the coolest cooling ever. But they don’t succeed equally with some seemingly more effective than others.

So, investigate perhaps by checking out reviews from other cool commuter bike helmets buyers the extent to which it reins on in temperature.

  • Size

To unlock your performance on hot humid days, you need it to fit great.

Some of the models are so quite roomy and give a good fit even for big heads when biking in heat.

Overall, avoid tight fits as they can even trigger a headache because of the pressure while keeping off loose fits as they keep sliding off.

  • Durability

A helmet to keep sweat from pouring down your face should preferably be made to serve for many summers.

Luckily, most models seem more long lasting due to the use of numerous densities of EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) in various locations.

But there are a few which are absolute junk because of the use of flimsy materials so be on the lookout.

  • Extras

As I had mentioned, the best bike helmet for hot weather could be a well-rounded protector against the sun and delivers more than the essential cooling for summer cycling.

I have met a few brands with varying degrees of UV protection and moisture wicking technologies.

  • Comfort

You would want a cooling helmet which also feels soft and comfortable on your head. The materials used should thus be easy on the skin/hair and if possible, the helmet’s structure should make it more breathable as this repels the moisture more effectively on top of keeping the body drier.

Chemical-free construction is considered safer for sensitive skin thus cozier. Being lightweight is also a welcome bonus.

  • Washing & Maintenance

For hygiene reasons, you would want your summer bike helmet to be easily washable. Some manufacturers use fabrics which are easier to wash while others have delicate products and need more care to clean.

I personally have one which is both machine and hand washable and dries soft and naturally.

And it smells like a rose after wash!

Using A Cooling Helmet Liner.

I ride a lot and have, in the past tested dozens of hot weather cycling gear including bandanas and thin hats.

Well, I didn’t achieve much luck with most until I tested a cooling helmet liner.  Liners, first prevent the sweat from reaching your face cooling you further.

Then, cleaning your helmet can be a pain and that’s another place where cooling helmet liners are beneficial. They keep sweat away from your helmet dramatically reducing the need to wash your helmet frequently.

Indeed, some of the leading liners like the Mission Enduracool Cooling hot weather Helmet Liner have not only amazing perspiration absorbing capability but also a handy UV (ultra-violet) protection so they are continuously being improved.

Similarly, the halo headbands sweatband liner/skull cap spreads the moisture pretty well around to allow it evaporate provided enough wind is running through the helmet.

They can thus be a useful wear under your helmet especially on boiling hot days.


The best bicycle helmet for hot weather is the perfect shield for hot days.

Thanks to its huge moisture wicking and cooling properties, the helmet keeps you cooled off and prevents the familiar uncomfortable build-up of disconcerting sweat.

A lightweight cooling helmet liner can also aid in removal and the evaporation of
perspiration from your skin.

Remember to check out factors like fit, durability, its level of cooling, and extras such as UV protection when hunting down a quality helmet for hot weather.

And as we have seen, there are some really cool brands out there waiting for you so it’s just a matter of making the right decision.

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