Camp Toaster Info Guide (2021 Review)

A classic mainstay in almost every modern kitchen, toasters have been keeping food crisp, crunchy, and tan since at least 500 B.C. While the idea was originally exported from ancient Egypt to Rome, it wasn’t until the turn of the 18th century when Scottish scientist Alan MacMaster invented the first modern-day toaster (in 1893). Originally … Read more

Guide to Portable Swamp Coolers

Swamp cooler, evaporative air cooler, swamp box, desert cooler, wet air cooler… For a seemingly simple device, the “swamp cooler” has enough names to make your head spin (and possibly warrant a drink from an actual “cooler cooler”). Built into the roofing of homes in ancient Egypt, swamp coolers have been providing relief from the … Read more

Must-Have Solar Camping Gear

In the late 2000’s, the first portable solar phone chargers began to appear on the market. Fast forward to the present day and there are hundreds of portable solar products, ranging from collapsible panels for backpacking, battery banks, and more. While there will always be a debate around the role of technology in camping, unless … Read more

Essentials for Long Term Camping

At the core, short-term and long-term camping are largely the same. Both involve sleeping in unconventional shelters, away from home, for the purpose of experiencing nature (or just to get away). Most obvious is that they both have a beginning and an end. It’s the space between the beginning and the end that makes them … Read more

How to Glamp Like a Pro

While camping is a very popular outdoors activity, it’s not for everyone. Bugs, uncomfortable sleeping pads and the persistent smell of smoke are common complaints among camping naysayers. The good news is that camping has evolved, and it’s now an activity that can include everyone. While today many campers will still choose to hike deep … Read more

9 Best Electronic Bikes under $1000

electric bike

Bikes have always been a preferred mode of transportation for many and even more people have embraced them due to the advent of safer and more efficient electric bikes. The wider adoption also means the prices have surged which makes one wonder how to get the best electronic bike under $1000. The good news is … Read more

What Is a Gravel Bike? Detailed Guide

bike rides along gravel road

Bike manufacturers aren’t happy with gravel bikes. Why not? Well there was once a time they could offer a different bike for different surfaces, user profiles, and distances. They could offer one bike for off-roaders, another for road riding, and yet another for daily commuting. Profits (and life) were good! Gravel bicycles have hurt their … Read more

Best Bikes for Tall Guys for Super Comfort and Performance

When it comes to finding the best bike for tall guys, picking a bike that fits right, is comfortable and performs well can be a challenge. The last thing you want are injuries because of an improper fit.  Some things you need to look out for are a strong extra-large frame that can stand pressurized … Read more