Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent – Best Family Camping Tent.

It’s not often that you find a breathable and comfortable 10-person capacity camping tent. So the Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent is worth considering.
ozark trail 10 person 3 room cabin tent

This cabin tent can accommodate up to 10 campers, thus great for large families and groups. It’s also well ventilated and waterproof to give you and the family the best shelter outdoors.

The Ozark Trail Cabin Tent is feature-rich, outlined by multiple rooms and windows. Moreover, its construction is sturdy and weather-resistant.

But is this tent a good fit for you and your family? We’ll look at its key features, pros and cons, and FAQs. But first, let’s start with the specifications.

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The Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent Specifications

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room XL Family Cabin Tent has a 20 by 10 ft floor area, and it is 78 inches high. That space is enough for ten people or three queen-size air mattresses.

This camping tent weighs 27.1 pounds and comes in gray and red color choices. It features three rooms and multiple windows and doors.

The Ozark Trail Cabin Tent comes with a carry bag to allow you to keep and conveniently transport it.

ozark trail 10 person 3 room xl family cabin tent

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Key Features of the Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent

  • 10-Person Capacity

The Ozark Trail Cabin Tent measures 20 by 10 ft, a space that is enough for ten campers in sleeping bags. Without sleeping bags, the tent can accommodate three queen-size air mattresses, one in each room.

Collectively, the three air mattresses can accommodate about ten campers. Additionally, the center is 78 inches high, enough for an adult to move around.

  • Weather Resistant

This cabin tent comes with taped fly seams that make it waterproof. So, water doesn’t leak into the tent when it rains. As a result, you get to stay dry, and so are your camping essentials.

The tent promises to withstand adverse weather, and it’s not just the seams. It comes with heavy-duty stakes that secure it on the ground to resist the storm.

Also, the floor features polyethylene, which prevents water seepage.

  • Multiple Openings

The Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent comes with a total of six windows that gives you a panoramic view of the campsite. The windows also make the tent breathable. So, you don’t have to worry about ventilation when camping as a group.

There are also two side doors and one massive one at the center. They, too, promote air circulation, but more importantly, they encourage privacy.

These doors feature flaps that you can close to create some privacy in your rooms. Mark you, all the openings are screened to keep biting insects and bugs out.

  • Quality Construction

The cabin tent comes with five fiberglass and four steel poles that hold it in place. The poles are joined firmly with sturdy joint connectors.

This tent also features tough nylon, which holds it together and gives it natural toughness. At the top of the roof is an airy mesh that encourages breathability.

Other Features

  • Multiple Pockets

The Ozark 10 Person Tent comes with several pockets that serve different purposes. For starters, there’s a hanging pocket inside that holds your tablet for everyone to see.

There are also multiple hanging organizers and small pockets for holding small items. What’s more, there’s a zippered pocket for accessing your shoes and other gears that you leave outside the tent.

  • Multiple Rooms

Though you can use the tent as one single room, you have the option of dividing it into three separate rooms. Included in the shipment are two dividers that’ll do just that.

You can use the rooms for sleeping, changing, and storage. It all depends on how many you are and how you would want to use this cabin tent.

ozark trail 10 person tent

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The Ozark Trail 10 Person Cabin Tent comes accessory-packed to help you set it up. Other than the fiberglass and steel poles that reinforce it, there are four stability ropes to secure it against the strong wind.

You’ll find two room dividers that allow you to partition the tent into three rooms. Plus, there is a mud mat on the main door that helps you clean the tent quickly and keep it dry.ozark trail 10 person cabin tent

On the side is an e-port that allows you to access electricity from outside the tent.  Additionally, the tent comes in a carry-friendly bag that enables you to keep and carry it conveniently.

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Pros and Cons of the Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent


  • Spacious – Its 20 by 10 ft floor area makes it enough for up to 10 people. It can also accommodate three queen-size air mattresses comfortably.
  • Waterproof – Its water-resistant seams keep rainwater and fog out to keep you dry at all times. Additionally, its polyethylene floor prevents water seepage.
  • Breathable – On the roof is an airy mesh that encourages ventilation. Also, multiple openings promote air circulation, making the tent breathable.
  • Solid build – Seeing that the tent comes with fiberglass and heavy-duty steel poles, the materials reinforce it against the storm. Its nylon fabric also holds it firmly together.
  • Carry-friendly – The 10 person tent comes in a zippered carry bag that lets you keep and carry it conveniently.
  • Panoramic view – Its side doors and windows don’t just improve its breathability but also its panoramic view. They allow you to view the campsite entirely.
  • Dedicated e-port – The feature allows you to access electricity easily from outside. It’s a secure way to pass power into the tent.
  • Easy to clean – You’ll find a mud mat on the main door that allows you to clean the tent quickly and keep it dry.
  • Easy takedown – The cabin tent may be time-consuming to set up because it’s enormous, but the takedown is the direct opposite. You can disassemble it quickly and easily.


  • Not easy to set up – Given that the cabin tent is bulky, it takes time to set up. You’ll need about 20 minutes, and you cannot do it alone. So, the assembly requires at least two people.
  • Slightly heavy – The cabin tent weighs 27.1 pounds, which makes it somewhat weighty, considering that there are lightweight options. So, you may need some help to carry it around.
  • Cannot be bought by Californians – Due to state regulation, California residents cannot buy the three rooms tents structure.
    ozark 10 person tent

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1. How Many People Can This Cabin Tent Accommodate?

The tent can accommodate up to 10 people using sleeping bags. But if you prefer to use queen-size air mattresses, you can fit three, one in every room.

So, all three mattresses can hold up to 10 people if you are okay with sharing the sleeping space.

2. Does Ozark 10 Person Tent Feature A Mesh Roof?

Yes, the tent has a mesh roof. In fact, it features mesh across the doors. That makes it convenient for warm weather since you can stay cool even when the sun is intense.

3. How Big Is Ozark 10 Person Tent Tent?

The tent has a floor area of 20 by 10 feet and is 78 inches high. That space is enough for three queen-size air mattresses or ten sleeping bags. Furthermore, you’ll still have some space to move around.


Spacious, comfortable, and breathable are three perfect words to describe the Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Cabin Tent. So, if that’s what you want, then you should get this family-size tent today!

It may not be easy to set up and slightly bulky, but there is more it offers that you’ll love.

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