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You need a source of shelter when going camping. And if you are a large group, you should consider getting a Coleman 8-Person instant tent.

I’ll recommend five 8-person capacity instant tents from the giant American tent manufacturer.coleman 8-person instant tent

But why buy a Coleman tent and not any other?

Coleman has earned an excellent reputation over the years. Interestingly, it’s not just in the tent manufacturing but also in sports gear manufacturing.

Generally, Coleman instant tents are comfortable and stylish, but more importantly, they are built to last. They, therefore, promise value for money.

The American tent manufacturer promises a home-like experience when it comes to their tents. Their camping tents come breathable, portable, and with multiple storage pockets.

The best part is that customer reviews are impressive on Amazon. So, customer satisfaction is in order.

Wants to make a quick purchase? Below are the hottest Coleman tents 8 person for your consideration.

Best Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent: 5 Hottest Picks


  1. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping: Easiest to Set Up

  2.  Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent: Comes with LED Light

  3. Red Canyon Car Camping Tent: Most Weather-Proof

  4. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room : Best for Bug Control

  5. Coleman 8-Person Tent : Best for Large Families

5 Best Coleman 8 Person Instant Tents

Here are five 8-person instant tents by Coleman that you should consider today:

1. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup

The Coleman 8-Person Montana Tent with Easy Setup comes in a conventional dome design that allows you to set it up in just 15 minutes.

The tent measures 16 by 7 ft and is about 6’2″ tall at the center. Such space allows you to fit three queen-size air beds or eight sleeping bags comfortably.

This camping tent employs WeatherTec technology to keep you dry and comfortable. Plus, it comes with a rainfly that further encourages weather resistance.

The Coleman instant tent features an extended awning that provides you with additional shade. Additionally, it has angled windows that encourage ventilation while keeping the rain out.

Accessing the tent is much easier as it features a hinged door that you can open and shut seamlessly.

There are multiple storage pockets inside to stash your small camping essentials. What’s more, it comes with a carry bag that lets you keep and transport it conveniently.
8 person coleman tent

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Key Highlights

  • Dome design
  • Weather-resistance rainfly
  • Extended awning
  • Angled windows
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Carry bag

2. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

The Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent promises a 15-minute setup, but it could also be less.

It is the only Coleman instant tent with battery-powered inbuilt LED lights for night vision. The LED lights come with three modes: low, high, and nightlight.

It measures 16 by 7 ft, roomy enough to fit three queen air mattresses. You can also fit eight sleeping bags comfortably.

This Coleman 8 person instant tent employs the WeatherTec system to keep you warm and dry. It also has an extended awning to provide you with additional shade and a dry place to keep some camping essentials.

Its fabric is 75D polyester that’s not just rip-resistant but also easy to clean and weather-proof.

It features a hinged door that allows you to enter and leave comfortably. The camping tent comes with four poles that give it a modified dome shape.

It’s available in green, blue, and black colors.
coleman 8 person instant tent

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Key Features

  • Inbuilt LED lights
  • Extended awning
  • Tough polyester
  • Dome design
  • Multiple colors

3. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Car Camping Tent is another spacious and weather-resistance tent that you’ll love.

The tent employs a WeatherTec system to keep you dry and comfortable. It features wind-strong frames and a waterproof floor.

Also, it features zipper cuffs that protect it against weather elements and has an overall weather-resistant fabric.

The outdoor structure measures 17 by 10 ft and is about 6ft high at the center. So, it’s spacious enough to accommodate eight users.

Plus, it comes with removable walls (room dividers) that allow you to create three spacious rooms.

The Coleman 8-Person instant tent is also easy to set up and generally takes 10-20 minutes to do it.
coleman instant tent

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Key Highlights

  • Three rooms
  • Wind-strong frames
  • Zipper cuffs
  • Waterproof floors
  • Weather-resistant fabric

4. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room | Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Pouch

The Evanston Camping tent with Screened-In Pouch by Coleman also employs the WeatherTec system, just like the other tents on the list, to keep you dry.

Its frames are wind-strong, and its floors are waterproof. There’s also a zipper cuff that also promotes its weather-resistance.

This camping tent comes in a unique dome shape and measures 15 by 12 ft to fit up to 8 sleeping bags or two queen air beds.

It generally takes 15 minutes to set the 8 person pop up tent up, all thanks to its simple design.

The tent has an extended awning to provide additional shade and a bug-free screened room where someone can also sleep.

Also, it comes with multiple storage pockets for stashing small essentials.
8 person instant tents

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Key Highlights

  • Wind-strong frames
  • Dome shape
  • Storage pockets
  • Extended awning
  • Screened room

5. Coleman 8-Person Tent | Instant Family Tent

The Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent is just as effortless to set up as the name is suggesting. It only takes a minute to put it up.

The camping tent measures 14 by 10 ft and is about 6’7″ high at the center. That makes one of the best picks for large families. You can fit two queen air beds or up to 8 sleeping bags in the tent.

Moreover, it features a room divider that allows you to partition the space and create a changing room.

The Coleman 8 person instant tent 14 x10 features large screened windows that keep insects out and give you a panoramic view of the outdoors. It also has thick waterproof walls that keep the rain out.

It enjoys multiple storage pockets for stashing small essentials. Plus, it employs the WeatherTec System to keep you dry and comfortable.

Additionally, it comes in black, blue, and brown color choices.
coleman 8 person instant tent 14 x10

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Key Highlights

  • Room divider
  • Storage pockets
  • Screened windows
  • Thick, waterproof walls
  • Multiple colors

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Buying Guide for the Best Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Are you wondering how I came up with the five Coleman 8-person instant tents? Well, here are the factors I considered:

  • Tent Capacity

The fact that we are talking about an 8-person capacity tent means going for the most spacious option. The tent should accommodate up to eight people either in sleeping bags or on air mattresses.

Speaking of air mattresses, most of the tents on my list allow you to fit 2-3 queen-size air mattresses. So, if you don’t mind sharing the bed, then each could occupy 3-4 people.

  • Ease of Setup

These tents are called instant tents because they are supposed to be easy to set up. However, you have to confirm that.

The tents on my list allow setting up with just these three simple steps:

  • Unfold the tent
  • Spread it out
  • Secure it on the ground

In general, you should take 20 minutes at most to set up a Coleman instant cabin 8 tent. Also, check for the takedown, which should also be stress-free.

  • Privacy8 person pop up tent

Though you are in the outdoors, privacy is of utmost importance. You should have at least one room where you can change.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consider Coleman tents with room dividers, sometimes known as removable walls. They allow you to create rooms within the tent that you can use for sleeping or changing.

Remember, room dividers shouldn’t be transparent. If they are, then they should come with covers that you can unfold.

  • Portability

Even though these tents accommodate up to eight users, they shouldn’t be bulky. You should be able to fold and pack it easily.

It should also be easy to transport, and that means going for a lightweight option. Additionally, check if it comes with a carry bag that you can use to carry it handily.

  • Build Quality

You need to pick an 8 person Coleman tent that has strong materials to guarantee long-term use. Starting with the poles and stakes, they should be wind-strong to resist damage by wind.

The fabric, on the other hand, should be tear-proof. So, preferably opt for polyester for its natural toughness.

  • Weather Resistance

Coleman is one of the few tent manufacturers who employ the WeatherTec system to make their tents weather-resistant. The technology is characterized by inverted seams and welded floors.  So, consider that.

The other thing you should consider is a rainfly. It not only protects you from the sun and wind but also the cold.

The fabric should also be waterproof, and this is where I recommend polyester.

  • Breathability

Seeing that you’ll be camping as a large group, the air quality needs to be okay. That can be the case if there’s adequate ventilation.

For starters, check to confirm that there are adequate windows and doors. Also, look for mesh panels as they also encourage air circulation.coleman tents 8 person

Remember, the more breathable your tent is, the more comfortable you can sleep. Moreover, it protects you from stuffiness-related respiratory issues. 

  • Pockets

You require a tent that allows you to stash small camping essentials. So, look for an option with multiple pockets. Luckily, that’s what you get from the Coleman instant tents on my list.

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FAQs About the Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

1. What’s An All-Season Camping Tent?

All-season tents are camping tents that you can use at any time of the year. They come with mesh panels to encourage ventilation and rainfly to resist bad weather.

Also, the tents are sturdily-built to resist wind damage, and they are lightweight to allow you to carry them on your travels.

When looking at all these attributes, it is right to argue that the above Coleman instant tents are all-season tents.

2. Which Is The Best Fabric For Instant Tents?

Tents come in different materials, and one of the best picks is polyester. The material is lightweight, and so it’s easily packable and transportable.

Polyester is also easy to clean and tends to dry much faster. So, you can count on it to keep your camping stuff dry. Additionally, the material is affordable.

The biggest drawback is that polyester can fade over time. Plus, it tends to make some noise when the wind blows because of being lightweight.

Another top consideration is the canvas (cotton). Canvas offers excellent insulation and prevents condensation. So, you are likely to feel warmer and stay dry in a canvas tent.

The fabric is also durable and doesn’t fade quickly. The downside is that the canvas is slightly heavy and bulky. Furthermore, it soaks longer, and so it takes time to dry, unlike polyester.

You can also consider nylon, which has almost the same properties as polyester.

3. How Can I Clean My Coleman Instant Tent?

Routine cleaning of a Coleman instant tent calls for the use of water and mild soap. You should avoid bleach or any other strong detergent as they can damage and fade the fabric.

Also, please don’t use an abrasive material to clean it. Instead, use a sponge as it’s gentle and does a great job.

4. How Can I Maintain My Coleman Instant Tent?

It would be best if you looked after your instant tent the way you do your bedroom. For starters, you should clean it regularly.

And after cleaning, ensure the tent dries appropriately. Never should you keep a wet tent as it could easily attract mildew.

While opening and closing the zipper, you should do it gently, not to damage it. And if you accidentally break the zip, ensure you fix it.

It’s also important not to leave the tent exposed to the sun for long as that can damage and fade the fabric.

5. Can I Use A Coleman Instant Camping Tent In The Garden?

 Yes, you can use a Coleman instant tent in the garden. It’s essential, however, that you don’t leave it outside for long. While too much sunshine can damage and fade the fabric, rain can make it damp and attract mold.

The material type also has a say in all that. If you go for polyester, for example, then you’ll have no problem using the tent in the garden.


Now you know which Coleman 8-Person instant tent to buy. So, you can consider all the five options and choose what suits you the most.

If you have a problem deciding, consider my buying guide. You should be able to buy the most spacious, breathable, portable, and weather-resistant instant tent.

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Best Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

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