Best Bike Seats for Big Guys | Bicycle Seats for Plus Size

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Best Bike Seats for Big Guys | Bicycle Seats for Plus Size

bicycle seats for plus size

It’s irrefutable that cycling can help a big guy lose weight. It’s also irrefutable that the best bike seats for big guys make a huge difference.

For one, the best bike seat saves you from butt pain, nerve numbness, butt soreness, and other discomforts. In doing so, it becomes easy to cycle for longer and have fun while at it.

Plus, most big guy bike seats come with special features like spring suspension, seat recession, and seat ventilation, which hugely improve your seating comfort.

We’ll look at how the three features and a couple of others influence your riding experience and buying decision. Not only will I share smart buying tips, but I’ll also reveal the five best bicycle seats for plus size.

Click any of the hot big-guy bike seats on the list below.

In a Rush? Here are Our Top Picks

Buying Guide for the Best Bike Seats for Big Guys

Consider the below factors when shopping for a big-guy bike seat:

  • Seat Durability

You want a bike seat that you can use for some time. So, everything about its construction should promise durability.

Starting with the seat covering, it should be scratch-resistant and weatherproof, preferably leather.

The trails should be strong, preferably steel or titanium. Also, the under-seat suspension should be durable.

  • Seat Paddingbest bike seat for overweight

It’s hard to talk about the best bike seat for overweight men without mentioning the one thing that matters the most; comfort.

And when it comes to seat comfort, you have to consider the padding (cushioning) material.

Just make sure you don’t go for excessive cushioning, as it may mean unnecessary pressure on your butt. Likewise, it shouldn’t be too thin as the seat will feel firmer and harder on your butt.

  • Seat Width

The mere fact that you have huge butts means you have to get an extra wide bike seat. If you go narrow, the bike seat will feel pressing and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, if you go wider, then you’ll have more seating area. Also, wider seats tend to have more cushioning that translates to greater comfort.

You have to ensure that the seat’s nose is not narrower, as I explain below.

  • Narrow/Small Nose

Given that you are huge, it’s inevitable that your thighs will rub against the saddle’s nose at some point. The resultant friction can be uncomfortable for you and may result in a painful cycling experience.

To avoid a painful impact on your thighs, consider bike seats for fat people with a narrow or smaller nose. You’ll significantly reduce possible discomfort.

Additional Considerations

  • Seat Suspension

As a big guy, you tend to put a lot of weight on the bike seat, resulting in an uncomfortable experience on bumps.

That’s why you need a bike seat with suspension. The suspension absorbs shocks and vibrations whenever you hit a bump or go through rugged terrain.

So, you get to go through all the outdoor ruggedness smoothly, like it’s nothing.

  • Seat Ventilation

Remember, your butts and thighs are likely to rub against the seat. So, in case you ride for long hours, you are likely to over-heat there.

With adequate ventilation, however, cool air flows and neutralizes the heat. In effect, the seat becomes more breathable and comfortable.

So, ensure you check for proper ventilation when shopping for the most comfortable bike seat for overweight men.

  • Ease of Installationmountain bike seats for big guys

The last thing you would want is a seat that won’t fit on your bike. It’s not only a waste of money, but it can also frustrate you when you try to mount it.

Therefore, ensure you get an option that is easy to install. Luckily, most bike seats for big bottoms come with universal fits, which means they are compatible with standard bikes’ seat posts.

  • Seat Recession

Generally, you need a seat with a slight deep (recession) if you are a man to prevent friction around the thigh area. The provision is, however, optional when it comes to women.

In addition to reducing friction, a seat recession promotes extra ventilation, making the seat cooler and more comfortable.

So, long-distance rides become more enjoyable.

5 Best Bike Seats for Big Guys

In consideration of the discussed buying guide; here are the best bike seats for plus size riders.

1. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Saddle – Best Bike Seat for Big Men

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Saddle
  • Cruiser bicycle saddle designed for serious comfort
  • Dual-density gel foam padding is soft and forgiving
  • Chrome coil spring suspension helps smooth out bumps
  • Universal design installs on any standard seat post
  • Measures 10-1/2 inches long by 10-1/2 inches wide

The Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle promises plus-size men the most comfortable and safest riding experience.

This anatomical-relief saddle is probably the best bike seat for your balls right now.

For starters, it comes with a coil spring suspension that absorbs shock when you ride through potholes and bumps.

Even better, the seat features dual-density gel foam padding that feels super-soft and highly comfortable. The cushioning conforms to your seat bones’ shape, offering you adequate pain relief.

Sunlite Cloud-9 enjoys a universal fit, making it easy to install on the seat post of any standard bike.

Dimension-wise, the seat measures 10-1/2 by 10-1/2 inches. Thus, it is extra-wide to provide your butt with a roomy seating area.

Highlight Features

  • Anatomical-relief design
  • Universal fit
  • Dual-density padding
  • Install-ready
  • Wider size

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2. Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat – Best Bike Seat for Plus Size Women

Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat
  • Comfort: Ride off into the sunset on a thick padded cushion supported by dual...
  • Universal Replacement: Regardless of what make or model you ride, this bike seat...
  • Works On Exercise Bike: Spend a lot of time spinning? Would your workout last...
  • Complete Installation Kit: This mountain bike seat cushion comes with an...
  • Gift: Know anyone who spends more time peddling on their bike than they do on...

If you are a plus-size woman looking for the most comfortable bike seat, you can’t go wrong with the Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat.

This big butt bike seat comes thickly-padded with foam and feels soft for your maximum seating comfort.

It’s one of the best seats for bumpy roads, thanks to its built-in dual-spring suspension.

The saddle is broader and comes with a design that suits the female anatomy. Its nose is narrow to reduce friction with the thighs, improving your overall cycling comfort.

Due to its foam-rich cushioning and broader dimensions, the Bikeroo Bike Seat promotes a pain-free long ride.

Mounting this bike seat is a piece of cake, thanks to its universal fit. So, you can mount it on your hybrid bike, road cycle, cruiser, mountain bike, or exercise bike.

It comes ready-to-install as you’ll receive its mounting tools, installation guide, and video tutorials (via email).

Moreover, the bike seat doesn’t weigh more than 1.45 pounds, meaning it won’t make your bicycle heavy.

Highlight Features

  • Thick-foam padding
  • Dual-spring suspension
  • Wider surface with a narrow nose
  • Universal fit
  • Installation-ready

3. Giddy Up! Bike Seat – Best Shock-Absorbing Bike Seat for Big Guys

Giddy Up! Bike Seat
8,305 Reviews
Giddy Up! Bike Seat

  • COMFORTABLE and SAFE ride as well as the best riding experience ever.

Giddy Up rarely disappoints, and this new innovative shock-absorbing bike seat for heavy rider is proof of that.

The Giddy Up Bike Seat has so many exciting features to leverage.

For starters, the seat features thick memory foam padding to cushion your butt maximally. The foam also conforms to seat bones’ shape, thus highly comfortable.

On the outer is a protective leather cover that also maintains the seat’s shape. When it comes to cleaning the bike seat, you only need to remove the cover and clean it.

Giddy Up has included a shock-absorbing ball in the seat to give you a smooth ride on bumpy terrains. There’s also a reflective band and an LED taillight that improves your safety at night.

Giddy Up Bike Seat comes in a universal fit to allow you to fit it on any seat post of a standard bike.

Overall, the installation is easy, given that the bike seat comes with a mounting wrench, an installation eBook, and all install parts.

Highlight Features

  • Protective leather cover
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Reflective band
  • LED tail light
  • Shock-absorbing tail
  • Universal fit

4. Brooks England Bike Saddle – Best Handmade Bike Seat for Big Guys

Brooks England Bike Saddle
1,486 Reviews
Brooks England Bike Saddle
  • HANDMADE IN ENGLAND- Manufactured using 100 year old traditional techniques and...
  • SPORT CYCLIST PREFERRED – The B17 has long been the first choice of sporting...
  • NATURAL VENTILATION- The pores of the vegetable tanned leather give the B17...
  • COMFORTABLE DURABILITY- The chrome frame, stainless steel rivets and black steel...
  • TOURING BAG ACCESSIBLE- The seat bag loop in the back is a perfect match for...

How about you try a handmade leather seat? Well, the Brooks England Bike Saddle is fantastic in every sense.

For starters, the seat cover is all leather, which means it’s a durable all-weather choice. This bike saddle is handmade in the U.K and is built from the finest vegetable-tanned pure leather.

It has a sporty touch to it, which makes it agreeable with road racing and recreational bikes.

On the leather are several pores that improve its natural vibration. So, you get to stay cool throughout the ride.

The seat also features stainless steel rails and rivets that make it super-strong to hold your plus-size weight. The steel framework also helps the bike seat to maintain its shape even after placing your vast weight.

In the back is a seat bag loop that allows you to hook your touring bag when commuting.

Brooks England B17 is available in stylish titanium, black steel, imperial, among other choices.

Highlight Features

  • Handmade leather
  • Natural ventilation
  • Stainless steel rivets and rails
  • Seat bag loop
  • Sporty look
  • Stylish options

5. Puroma Bicycle Dual Spring Saddle – Best Budget Bike Seat for Big Guys

Puroma Bicycle Dual Spring Saddle
1,848 Reviews
Puroma Bicycle Dual Spring Saddle

  • Durable and comfortable saddle: The bicycle seat cushion is filled with memory foam. Made of polyurethane, the surface is smooth and comfortable and has an excellent elasticity.
  • Ergonomic design: The bicycle saddle has a beautiful line design, which allows you to be naturally comfortable when riding without blocking the movement of your thighs.
  • Reflective Sticker Design: The saddle with reflective stickers will reflect red light when illuminated by lights at night, ensuring your safety during night travel.
  • Easy to install: Installation tools are included in the package, comes with a wrench and rail clamp for your easy and quick installation.
  • Fit for most bikes:Fits the joint standard seat post, such as mountain bike, road bike, folding bike.

If you are on a budget but are looking to buy a decent bike seat, the Puroma Bicycle Dual Spring Saddle is worth your cash.

This budget-bike bike seat is as durable as they come. It comes with a leather cover that protects it against scratches and bad weather.

It’s wide enough and assumes an ergonomic shape to guarantee optimal seating relaxation.

Thanks to its soft foam padding, you can sit for long hours without discomforts. Its cushioning takes a slight dip at the center to reduce pressure and boost your comfort.

Plus, it features a dual-spring suspension that buffers you against shock when you go through bumps and potholes.

Interestingly, you get to stay safe at night, thanks to the seat’s reflective strip. The saddle is easy to install, given that it comes with a rail, clamp wrench, and everything else necessary for its mounting.

Furthermore, it has a universal fit, which makes it compatible with seat posts of standard bikes.

Highlight Features

  • Waterproof protective cover
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Dual-spring suspension
  • Reflective strip
  • Installation-ready
  • Universal fit

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What Is the Most Comfortable Bike Seat for a Man?

The most bike seat for a man should be well-cushioned, sizeable, and should come with correct suspension. That, without a doubt, describes the following bike seats:

  1. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Saddle
  2. Giddy Up! Bike Seat
  3. Brooks England Bike Saddle
  4. Puroma Bicycle Dual Spring Saddle

Is a Bigger Bike Seat Better?

Bigger bike seats offer a bigger butt area, something that’s important for big guys. However, the bike seat shouldn’t be so massive as that’ll mean more friction, and it can get uncomfortable.

In particular, the seat nose should be narrower to reduce friction.

Overall, large bicycle seats have more padding, thus highly comfortable.

Is Cycling Good for Your Butt?

If your goal is to shed weight, YES, cycling is good for your butt. Cycling combines fat-shedding cardio with muscle-gain resistance to encourage butt fat loss and glutes build.

It’s, however, important that you cycle more frequently to realize the best results.

Why are Bicycle Seats So Hard?

Some bicycle seats are so hard to reduce soft tissue pressure. When you sit on a soft saddle over a long distance, you put some unnecessary strain on your soft tissues, making the seat bones feel painful.

So, overall, long-distance mountain bike seats for big guys should have fewer cushioning than short-trip bike saddles.

How Can I Make My Bike Seat More Comfortable?

You can eliminate saddle discomforts using these smart tips:

  • Upgrading to a thinly-padded or wider saddle
  • Adjusting the saddle’s tilt
  • Wearing the right biking gears, especially cycling shorts
  • Continue riding the bike until you get used to its feel
  • Change the seat cover and go for a more comfortable option

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Closing Thought

Every big guy deserves the most comfortable bike seat. There are no two ways to it.

The trick is to shop wisely, and that’s where my guide comes in. But still, you can avoid all the stress by picking any of the bike seats for big guys on my list.

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