Best U Lock Bike Mount For Safety.

It’s pretty obvious that security of a bicycle is a serious affair for bike enthusiasts. Perhaps, you understand that bicycle theft is a common vice in the streets.

You sit down somewhere to suck your favorite sugar-free mint candy on a sweaty day. Your bicycle is leaning on a tree trunk.

Without knowing, there’s a crazy-head watching every single move you make. And, definitely, calculating the way he’ll pounce the handlebars and disappear.

Guess what? That’s what exactly happens. Especially if you are not keeping a keen eye on the happenings.

But that’s that if you don’t lock your bike – the reason why I have organized this information here.

There are a number of locks you can buy on the market. One of them is the U-lock that comes with a great reputation.

The U-lock is designed to be sturdy and very functional. The only problem is that many cyclists opt to carry their locks somewhere in the backpack.

This can be distracting in terms of weight issues. However, in this article, I will zoom in on U-lock bike mount (s).

It’s straightforward that these brackets would come in handy whether you are commuting to your place of work or enjoying a leisure race in the countryside.

Why Should You Buy a U-Lock Bike Mount?

The benefits of buying a U-lock bike mount are self-explained. To start, you will notice the weight falls down considerably.

This is for the guys who stash their locks in the backpack pockets. Most of the times, the lock adds significant mass on the back.

And no one wants to be happy with a few extra pounds stacked on their backs as they ride. Thanks for the mount, however, this will be a long-dead story.

The other thoughts why you need to have a u-lock mount is to ensure that your back always gets locked. You can’t chest-thumb that you are the keenest of sight and no thief can beat you.

Simply, you don’t want to take the risk of leaving your bike unlocked. There are many miserable people outside in the streets waiting for any weakness to take advantage of.

So, save your little road bike.

Also, experienced cyclists would tell you that the general weight of a bike shifts forward with the fitted into the bracket. Normally, there’s poor weight distribution on the bike caused by simply stashing a lock in the backpack.

Security translates to peace of mind. And a good bike lock holder is going to make sure that you have your lock every place you move to.

If you have been throwing your lock into your pants pockets, a mounting bracket will make it the last time to ever do that. Seriously there are guys who can never risk and would do anything to carry along these security accessories.

Here are the Different Places to Attach U-Lock Bike Mount.

1.   The Handlebars

The U-lock is attached to the handlebar area. Although this arrangement is not the best for most cyclists since there’s always going to be a clutter.

It’s important that you keep the handlebars without too much weight and stuff. Remember it already has a bell and a light – there is not much space for other accessories.

2.   Seat Tube

If you want the better placement of the mount bracket, a seat tube is worth the consideration. The only thing you don’t want to do is to leave your U-lock to interfere with your legs and pedal during a ride.

This spot for attaching the mount is also ideal for weight distribution.

3.   Under the Rack

The bike may come with either a front rack or a back/rear rack. Regardless of which one it has, it’s definitely a point to keep your U-lock for bicycle.

4.   Top Tube

You can attach your U-lock on the top tube of the bike. Of course, if the bike hasn’t got this tube, you are not going to be able to apply this option.

Once the lock is fitted, you will not have any riding issues. Because this is one of the perfect spots to install a u-lock.

5.   Down Tube

One thing you can be sure about this place of attachment is its convenience. Except only if there is a water bottle cage.

Otherwise, it’s probably the best position to locate the lock. With your bulky U-lock placed in this part of the bike, your weight distribution is absolutely balanced.

The bicycle adopts a natural forward-moving orientation.

6.   Under the Saddle

Where the space under the saddle allows or is enough, you can always keep your lock there. It’s one of the places you want to consider first before installing a lock bracket.

You will not even feel if there is something there.

Best U Lock Bike Mount Reviews

1.   Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame

Kryptonite is one of the best u-lock holders and it’s regarded to be easy to install and use for holding the lock. Once you install the Kryptonite system successfully, it won’t be troublesome.

It works with many market u-locks. And it can hold any locks with 13mm or 16 mm shaped shackles.

The 360 degrees rotation are useful for lock angle adjustment necessary for finding the best bicycle geometry.

This mounting bracket can be installed in different locations on the frame. Kryptonite Transit Flexframe-U Bicycle Bracket

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2.   Onguard Clamp Bracket Lock

This TwistLock QR Mounting Bracket comes with the easiness to use. With the clamping mechanism that makes attaching the lock on the bracket an efficient one, this mount is just what a person needs.

The bracket has a plastic part that keeps the lock in place. You can release the lock mechanism by pushing the bicycle lock holder release lever and twist.

This is a universal accessory that can hold a variety of U-locks. Onguard Clamp Bracket Lock

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3.   Huldit Bike U-Lock Holder

It is hard not to mention Huldit D Lock Holder, which is popular among users for great adjustability. This is not just a lock holder for U-locks; other lock types and objects can also be accommodated here, thanks to the adjustable high-quality straps.

You don’t need to worry about the diameter of your frame tubes. The straps have enough room to adjust for different frame thicknesses.

Huldit bike holder is durable because it’s made from polypropylene material. It is resistant to hostile weather elements, while the fabric is UV protected.  Huldit Bike U-Lock Holder, D Lock Holder, Lock Mount, (Huld it)

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4.   TwoFish Lockblocks U-Lock Mount

The TwoFish Lockblocks U-lock bike mount provides the much-needed support when it comes to carrying the U locks in place. Whether you are riding on that upcountry rough road, jumping over curbs and bumps.

Yet the lock is still held in place just perfectly. This is because the Velcro on the straps of the mount is extremely secure which also means that the brackets can be fastened really tight and well.

TwoFish Lockblocks is designed to work on the handlebars. So placing it elsewhere won’t serve its original purpose. TwoFish Lockblocks U-Lock Mount

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best U-Lock Bike Mount

It’s important that you check out for a few things before setting your hand on one option. I have prepared the following tips to help you with decision making.

  1. Versatility

Versatile bike lock mounts can be used on different kinds of locks: U locks, cable locks and even for holding other objects.

You can always consider that mount which fits different thickness levels. Such lock mounts have flexible and highly-adjustable straps that can accommodate a variety of locks and their thicknesses.

  1. Durability

Check for accessories made of high-quality materials. Durable mounts should be able to resist the tough elements of weather.

That is, they shouldn’t fall off while in extreme terrain. That’s the mark of true quality.

  1. Easy Usage

You also want to try and get a U-lock mounting bracket which is easy to assemble and use. When assembling, attaching different components should be a breeze.

The same thing is supposed to be seen when fitting the lock itself. The mount should allow for easy installation.

Dismounting the lock ought to be an easy task as well.

  1. Reviews and Rating

The other thing that would help you get the best mounting bracket is the reviews and ratings by the previous customers and users. You can check on the Amazon reviews and feedbacks as provided by the different users.

Those people are in a great position to inform whether a certain bracket is the best or is not. Don’t overlook these reviews.

Of course, you don’t want to rely only and completely on these reviews. But, definitely, they should form the basis of things to help you make a good choice.

Final Verdict

Buying a U-lock bike mount is not a far-fetched mission for cyclists who only want convenience and also to keep their valued assets safe and secure. There is no need for buying a bike only for you to lose it a few months later.

However, this article has outlined a few models of the bike mounting brackets that you can try having them on your bike. Note the right parts of the bike to install – what works well under a rack may not be good on the handlebars etc.

Otherwise, all the best in your search for the best u-lock bike lock.

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