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It might come as a surprise, but you can get the best road bike helmet under 100. So, you don’t havebest cheap bike helmet to sacrifice your safety on the road to save on cash.

Not only are my top recommendations the most affordable, but also among the safest. They comply with the consumer product safety commission (CPSC) standards, thus safe.

I’ve also gone ahead to verify that they meet other fundamentals like comfort, moisture-wicking, and shock-absorption.

So, I do not doubt that you’ll be spending cheaply but wisely when you get one of the helmets on my hotlist. More importantly, you’ll be safe on the roads.

How about we start with the things to look for in the best budget bike helmet?

In a hurry? Check out your best cycling helmet under $1000 below.

5 Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

  1. GIRO Register MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet – Best Overall

  2. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet – Best Value Bike Helmet

  3. TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet – Most Lightweight

  4. Bell Formula MIPS Road Bike Helmet – Best Cheap Bike Helmet

  5. LAZER Helmet Blade+ – Best For Night Rides

Things To Look For In The Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

Here is a buying guide you can use to find the safest helmet on a budget:

  • Road Safetybest budget bike helmet

The cycling helmet that you buy must meet all necessary safety requirements. For starters, look for the consumer product safety commission (CPSC) sticker.

It’s advisable to do so if you are in the United States. The CPSC certification shows that a particular helmet is safe.

Also, check to see if the helmet is MIPS (multidirectional impact protection system)-compliant. It shows that the helmet reduces head rotation forces, resulting in maximum head protection.

  • Protection

Remember, your brain is one area susceptible to an injury during a crash. For that reason, you need a helmet that can offer you adequate protection.

So, the outer shell should feature a rigid material like polycarbonate. Such a material absorbs impact, keeping you safe during a crash.

  • Good Fit

You want the best bicycle helmet that comfortably fits on your head. There shouldn’t be any pinch points when you put it on.

So, you must get the size right as you’ll be wearing the helmet for long hours.

Luckily, most helmets come in a variety of sizes. With sizing options, it’s easier to find a bike helmet that fits you well.

Also, watch out for the helmet strapping that snugly fits it on your head.

  • Comfort

In addition to fitting correctly on your head, the helmet has to feel comfortable.

For starters, check its interior to see if it has adequate cushioning. Look at the padding material to ensure it offers your head ample shock protection.

Preferably, the padding should be removable for easy cleaning. Additionally, the padding should have moisture-wicking potential to keep you dry when you sweat.

More Considerations

  • Air Circulation

You are generally likelier to cycle a lot during the summer. As a result, you are likely to sweat.
best road bike helmet under 100
The problem with sweat is that it makes you uncomfortable. That’s why you need a natural way to cool yourself while cycling.

Fortunately, that’s possible with air vents that are typical with most road bike helmets. The channels ensure that air flows almost seamlessly as you enjoy your ride under the hot sun.

  • Light Weight

The helmet can only be comfortable if it’s lightweight. Most bike helmets feature a polycarbonate shell, which is naturally light. So, it’s pivotal that you check the construction material.

The other thing that you need to check is the helmet weight under the product specs. Most helmets weigh 0.5-1.5 pounds, which is undoubtedly lightweight. So, consider the range.

  • Retention System

Nowadays, road cycling helmets come with a retention system that offers you a snug fit. So, even if the helmet is not your perfect size, a retention system allows it to fit comfortably.

You wouldn’t want to wear a helmet that stubbornly moves on your head, and that’s why the retention system is essential.

The technology includes a central dial for adjusting the helmet according to your head size.

Best Cycling Helmets Under 100 Reviewed

Here are my top picks:

1. GIRO Register MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet – Best Overall

You expect the best bike helmet under 100 to come in a rugged, safe design. Well, that’s what you get from the GIRO Register MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet.

This helmet is self-tested in GIRO’s leading helmet testing labs, thus proven to be safe. It features an in-mold polycarbonate shell to protect your head against massive impact.

Plus, it employs MIPS technology to protect your brain from rotation forces following a crash.

With the cycling helmet featuring 22 air vents, you get to stay dry and comfortable in the summer.

It’s available in multiple colors and sizes to suit adults of different head sizes.

Inside, there’s quick-drying padding to provide you with ample cushioning and shock absorption. There’s also a rich EPS core lining that enhances your comfort.

The GIRO Register MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet enjoys a retention system, which gives you a snug fit. So, it’s easy to fit it on your head and wear it for long.

Overall, the cycling helmet weighs not more than 1.5 pounds and comes in a unisex design.

best bike helmet under 100
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Highlight Features

  • In-mold polycarbonate shell
  • MIPS compliant
  • 22 air channels
  • Quick-drying padding
  • EPS core lining
  • Retention system

2. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet – Best Value Bike Helmet

Kask is known to manufacture the most innovative biking helmets, and the Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet is a perfect example.

This unique bike helmet features a polycarbonate outer shell, innovatively joined with a polystyrene cap to give you optimal shock absorption.

So, both the outer and inner layer of the helmet protects your brain from impact energy.

The helmet weighs not more than 1 pound and is available in multiple stylish colors like Fuschia, lime, anthracite, and light blue.

The Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet has a powerful retention system that gives you a comfortable snug fit.

On it are 24 large air vents that facilitate air cooling to keep you dry after sweating.

The inner part is lined with moisture-wicking pads to give you extra cushioning. Since the pads are washable, you get to keep your helmet clean and odor-free.

This Italian helmet is 100% handmade. So, it generally feels like it’s worth a lot more, giving you better value for money.

best cycling helmets under 100
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Highlight Features

  • Polycarbonate outer shell
  • Washable inner pads
  • Powerful retention system
  • 100% Italian
  • 24 air channels
  • Lightweight design

3. TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet – Most Lightweight

The TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet is another safety-assuring bike helmet that gives you value for money. TeamObsidian takes this helmet through a three-step engineering process to test for its safety.

This bike helmet comes in the most rugged construction you can imagine. Its exterior shell is skeleton-reinforced to give it a rigid protective design. So, you can count on it for maximum shock absorption.

Air circulation is never a concern when wearing the TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet, thanks to its 22 air vents.

It comes in a low profile design, which means it is lightweight. The helmet doesn’t weigh more than 0.6 pounds, making it the lightest on my list.

The matte black helmet suits not only adult road cyclists but also passionate teenager bikers.

It features a detachable visor that protects your eyes from direct sun. Inside, there are washable pads that give you maximum cushioning.

With this helmet featuring a quick-release strap, it fits on the head almost seamlessly. So, you get to have a snug fit.

TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet is available in a variety of sizes and comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

best bicycle helmet
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Highlight Features

  • Skeleton reinforced outer shell
  • Washable inner pads
  • Detachable visor
  • Adjustable strap
  • 22 air channels

4. Bell Formula MIPS Road Bike Helmet – Best Cheap Bike Helmet

Consider this pick if you are looking for the most budget-friendly road bike helmet without compromising on safety.

The Bell Formula MIPS Road Bike Helmet is MIPS-equipped, and so it promises shock absorption during a crash. It generally prevents brain injury.

Its outer polycarbonate shell is in-molded to give it a sturdier and protective design.

The Bell Formula MIPS Road Bike Helmet comes in a lightweight design and relishes an aerodynamic design that enables it to overcome wind drag.

A quick-adjust rubber fastener is present to give you a snug fit.

The helmet features a sweat guide pad that wicks sweat away from your eyewear. Its inner EPS lining not only enhances your head comfort but also absorbs impact energy.

This bike helmet features 19 air vents that circulate cold air as you cycle. It’s CPSC-certified, weighs not more than 1.4 pounds, and comes in various sizes and colors.

 inexpensive bike helmet
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Highlight Features

  • MIPS-equipped
  • CPSC-compliant
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell
  • 19 air vents
  • Adjustable rubber fit system
  • Sweat guide pad
  • EPS lining

5. LAZER Helmet Blade+ – Best For Night Rides

If you are looking for a helmet to use in your daily commuting and weekend fun rides, you cannot go wrong with the LAZER Helmet Blade+.

You also cannot go wrong with buying this helmet for occasional night rides. That’s because it features a rear Z-LED that makes you visible at night.

The helmet enjoys an ARS Fit System that gives it a comfortable fit while eliminating pressure points.

It has 22 air vents that facilitate sufficient airflow to keep you dry and comfortable. Its foam lining and rugged outer shell promise maximum protection.

This inexpensive bike helmet is CPSC-certified, which only confirms its safety compliance.

LAZER has included a powerful retention system in the helmet to give it a perfect snug fit. It weighs 1.21 pounds, which makes it undoubtedly lightweight.

Moreover, it has a narrow shape that gives it a more aerodynamic shape to resist wind drag.

LAZER Helmet Blade+
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Highlight Features

  • Rear Z-LED
  • ARS Fit System
  • 22 air vents
  • CPSC-compliant
  • Narrow shape
  • Powerful retention system


1. What Makes The Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100?

You have to factor in several things when shopping for a budget road bike helmet. For starters, the helmet has to be safe.

It should protect your head from massive impact, and that’s why you should consider helmets that are MIPS-compliant.

The helmet should also fit well and feel comfortable. So, look for a retention system, inner pads, and a lighter weight.

2. Which Are The Best Helmets Under 100?

Based on factors like a good fit, road safety, comfort, and good air circulation, here are the best helmets under $100:

3. What Label Should I Look For In A Budget Road Bike Helmet?

The most significant label is the CPSC sticker that you can find on the helmet’s inside. That’s important if you are buying a helmet sold within the U.S.

The sticker shows that the helmet meets the federal safety standards, therefore safe.

4. How Can I Identify A Safe Budget Road Bike Helmet?

A safe budget helmet should meet the federal’s safety standards. In the U.S, it needs to be CPSC-compliant.

The helmet should also absorb impact shock and offer adequate brain protection. So, consider options employing MIPS technology.

5. How Can I Pick A Road Bike Helmet That Fits?

For starters, buy a helmet that matches your head size. You can take out a tape measure and tie it around your head to determine its circumference.

Then match the measurement with the helmet’s inner readings.

Also, check out the retention system as it gives the helmet a snug fit.


In Conclusion

It takes a lot of digging to find the best road bike helmet under 100. Lucky for you, I’ve done the hard part by offering you a buying guide.

Even better, I have reviewed the best budget helmets above for you to pick one. So, take advantage of the information to stay safe on the roads.

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