What’s The Best Platform Pedals Under 50 Dollars

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What’s The Best Platform Pedals Under 50 Dollars

Best Platform Pedals Under 50 Dollars

Can I get best platform pedals under 50? Why are platform pedals this expensive? Well, this question honestly escapes me…

But there’s something I have realized in my time with bikes…you always have an odd chance of landing a gem- cheaply- with a bit of digging.

And that’s the challenge I took when I was compiling my list of the best platform pedals under 50.

How was my experience?

Okay, I can say for sure that things are slowly changing with the entry of more manufacturers.

And soon, more bike accessories may become more affordable.

But for now we are interested in platforms costing below $50- and you’ll meet them right here.

However, let’s first get the basics out of our way.

In a hurry? Find the hottest budget platform pedals below:

5 Best Platform Pedals Under 50

  1. RockBros Lightweight Platform Pedal: Best for BMX

  2. Imrider Platform Pedals: Best for All Standard Bikes

  3. RaceFace Platform Pedal: Best for Mountain Bikes

  4. VP Components Platform Pedals: Best for All Trails

  5. Footer Platform Pedals: Most Durable Pick

What’s A Platform Pedal?

A platform pedal is a pedal designed with a larger flat area for your feet to rest on as you ride. These pedals offer more support when pedaling regardless of the terrain or the shoe you’re wearing and are preferred by a host of riders because of their functionality and simplicity.

Budget Vs Expensive platform Pedals.

Budget platform bike pedals models could be made of aluminum or steel and may include reflectors to enhance your safety when riding at night as well as to help compliance with set traffic laws.

Though some of the affordable platform pedals are, in general, difficult to rebuild, there is an increasing number of rebuildable models.

In contrast, the more expensive long platform pedals come with replaceable parts such as cartridge bearings and metal traction pins.

VP Bike Pedals

Recent modifications include the lightweight platform pedals optimized for the best experience in downhill cycling or freeriding and are made from costly materials such as magnesium.

Advantages Of Using The Best Platform Pedal Compared To Other Pedals

Riders go for the best platform pedals for various reasons and have clear advantages;

  • Improved Technical Riding

Flat pedals allow you to quickly lift your feet from the pedal. This makes learning technical riding easier as you will be able to engage in tricks like track standing and bunny hops without much struggle.

They even give you a greater cornering clearance, important for track biking.

  • Convenience

You can wear any type of shoe with them so the inconveniences of having to carry a spare pair to wear at the destination become a thing of the past.

Again if you had stopped on a challenging climb, it’s easier to get moving again with flat pedals.

  • More Confidence

Since they upgrade your technical handling, you will feel safer. This boosts your riding confidence and motivates you to try out new things further improving your expertise. For mountain bikers, such confidence can help avoid crashes.

  • Easier To Bail Off

The design of platform pedals means you can easily get off the bicycle if matters come to a head.

This is helpful for starters, downhill, dirt jump, and freeriding.

Different Types Of Platform Pedals

Platform pedals have really advanced and there’s now more choice in terms of types and pricing.

You can pick the cheaper disposable plastic units for your test ride or go high-end with the sleek downhill models.

That said, you’re riding style and type of bike will influence your choice.

Let’s skim through the popular types…

1. Best Mtb Platform Pedals

If you want to become an expert mountain biker, flat pedals are the surest bet.

Their shape and construction forces you to upgrade your handling skills in an effective and stylish way.

best mtb platform pedals under $50

And the best mtb platform pedals are optimized for this.

A good number feature cleats (in a 2-hole design) with screws securing the cleats to the twin tracks or slots, if you are wearing a compatible shoe.

This means you can easily achieve a good angle for maximum comfort by sliding the cleat back/forth as necessary.

If you would like to see an example in action, check out the Crankbrother’s Mallet Race platform Pedal

2. Best Platform Pedals Road Bikebest flat pedals under 50

Flat pedals for road bikes come with impressive teeth to help it stick into your shoe’s treads so as to improve the grip.

Most, including the popular Wellgo touring platform pedals for road bike are light weight, quite strong, and look the part when fixed on road bikes.

Their layout is such that you can ride without expending too much energy thanks to the wide platform and their sure connection to your road bike

3. Shimano Platform PedalsSHIMANO-PD-A530

The now famous 2-hole design was pioneered by Shimano and is actually known as the “SPD” (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) pedal system.

The company has subsequently remained a market leader by virtue of their experience and even though there are other players, their platform pedals are still very impressive.

Indeed, one of the best-selling platform pedals ever – the PD-A530 SPD Platform Bike Pedal– is a Shimano.

4. Best Platform Pedals BMX Bike

For the BMX, the best platform pedals are build stronger so as to withstand the pressure as you attempt the fun tricks.

For example, the RockBros Lightweight Platform Pedal (see below) is made of sturdy nylon fiber to withstand rusting and wear.

Some also come with smooth anti-skid nails to avoid harming the shoes and to improve their grasp.

Top 5 Best Platform Pedals Under 50 Dollars.

Let’s now meet the best budget platform pedals

1. RockBros Lightweight Platform Pedal for BMX/ MTB 9/16

This is made of a sturdy nylon fiber surface and high-strength Cr-Mo spindles making them shock-proof, corrosion, and abrasion resistance.

I previously mentioned about the handy anti-skid nails and you will find them here (on either side) so the grip is awesome even when battling a muddy ride.

The mountain bike platform pedals incorporate a sealed bearing to protect the spindles from dust and water so noise and other problems that haunt one when cycling in rain or climbing are rare here.

The platform is at 4.1”, quite wide not to forget the ultralight ergonomic design which means excessive comfort and pedaling efficiency all through your long rides.

The biggest news is the standard fit which enables you to use them not just for mountain bikes but also for BMXs, hybrid bikes, cruisers, cyclocross bikes, dirt jumpers, and almost any other bike.

best mtb flat pedals under 50

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2. Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Platform Pedals

These are one of the most grippy pedals in the entire list of top 5 best platform pedals under 50.

And it’s easy to see why:

The mix and balancing of materials plus the layout of the spindle make it so hard that it would take something special to cause a sudden disconnection with your bicycle.

The big platform has also a unique shape that enhances pedaling efficiency and makes long rides cozier.

Additionally, these are abrasion and corrosion resistant so it’s another set of durable pedals.

On functioning, they work awesomely even when riding downhill and should make it easier for you to avoid crashing.

Again you can use them on a host of bikes including BMXs, road bicycles, cruisers bicycle, kids’ bikes, MTB bicycle, city bicycle, and more.

Imrider Lightweight Polyamide

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3. RaceFace Chester Platform Bike Pedal

Raceface has also become a big player in the platform pedals market largely due to the reception this platform pedal got on launch.

The pedal combines a large platform and the 8 hex pin system to deliver remarkable grip and stellar traction.

It’s very resilient but unlike some of its peers using heavier materials, this pedal is constructed with nylon making it very lightweight.

Its smooth bearings and bushing system are fully serviceable while the cro-mo axle comes fully sealed to improve its longevity.

Overall, this is a great performing rugged mountain bike platform pedal and is a sure steal at below $50.

best mtb flat pedals under 50

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4. VP Components VP-Vice Platform Pedals

These exceed even the Raceface chester platform pedals on a couple of aspects. For example, they have 12 pins one each side (Raceface had 8) so you can imagine the grip.

The wide, lowly profile gives them a stable feel so you ride with your feet planted firmly yet safe from rocks and roots.

Now, these are fully rebuildable and are preferred over other rebuildable models because their rebuild Kits are readily available.

In short, we are talking about an outstanding all-around trail platform and one of the best options if you are searching for a durable, serviceable, and lightweight pedal.

The company has released 4 colors as of now so you can choose your favorite depending on your bike’s aesthetics and your taste.

VP Components VP-Vice

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5. Footer MTB/BMX Platform Pedals

The latest versions of this platform use lightweight materials and sealed bearings.

This combination delivers sufficient grip and bike control while being easy to get off in case of a crash.

The heavy duty nylon composite materials are also more comfortable to your step and more stable.

Not only that:

The platform is waterproof, dustproof, and, as expected, anti-skidding.

What else do you get?

There is the chromoly steel axle bearing that spins with minimum resistance.

Plus, of course, its performance can give the very best platform pedals a run for its money, despite the price.

It’s recommended for Mountain bikes, Road bikes, BMX bikes, Fixie bikes, MTB bikes, and standard Cycling bicycles.

best flat pedals under 50

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The best platform pedals under 50 rivals their more illustrious, expensive counterparts in performance in spite of coming at an unbelievable price.

They grip very well, are super wide and you should still enjoy free riding and even try new skills with confidence.

At the same time, the best mtb pedals under 50 make downhill rides thrilling and safe.

So, why don’t you take advantage of these partly prices to transform your riding experience?

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