Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50 Dollars

With the cycling outfit becoming expensive season after another, any opportunity to reduce costs is a welcome idea. That’s why I will be talking about the best cycling sunglasses under 50 dollars in this guide.

Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses FDA Approved (Gun-Smoke) Sunglasses for Men Women Mens Womens SportsThese glasses are cheap but definitely just what you need for protection against the sun, snow, and wind. Just to make it clear, it doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality.


On the contrary, these glasses are durable, flexible and come with a UV protection technology important for your vision while riding in difficult conditions of weather.

If you want budget cycling glasses, I am at your service to help you get them. Here is enough expert advice that should help you to choose high-quality, protective and comfortable set of glasses for your next cycling trip.

Why Would You Need to Wear Sunglasses When Cycling?

The main point is the protection of the eyes. Cycling on a rough road comes with its own share of dust and road dirt.

You don’t want the small stones to fill your eyes every other time overtaking or on-coming motorists pass by you. The sunglasses will protect you from this mess.

And if you are riding high speed on a tarmac road, bugs and other flying insects are also on their business. While you may never know when one will hit you, it’s good to dress your glasses just in case.

Big flies can move with high speed and if they hit you on the eye, it’s never going to heal immediately.

Sunlight rays (the ultra-violet) are another vital reason to wear sunglasses. Always make sure that you protect your eyesight from these harmful light.

Other things to protect yourself from are strong winds that blow against your face. Watery eyes are the obvious response for people traveling against the wind.

And the perfect solution is a set of the best cycling sunglasses. They will guard your eyes against the blow of the wind.

The visibility of your eyes is also improved while riding with cycling sunglasses on. This is important for your safety on the road.

Sunglasses also shield you from the wrath of raindrops and snowflakes. With clear glasses on the eyes, you cannot go wrong on the paths ahead of you.

Lastly, some cyclists want to associate themselves with a certain look or appearance. Sunglasses are fashionable and come in different colors and designs.

A good pair of sunglasses blended in with the perfectly cut riding gear can attract some attention from onlookers. If you love profile-raising, sunglasses are the perfect stepping stone to get there.

Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50 Dollars Reviews

1.   Hulislem Blade Sport Polarized

The design and price of these glasses make it a top seller on Amazon. It’s constructed on a polycarbonate frame which is lightweight and very flexible.

Imagine putting these on your face, you will forget if you had them.

Their UV 400 mirror flash coated lens is meant to protect your eyes from the intense sunlight, especially the harmful ultraviolet sun rays. The lens also improves your visibility so that you can navigate the environment quite easily.

The natural grey color doesn’t cause any serious alarm. It can match any kind of clothing you’ll put on for your biking trip.

Hulislem may not have the fanciest features of the expensive models, but it’s arguably one of the best sunglasses under $50 that you can have in your cycling wardrobe. Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses FDA Approved (Gun-Smoke) Sunglasses for Men Women Mens Womens Sports

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2.   Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Three things make Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses to be regarded highly: its ergonomic design, durability and lightweight nature.

Coming with polycarbonate frame and lens, these sunglasses are not easily breakable. They don’t fall for impact and can, therefore, give you the much-needed comfort as you ride.

They come with three different intangible lenses that help to block any form of UV rays from the sun. The multiple lenses are useful for different situations.

The sunglasses can be used for different activities in the outdoor lifestyles apart from cycling. So, you can use the glasses for running and fishing, etc. TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenes for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002 Upgrade(Black Red &Red Lens)

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3.   Under Armor Men’s Igniter Sunglasses

Under Armour Men’s Igniter sunglasses stylish, fashionable and cheap but very effective at providing protection for the eyes. They will keep off dust, dirt, insect flies and rain and the wind blowing against your direction.

The frame of these glasses is crafted from Polycarbonate and titanium. While the optics also offer high definition vision in different conditions of light.

And in bright light, the optics can reduce the high-glare while still helping you to recognize the different colors in such conditions. The frame of the glasses holds firm and perfectly.

The lenses, on the other hand, are truly resistant to scratching, smudging and staining. Under Armour Igniter Multiflection Sunglasses, Crystal Clear Frame/Gray, Orange & Multi Lens, One Size

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4.   ROCKNIGHT REVO Sports Sunglasses

The ROCKNIGHT REVO is designed to provide men bikers with ultra-clear vision. These glasses are perfect fits and comfortable to the face thanks to their 3-D ergonomic design.

Their frame is made out of the durable and lightweight polycarbonate material. The nose pads can be adjusted easily for a quick fit. ROCKNIGHT REVO Sports Sunglasses for Men Women with 2 Interchangeable Lenses Cycling Running Driving Baseball Glasses UV Protection Black Red Frame

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5.   Mira Breeze R Polarized Sports Glasses

This set of sunglasses is suitable both for men and women who don’t want to place a lot of weight around their faces. Mira Breeze R comes with a great design that ensures that you climb up and go down the trail with the peace of mind because they are stable.

Their TR90 frame has been built for durability and it’s lightweight. This frame also comes as a fantastic component for impact resistance.

With this set, you can also be sure that you are protected 100% of the effects of UV light from the sun. while the rubber nose pad is great for keeping the glasses in their place. Mira - Breeze R - Polarized Sports Glasses - UV400 Sunglasses - Unisex for Men and Women - Strong, Durable, Lightweight, and Scratch Resistant

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6.   FEISEDY Polarized Sports Sunglasses

This is another pair of cheap cycling sunglasses that comes valued for different activities apart from the cycling arenas. For example, they are used in the running, fishing or diving outdoor activities.

The glasses are cheap, but also they are durable and reliable. The TR90 frame is ultralight, and together with silicone nose pads, stays in its place well, enhancing the comfort of the rider.

You can adjust this frame to your perfect size.

You can blast the road without any worries of losing your glasses to the ground. The lenses are anti-reflective polarized which eliminates unnecessary images reflected off surfaces such as water, snow and the road. FEISEDY Polarized Sports Sunglasses 5 Interchangeable Lenses Golf Driving Running Cycling Sun Grasses B2458>> Get it From Amazon!

Here are Quick Pointers to Consider When Making a Purchase of the Best Cycling Sunglasses

There are many sunglass options in the market today. You will get a large volume of designs, shapes, and features that can confuse you.

This guide should give you some useful tips on how to buy the best cheap cycling glasses. Let’s see these factors.

  1. Frame Technology

Consider a lightweight frame construction. These sunglasses are going to be used on someone’s head.

So pick a pair of sunglasses with a sports performance material such as nylon. This is a tough material but it’s light enough not to keep you bored all the way on your journey.

  1. Fit

You don’t need too big sunglasses on your face. They will look more of a face mask rather than a fashionable protective biking accessory.

You also want these glasses to fit under the helmet well. Which means that you need to strike a good balance so that again they are not too tight to cause discomfort.

Since you will be going over longer distances, you need to make a pick that’s just what would handle the trail without slipping off or squeezing your face.

  1. Weight

You definitely have the wrong idea if you think that the heavier the glasses, the better they will protect your face and eyes. The weight should be as low as possible.

Ensure that the frame is constructed from lightweight material. Because this is where things begin going way hay.

The best cycling sunglasses under 50  should not even feel like they are there on your face.

  1. Lens

The first thing you want to avoid is wearing glass lenses. Don’t try this anywhere on the bike as they have a trail of issues.

For example, something can hit them and they shatter. This is not just a loss of an item, but also puts your eyes at the risk of damage.

Look for a light lens for safety purposes. Avoid the too dark type of lenses.

Also, consider looking for the interchangeable lenses that would allow you to adjust your light needs depending on the environment you are traveling in.

  1. Polarized Vs Non-Polarized

Too much glare can be cut down or reduced by the polarized lenses. And are the best in conditions of bright light.

While they are not very ideal for road cycling, you can use them if you like. But it’s important to know that the best lenses for sunglasses are not polarized.

Final Verdict

The deals in the guide represent some of the best cycling sunglasses under $50. All of these can be found on the online market Amazon – although you can still find these accessories anywhere in an outdoor physical store.

With that said, you can now have the best choice and keep the ride moving. Remember, you need proper sunglasses and don’t take this lightly.

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