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Best BMX Shoes | BMX Riding Shoes

Nike BMX shoes

If you own a BMX, then it makes sense to get the best BMX shoes. Such shoes are optimized for riding BMX, which means a fantastic cycling experience.

The shoes improve your riding comfort and give you the confidence to try out hard-to-execute tricks. Furthermore, they put you in the right mindset before a ride, which is pivotal for every serious cyclist.

Mark you, some of the BMX shoes that I’ll recommend can also serve as your trainers, skate shoes, or casual wear. So, you’ll be investing in versatile footwear.

You probably are asking how I came up with the list. Well, I’ve shared the buying guide below. Please have a look at it when shopping for your BMX shoes.

Check out the best shoes for BMX below.

In a Rush? Here are Our Top Picks

The Ultimate Guide to the Best BMX Shoes

Here are the factors to focus on when shopping for BMX shoes:

  • Shoe Type

BMX shoes come in three variations:

The first category is the low-top. Low-top shoes have a height that is below the ankle. Seemingly, they are the most popular BMX shoes.

The second category is the mid-top. Mid-tops have a height that reaches the ankle to protect you against ankle twist.

The last category is the high-top. Just like the name is suggesting, high-tops extend above your ankle height. Overall, they provide the most foot protection.

  • Shoe BrandDC Sports

The brand is essential when it comes to buying cycling shoes, more so for BMX. As a result, consider brands that are known to produce quality sneakers.

For example, companies like Adidas, Puma, and Knife have historically produced the best sports shoes. So, they should make the shortlist.

Other brands that I also recommend include DC, Vilano, and Vans.

  • Fit and Comfort

It would help if you had cycling shoes that fit well. That means they have to be the correct size.

They also have to feel comfortable. That means opting for a shoe that offers adequate padding, especially around the tongue, collar, and other critical areas.

Furthermore, the shoes should be breathable to keep your feet cool, fresh, and sweat-free.

  • Durability

You want BMX riding shoes that you can cycle with for a long time. So, they must come in the toughest possible construction.

Consider materials that hold well, like leather and canvas for the upper part. As for the sole, it should be rubber. Of course, the rubber should be thicker to give you more cushioning.

Moreover, look for heavy-duty stitching and quality lacing.

More Factors

  • Retention

You want shoes that give you a secure fit. They shouldn’t feel loose when wearing.

I always recommend lace-fastener shoes because they are easy to fasten and give you a secure fit. Laces are also easily adjustable to match different feet.

That’s unlike slip-ons, which may look great but do not give you the snug fit you need to enjoy cycling.

  • Traction and Shock AbsorptionAdidas

One main reason why you are shopping for BMX-specific footwear is to enjoy better foot-to-pedal efficiency. That’s only possible with high traction.

So, look for a shoe with a grippy outsole to give you sufficient traction. The sole should also be well-cushioned to offer you shock absorption. Such options are wearable for longer hours.

  • Decent Weight

The best BMX cycling shoes should come in a lightweight design. That’ll make them feel more comfortable on your feet.

To check for that, look at their overall construction. Most of them come with a rubber sole, which is lighter.

Also, look for lighter upper fabric like leather and breathable canvas.

Best BMX Shoes Reviewed

Here are the hottest BMX shoes:

1. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker – Best Adidas BMX Shoes

Adidas Originals Men's Seeley Sneaker
  • adidas Originals male sneaker
  • Skate-style sneakers
  • Lace closure
  • We are creators, makers and doers

Adidas never disappoints with its sneakers, and the Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker is proof of that.

This best-seller BMX sneaker has a sporty look, making it perfect for cycling and other outdoor-related fun activities.

The men’s sneakers come in a sleek design to suit BMX riders with different foot sizes. There are over 20 different styles for this sneaker, and they are all stunning.

Its appearance aside, this sneaker promises an unmatched BMX cycling experience. Starting with its rubber sole, it promotes better on-pedal traction and shock absorption.

It comes in a ready-to-ride design, thanks to not only the grippy sole but also its abrasion-resistant suede upper.

The upper part is tough enough to hold up even after cycling daily over long sessions,

These sneakers have a soft-touch textile lining to ensure that your feet feel comfortable.

Plus, they have a classic three-stripe Adidas design and trefoil logo, which gives them the traditional low-profile Adidas style.

The BMX sneakers only weigh 12 ounces, thus lightweight and extra comfortable. Overall, they give you a taste of both the old school and new school.

Highlight Features

  • Abrasion-resistant suede upper
  • Low-key Adidas style
  • Soft-touch textile lining
  • Quality rubber sole
  • Three-stripe Adidas design

2. DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes – Best DC BMX Shoes

DC Men's Pure Skate Shoes
  • COMFORT: The lightweight, padded tongue and collar provide added comfort and...
  • UPPER: The Pure upper is constructed with leather, nubuck, or suede and feature...
  • OUTSOLE: Our Pure is contructed with a cupsole that provides extra foot and...
  • PURE: The classic skate silhouette is always evolving with on-trend colors and...
  • DC SHOES: We’re passionate about skateboarding and we spend as much time on...

The DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes are other best-sellers that promise unrivaled cycling experience.

These U.S-made BMX sneakers have a cool casual look, which allows you to wear them anywhere outdoors. While their style is unquestionable, their performance is just as equal.

Their grippy rubber sole, for example, promises superior on-pedal traction, shock absorption, and durability.

DC took time to ensure that these sneakers feel very comfortable. Sensitive areas like the solar and shoes tongue have sufficient foam padding to feel super comfortable.

The foam padding also supports your feet, something you want when riding a BMX.

DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes enjoy a wrap-up construction, which gives your feet the perfect fit.

Impressively, they have a leather upper that gives them a stern, durable look. Plus, these shoes have a distinctive DC logo that gives you a cool appearance.

Overall, DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes are simple in style and come in various color choices.

They weigh 2.34 pounds, which makes them slightly heavier than their Adidas counterpart above. But still, they feel lightweight on the feet.

Highlight Features

  • Grippy rubber sole
  • Foam padding
  • Wrap-up construction
  • Upper leather
  • Multiple stylish colors

3. Puma Suede Classic Sneaker – Best Puma BMX Shoes

Puma Suede Classic Sneaker
  • Suede sneaker with Formstrip overlay featuring lace-up vamp and padded collar...

Just like Adidas, Puma promises the most comfortable, most stylish, and most durable BMX-compatible shoes.

Puma Suede Classic sneaker delivers to you an old school streetwise-swagger sneaker that you can cycle with and wear with shorts or jeans. The athletic giant fuses fashion, sport, and comfort when it comes to the Puma Suede Classic Sneaker.

The sneaker is 100% suede and features an all-rubber sole. It only weighs 13 ounces, thus lightweight and feather comfortable.

This sneaker has a foam strip overlay with a lace-up vamp to give you a secure fit.

Its tongue and collar are richly-padded to boost its wearing comfort. And more, it has a cushioned midsole, which also improves its comfort while supporting your foot maximally.

These throwback kicks are undoubtedly Puma’s inspiring all around sports-inspired sneakers.

With their smooth suede look, these sneakers are undeniably a timeless option. Their color combo is fantastic and seems to stay clean and sharp.

Highlight Features

  • 100% suede
  • Lace-up closure
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Foam slip overlay
  • Padded tongue and collar

4. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer – Best Nike Cycling Shoes

Puma Suede Classic Sneaker
  • MEN'S LEATHER SNEAKERS: Leather upper features overlays for support and...
  • COMFORTABLE TRAINING: Foam Phylon midsole and full-length encapsulated Air-Sole...
  • NATURAL MOTION: Solid rubber outsole is durable and provides traction over...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT GYM SHOE: Mesh shoe tongue enhances breathability and heel pull tab...
  • NIKE MEN'S SHOE: Imported and man made with synthetic sole

Nike hasn’t been left behind when it comes to producing premium cycling shoes. Today, the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is the best BMX riding shoe on Nike’s ladder.

This Nike BMX shoe embodies fashion, durability, and comfort.

Starting with the upper fabric: it is all-leather to promise you long-term service. The upper leather has a conspicuous overlay, which gives you maximum foot support.

Additionally, the top part is well-perforated to encourage maximum breathability.

Thanks to its full-length air sole, this trainer feels very comfortable. It’s also lightweight (15 ounces), which makes it comfortable and boosts its wear-ability.

There’s a pull tab on the heel, which allows you to wear and remove the trainer almost seamlessly. And when it comes to its rubber outsole, it’s compact and enjoys adequate traction.

Like most Nike BMX shoes, Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer comes in various stylish color choices.

Its cushioned heel absorbs shock and gives you a comfortable feel.

Not only can you cycle with this trainer, but you can also use it at the gym or pair it with jeans as casual wear.

Highlight Features

  • All-leather upper
  • Encapsulated air sole
  • Pull-tab cushioned heel
  • Stylish color choices
  • Breathable upper

5. Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe – Best Vilano Cycling Shoes

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe
  • Micro adjustable buckle for fine tuned fit and comfort
  • Nylon fiberglass sole with air-flow vents
  • Synthetic microfiber leather with breathable mesh
  • Designed for comfort
  • Compatible with: 2 or 3 bolt including Look Delta (Peloton compatible), Look...

If you are looking to race with a BMX or use it for workouts, the Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe is a decent choice.

These BMX shoes are designed for your ultimate cycling comfort.

For starters, the buckle is readily adjustable to fit you well and gives you a snug fit. The cycling shoe also has a double-loop closure strap that gives you a comfortable experience.

The upper part is breathable to make the cycling shoe extra lightweight and extra comfortable.

Interestingly, it’s not just the upper part that is breathable but also the nylon fiberglass sole, which features airflow vents.

Their sole is rigid to guarantee better pedal hold and boost your pedaling efficiency.

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoes are tough-built, and you can tell that from their upper leather construction. They are compatible with both 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleat.

These cycling shoes are perfect for both genders and come in a wide selection of sizes.

Overall, they promise to boost your stroke power and to give you better foot-to-pedal optimization.

Highlight Features

  • Adjustable buckle
  • Loop-closure strap
  • Breathable upper and sole
  • Tough leather construction
  • Stiffer sole


What Shoes Do BMX Riders Wear?

BMX riders wear the most comfortable, grippy, and tough shoes. Overall, here are five shoes that fit the description.

  1. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker
  2. DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes
  3. Puma Suede Classic Sneaker
  4. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer
  5. Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe

Can You Cycle with Running Shoes?

For shorter fun rides, yes, you can cycle with running shoes. However, you should note that it’s not easy when you have to take a long ride, mostly off-road.

Running shoes do not have as much traction as cycling shoes. They’ll also not support and protect your feet as much as cycling shoes.

So, to be safe, invest in quality BMX shoes.

What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear for Cycling?

In general, it’s essential to look for the most comfortable cycling shoes. They have to fit and should feel lightweight.

The cycling shoes should also give you better traction and should absorb shock. That means going for thicker, well-treaded soles.

What’s more, look for durable options to withstand the test of time.

In some cases, these shoes are skate shoes or cross-trainers. However, in a lot of instances, they are road cycling shoes.

Is BMX Still Popular?

Amongst children and teenagers, BMX is, without a doubt, the most popular bike brand. Most parents prefer BMX bikes because they are easy to maintain and modify.

They are also popular because of the many races around the globe that BMX organizes.

Can Adults Ride BMX?

Generally, BMX bikes come in smaller sizes, making most people assume that they are only for kids.

Well, adults can ride BMX too. It’s only that the cycle may not be easy for adults who are taller and are used to big-wheeled bikes.

Most adult-size BMX bikes, unfortunately, come with 20-inch wheels. If that doesn’t work for you, then you’ll have to find a different bike.

Concluding Thoughts

Now you know what BMX shoes to get. They should protect your feet and give you the most comfortable cycling experience.

If you have a BMX, what’s lacking are the best BMX shoes, and you have five hot choices above.

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