Best Backpack for Bike Commuting

Biking to work or school or for a casual outing is now a commonplace tradition. What worries many cyclists is how they would haul their cargo on a bike.

The first thought is mounting either a front rack or back rack. While this is a well-thought idea, it may interfere with the overall swag of your bike.

This makes most cycle commuters resort to a bike backpack. It’s actually a great alternative.

The best backpacks for biking feature durable construction and are spacious to pack the volume. They should be big enough (not extremely large though) to haul your day’s essentials.

Because you don’t want to spoil the outfit, the backpacks are stylish. Some also come crafted with waterproof materials.

You will want to get a versatile, comfortable and well-secured commuter backpack. If you want to know more about what makes the best backpacks, let’s walk together.

Different Types of Backpack for Bike Commuting.

1.   Waterproof Bike Commuter Backpack

The areas dominated by rain and snow weather can be a challenge with an ordinary bag. But a proper waterproof commuter backpack is the perfect solution.

The material used to construct a waterproof bag are sturdy and heavy-duty. Most of the times, the heavy-duty 500-denier PVC is used.

These bags also come with a unique closure system that enhances waterproofness.

Here is the best waterproof commuter bag you want to try out: Backsak Waterproof Dry Backpacks. It comes as a high-quality backpack.

The internal of the bag is separated into several spaces for storing wet and dry gear. While the small zippered and mesh pockets are ideal for keeping the smallest essentials that get drowned in the large spaces.

Be careful not to expose this bag in too much sunlight. BackSåk Waterproof Dry Backpacks 25 & 35 Liter Sizes

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2.   Best Commuter Backpack for Laptops

The best backpack for bike commuting that can hold a laptop or tablet is made to provide a snug fit. The interior compartment for the laptop is spacious.

The compartments are clearly organized so that other accessories like chargers, hard disks, tablet, and speakers, etc. can be kept well. The wires inside the backpack should not be messed.

The build of the bag is normally attractive and stylish besides the strong functional appeal. There are many colors you can choose from on the market.

Because the bag will be carrying an essential investment such as a laptop, the overall construction needs to be durable and secure. The different materials these bags are built from include leather, nylon, and polyester.

The construction of these bags features several layers of foam and fabric. This boosts the shock-absorbing properties of the bags.

The Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink will hold your 17” laptop and still leave up some more room for other stuff. It comes with special eyewear compartment, a shoe compartment at the bottom, and the hard case media compartment is the perfect solution for your MP3 player.

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack, Black, One Size

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3.   Urban Commuting Backpack

This backpack is usually designed to be elegant. It makes a stylish statement while holding perfectly on the rider’s back.

The bag comes with a compartment for laptop or tablet. These spaces vary from bag to bag and accommodate different sizes of the laptops.

Urban commuter bags are best suited for holding moderate loads. Usually, they also have quality padding on the shoulder and sternum straps and the back panel.

These backpacks are used on a daily basis. This means they have a durable construction that’s definitely resistant to wear and tear.

Burton Tinder Backpack that comes with the vintage footprint is one of the best example models. The beautiful design has a flap closure and holds tight on the back.

You will like the ergonomic shoulder handle harness. It’s comfortable and ensures that your ride is smooth and fun.

Its exterior is made of heavy-duty nylon. Although the Burton brand finished it with a clean aesthetic to make it more appealing. Burton 163371 Tinder Backpack, Grey Heather: best backpack for bike commuting

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4.   Roll-Top Bike Commuter Backpack

The roll-top cycling commuter backpack design is coming quickly into the storage and transport agenda of many cyclists, campers and hikers. The bag doesn’t have lots of flaps, ties or zippers.

Instead, it provides a whole lot more room to hold your gear such that its cinch strap keeps the backpack lid secure; it doesn’t matter whether the strap is rolled all the way down or the bag is filled to the brim.

Bike messengers would relish this kind of versatility. Because it makes them a go-to answer for a daily carry as of the commuting fellows.

This backpack allows the commuters to carry varied loads. The size or volume adjustment capability is quite the savior.

Timbktu2 Spire Backpack should be the first choice for serious commuters. The bag is weatherproof to keep your essentials dry and safe.

Also, the design is able to close and open easily, thanks to the simple metal hook and loop closure that’s on the outside of the bag.

And in case you are in good terms with large single backpack compartments, this is your bag. Timbuk2 Spire MacBook Laptop Backpack, Black, 15"

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5.   Small Commuting Backpack for Bikers

The best bike commuter backpack options feature the minimalist designs. These backpacks are made to be small and compact so that they don’t wear out the rider after just a short while.

The bag is small that it doesn’t cover the entire back of the rider. You may hardly notice if something is on your back.

And if this is a bag for daily commuting, it has to be easy to carry around. Although these bags come with slots and compartments to carry pretty much the essential things you need.

They are not the kind of bags to stuff everything for the journey. Or transport large-sized loads such as a large laptop.

In fact, the largest compartment for such bags could just fit a small tablet. However, these bags are designed for carrying things like food, essential valuables, and a few clothes.

This Davidnile Canvas Sling Bag comes with a bag suitable for both men and women. It’s very compact but doesn’t be fooled with the minimalist design – the backpack also comes with plenty of rooms so that you can carry water bottles, a small laptop or tablet, and other gadgets, etc.

The backpack quality is high; the canvas material is durable and water-resistant and at the same time lightweight. The lifetime warranty can only speak much about the quality of the bag you are taking home. Canvas Sling Bag - Small Crossbody Backpack Shoulder Casual Daypack Chest Bags Rucksack for Men Women Outdoor Cycling Hiking Travel (6881-D.Grey)

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Here are the Key Considerations When Choosing the Backpack for Commuting

The best backpack for bike commuting doesn’t just come served on the plate. You are supposed to do a bit of homework to get the best product for yourself.

Scouring through the internet will leave you ripped apart in your decision making. The reason is simple – the many versions of bags on the market.

What I hope is that as you read this guide, you will find the right exact bag you want. Base your search on the following criteria.

  1. Comfort

No matter what type of the bag you get, the comfort aspect is second to none. Choose a bag that won’t accumulate lots of heat in the bag.

And that’s to mean that the ventilation system on the back panel should be excellent. Usually, mesh backs are the best as they allow free airflow.

The straps should make your riding experience great. They should be well- (but not heavily) padded.

Good weight distribution is achieved by the addition of a waist strap. The bag with a sternum strap ensures that it doesn’t push you to lean forward.

  1. Backpack Organization

The best backpack should be well organized. Check whether the bag comes with one large single compartment where you can throw in everything you have.

Some backpacks are divided into several pockets and compartments. This is the best for you if you want to carry your items separately.

So consider how you would wish your cycle commuting backpack to be organized. If you like more pockets, the latter category would be your perfect pick.

  1. Waterproofness

Winter weather is not the best for your stuff. And you don’t want to wet your cargo, electronics, clothes, etc. on the way.

For commuting fellows, backpacks, are designed to be waterproof. Look for such bags.

Some bags come with only the main compartment waterproof. Others are wholly waterproof and another category of bags are not waterproof at all.

Perhaps you won’t be wading in the rain. And you prefer locking your bike somewhere when it’s wet and take a car home – you may not need to worry about waterproofing.

  1. What You Will Carry

You are going to need a roomy bag if you intend to fetch a lot of stuff. One thing you must note though is that not all roomy bags are big.

I guess you’ve heard about expandable backpacks – they look small in design but come with pockets that can expand as they are fed with essentials.

If you want to carry just a bunch of items, minimalist backpacks are your undoubted choice. For people wishing to carry a laptop and a few more cargo, get yourself a bag with sleeve for the laptop and other pockets for the extra items.

In Conclusion

It is not difficult to get the best backpack for bike commuting. But, you will need to do your homework properly.

Fortunately, I have done quite a load on your behalf. The bag options I have discussed above are some of the best.

Go ahead and utilize the buying guide in case you want something more. Otherwise, all the best in your shopping.

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