Best 3 Room Tents for Camping.

There’s everything great about going out camping as family or friends. While in the wild and woods, especially as a family, you just want to hang around each other under the same roof.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent If you have watched “Friday the 13th” movie, you don’t want to take chances with nature. You want to avoid the terror of splitting into separate tents – which could be pretty cool for privacy – but probably not a good option for the integrity of a group.

This is exactly why you need to snap up a suitable tent to accommodate you all under the same space.3-room tents for camping are obviously a good place to start.

These tents are evidently large in size, spacious, and can accommodate more persons because they have multi-rooms.

As a family or group out in the camping site, 3-room tents give you that sense of integrity. Parents and their children stay under one roof and the three rooms offer much-needed privacy for both groups.

So if you are planning for a family camp, you may look into the five different options I have reviewed in this guide. It is just super-important that your next outdoor adventure with your loved ones be a moment to ever cherish.

In a hurry? Check out my most recommended 3-room camping tents below.

5 Hottest 3 Room Tents for Camping

  1. Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet Instant Cabin Tent: Best Overall

  2. GigaTent 8-Person Family Tent: Best for Families

  3. Texsport Highland Cabin Tent : Alternative Pick for Families

  4. Tahoe GearCarson 3-Season Cabin Tent: Best for Groups

  5. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent: Best Instant Tent

Why You Need 3-Room Tent for Camping.

  • Keep the group integrity

Obviously, staying under one roof is a plus for any group in an alien environment. Whether it’s just friends going to bond or a family out for adventure, one thing remains – 3-room camping tents ensure that people stay close to another.

  • Offer Privacy

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent (Orange) Privacy is a gem for humans. So as parents out with your kids in the outdoor adventure trips, a multi-room tent such as this one provides you the perfect opportunity to keep tubs with your younger ones.

But even more, children have their room and can play and you wouldn’t be reeling in annoyance. On the other side, mum and dad have plenty of time and space to enjoy privacy in their own space.

  • Separate Mixed Sex

Going to camp with friends of both sexes is fantastic. Staying in the same space would be even better.

But for some reason, and for ethical purposes, keeping it separate is the way to go for assured comfort. The 3-room tent is ideal for this kind of situation.

  • Offer More Space

This should definitely come as the first point. But all the same, a 3-room tent offers plenty of space for housing as many campers as possible.

There are tents for 8, 10, 12,14, 16 and even more persons. In addition, these tents come with extra space for packing your luggage and other gear you carried along for the trip.

5 Best 3-Room Tents for Camping.

1.   Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

The Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent delivers acres of space for its users. It is one of the large camping tents with rooms.

This Ozark Trail Cabin Tent measures 16×16 feet, which is impressive. However, despite this massive size, the tent is designed to set up in an amazingly short period of time – just under two minutes.

And the reason for this is that the tent is already preassembled in the factory. So no need to do it yourself.

The tent is capable of accommodating 12 persons thanks to its huge space. Generally, it fits three queen-size beds.

It also comes with plenty of headroom courtesy of the 6’10” center height. It is sturdy and strong, resisting weather components as strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Into the structure, are seven oversized windows that make the tent quite the place to stay when it’s hot – this is a summer tent. Even so, the tent’s cover is made from durable polyester fabric on its frame; combined with the fully taped factory-sealed seams to offer rain protection.

On the floor, there is a ground vent where you can place your air conditioner to keep cool when temperatures rise up. You can utilize the side pockets to store your small essentials. 3 room tents for camping: Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Pre-Attached Poles

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  • Very spacious
  • Easy setup
  • Waterproof tent
  • Durable fabric


  • Thin tarp material used on the floor
  • Difficult to take down

Verdict: Overall, the tent is a great acquisition for large families or groups. The fact that you can pitch this tent in under two minutes is worth consideration.

2.   GigaTent 8-Person Family Tent – 3 Room Cabin Tent for Outdoors

GigaTent 8-Person Family Tent-3 Room Cabin Tent for Outdoors features an elegant design that incorporates a freestanding footprint built from strong long-lasting steel poles.

This tent is a cabin style and therefore comes with near-vertical walls. The walls are made of durable and waterproof 190T polyester fabric with six large windows for ventilation.

It also offers a front door and backdoor for ease of access from both sides of the tent. The backdoor opens up into a sleeping area in the rear room. There’s a rainfly to cover your tent and protect you further from elements of harsh weather such as fast winds, heavy downpours, and thunderstorms.

Aside from being super-spacious for about eight people, the tent boasts a strong, sturdy build. You will put it up in just 15 minutes or so, which is quite pretty.

GigaTent 8-Person Family Tent also provides a good head clearance thanks to its almost straight walls. This vertical design is great at saving space as well – you will be free to move around without too much hunching and bending.

When not in use, the tent can pack into a relatively very compact, lightweight package However, the zippers on this tent can be a bit flimsy to handle. GigaTent 8 Person Family Tent - 3 Room Cabin Tent for Outdoors, Parties, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking - Waterproof, Durable Heavy Duty Material, Portable & Easy to Set Up - with Carry Bag

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  • Offers great ventilation
  • Strong and durable
  • Freestanding design
  • Leakproof


  • Zippers are not very efficient
  • For quick set up, you need to have prior installation knowhow

Verdict: Overall, this tent could be a bargain for amateurs in outdoor camping.

3.   Texsport Highland 8 Person 3 Room Family Camping Cabin Tent

Texsport Highland 8 Person 3 Room Family Camping Cabin Tent measures 16 feet by 15 feet by 86 inches high. This is indicative of a spacious tent with sufficient area for relaxation and rest.

The freestanding cabin-type tent accommodates up to 8 individuals, and organized into two sleeping rooms and a sitting room thanks to a removable divider.

Texsport Highland boasts a sturdy, robust design. With a cabin-type footprint, it is constructed on steel poles while the roof is made of fiberglass.

A heavy-duty PU-coated taffeta is used both on the walls and the rainfly. On the other side, the floor is crafted from a ripstop polyethylene.

The tent is one of the tallest around; it has a peak height of 86 inches which means even bigfoot might not struggle walking inside.

There are two large windows, 2 doors for ventilation. You get an electric access port, stakes and storage bag. Additionally, set up the tent in about 15 minutes only. Texsport Highland 8 person 3 Room Family Camping Cabin Tent

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  • Roomy
  • No leakages in light rain
  • Easy to set up


  • A bit bulky
  • Seams are not sealed

Verdict: If you are looking for a medium-priced cabin tent for your family, this one could be the perfect package.

4.   Tahoe GearCarson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

The Tahoe GearCarson is a monster structure that looks like a home of its kind. The design of the Tahoe GearCarson is pretty detailed.

It is comprised of three inner rooms and a large vestibule sticks out from the extension of an oversized rainfly. The walls feature 6 windows that combine to deliver a fresh indoor environment in the hot weather.

This tent is 7 feet tall, so walking in it is never going to be a problem even for 6 feet plus people. The main sitting room and both side rooms can hold queen-size mattresses although the main still would offer lots of free space on sides.

Putting up this multi-room tent may take you a good amount of time – about 90 minutes when you are doing the first time. And you would need to do this with help from 2 people. Tahoe Gear Carson 3 Season 14 Person Large Solar Shield Family Cabin Tent, Red

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  • Very stable tent
  • Holds up really well in harsh weather
  • Roomy
  • Durable


  • Takes time to put up
  • The screen room could be improved

Verdict: Tahoe GearCarson works great and would keep you from harsh elements of weather including storms. The tent features a durable tent body.

5.   Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is an expansive facility with the interior area measuring about 18 feet by 10 feet. As a heavy-duty tent, Core 12 is sturdy and reliable in all weather conditions.

The H20 Block Technology has been used in the construction of this tent. This technology ensures that you are protected completely from the weather.

For instance, there’s a 68D polyester that has a 600mm waterproofness rating. The sealed seams do not leak water inside the tent.

At 80 inches, tall guys won’t be cursing their outings with this tent. While the structure features large windows and doors with easy-working zippers.

Plenty of storage pockets on sidewalls will make storage of accessories a breeze. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 18' x 10' ...- Light

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  • Easy to set up
  • Good tent for budget
  • Great ventilation system
  • Plenty of space


  • Bulky
  • Short warranty period

Verdict: This is a 3 room instant tent that gives you the easiest time to set up. In fact, in less than 2 minutes, you will be done. Also a perfect one for all-weather situations.

Features to Consider When Buying 3 Room Tents for Camping.

Buying the best 3 room tents for camping requires that you look into the following features.

  • Space

This is key, and it depends on how many members will be going camping. Most of these tents pack plenty of space.

One thing though: you don’t want to rely on the capacity information indicated on the package. Instead, consider measuring or checking the actual area of the floor – you will get it spot on how many people the tent would accommodate.

  • Type

Clearly, there are various types of tents; cabin, bell, tunnel designs among others. However, the taste for a particular style is at the camper’s discretion.

Although the cabin tents seem to be a common pick for most campers, bell tents have become a choice for individuals that want a space with more head clearance.

  • Set-Up

A multi-room tent that sets up quickly and easily should be on your radar. Some tents do put up in just a few minutes – like most cabin tents – and it only requires one person for the task.

Most of these tents are already pre-assembled at the factory.

  • Durability

A durable tent that holds up really well in the weather is worth consideration. The fabric should be waterproof, breathable and of good quality.

In Conclusion

3 room tents for camping come as many different models across the industry. The tents are worth every single penny you pay – they provide privacy, lots of space, and ensure that a group’s integrity is intact.

The above options will definitely give you a great starting point for making a proper choice. Plus, the buying guide is meant to help you with further decision making.

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Three Rooms Tent for Camping

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